Chrome will have its own PDF reader

In games on December 10, 2010 at 3:16 pm

The next version of Chrome browser from Google, will have several improvements and additions, and one of the most interesting is the implementation of a PDF reader, you will avoid having to use external applications each time you open one of these files on the web.For now you can test this option in Chrome beta pre-release, and though lacks it options, works as it should.

Although some time ago that we do not see an official update for Google’s browser, recently released a very complete extension for Chrome.Now, a new updates is a Reader PDF to come built-in to the program in the next version, but already you can to try it in advance in beta form.

If you want to try the next version of Google’s browser, you can download the pre-release version, which in this case allows you to open PDF files from the same browser, without the need for an external such as Adobe Reader or FoxIt Reader application.It is likely that at this point already have a program to display this type of file, but to be integrated into the same browser, we can have a fast and smooth experience.

Or at least this is what promise in Google, since PDF readers generally use many resources and can take time to respond.In addition, the blog explains another novelty is a “new layer of security” called Sandbox, which helps protect you from malware and attacks that are often directed to PDF files.In our tests, we note the reader works very well and fast, but by the time options, missing as zooming with the mouse scroll and move through the pages easily.

Google continues working to refine this new version and get a stable, hope that the reader is much faster and has even more options interface.For the rest of the information on this new version will have to wait for the official launch, but it seems that one of the novelties will be this useful implementation.Now you can try the first version of PDF reader by downloading the Beta Google Chrome here.


Deep Impact photo Hartley 2

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In the last hours, NASA Deep Impact spacecraft has approached the comet’s nucleus Hartley 2. After a journey of more than five years of the robot to reached its second objective, revealing details of the comet’s nucleus. This body of 2200 metres in diameter, is composed of 280 million tonnes of a mixture of ice water, carbon dioxide and Silicon dust ice.The mission could provide key data on the formation of the Earth and other planets of the solar system.

Deep Impact/EPOXI spacecraft was released January 12, 2005 with the Mission of studying two comets: 9 p/Tempel 1 and Boethin.The first part of his Odyssey was fulfilled smoothly on July 4 of the same year, and a projectile cash just embedded in Temple 1, opening a 100 meters in diameter crater and lifting a cloud of particles was duly analysed by instruments aboard the robot.However, astronomers did not locate the comet Boethin – possibly have been fragmented into too small pieces to be detectable – so decided change of purpose. New white would comet Hartley 2, discovered by Australian Malcolm Hartley in 1986.

Deep Impact, only about 700 km 2 Hartley (NASA)

Malcolm Hartley, 63, felt “very excited” when he learned that the NASA probe would visit the Comet that found 24 years ago.Hartley had not been notified of this event, and learned to receive a call from a journalist from Science magazine. “This is a very special time, when we detect the comet first I never thought that we could see so close”, commented. In the last hours, Deep Impact has approached the comet to find only some 700 kilometres from its core. This has allowed to take great photos of the body and determine its most important features. Thanks to this mission not only learn the secrets of Hartley 2 but they also learn much about the mechanism involved in the formation of planets in the solar system.

Probe input helped to confirm the size of the nucleus of Hartley 2 – a few 2.2 km long on its axis – and calculate its mass metric 280 million tonnes. It is primarily composed of water ice, ice carbon dioxide and Silicon powder. These materials are quite common in comets – are waste training system solar makes approximately 4.5 billion years – by what many refer to them as “dirty snowballs”. Its small size did not gravitational forces will provide the sphericity got used to see in the majority of celestial bodies, so that their appearance is closer to of a pickle than a soccer ball.Hartley 2 core complete a return on himself every 18 hours.

Its appearance is quite approaching a gherkin (NASA)

The Mission has provided very good resolution images.Aren’t the first with this celestial, body since from Earth is it had photographed before.However, the enormous distance which separates it from our planet and its small size made it very difficult to obtain details of your kernel.”Photograph comet Hartley 2 from Earth is the equivalent for the image of a cucumber 15 centimeters long 836 km away,” explained Jon Giorgini, a member JPL Arecibo which took images of Comet computer scientist.

Deep Impact has been taking photos of Hartley 2 c ada five minutes during the last weeks.The meeting occurs few days once the comet has become “only” 18 million kilometres from Earth, their greater approximation since it was discovered in 1986.Success in the precision with which the meeting produced since the robot had traveled over 5,000 million kilometres, was filled with joy at the NASA team members.You are now expected to arrive images taken with the high resolution camera to begin with the scientific analysis of the data received.Hartley 2 has thus become the fifth visited Earth spacecraft Comet nucleus.

Electric shock to learn math

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The human brain is an organ with an incredible potential beyond that science has yet to determine its full capabilities.While the idea may seem risky sight, a group of researchers would have shown that applying electrical brain stimulation could rise your performance on mathematical exercises for a considerable time without affecting other functions and cause damage.

More careful we may have, there is always an opportunity in which electricity reminds us that is there, and demand respect constantly. Not necessarily have to be electricity network, since a little static accumulated will make us to leapfrog surprise and unpleasant. But used properly, electricity has provided us with incalculable benefits. Electricity has also had its degree of presence in medicine.Famous shock therapies were widely used in different psychiatric boxes during the last century, but with the advancement of drugs, are only very specific cases and complexes (some very advanced levels of depression, for example) that you can still use it.Therefore, the idea of giving shocks voluntarily may not seem entirely rational, unless they are suffering from any limitation.

Stimulation is applied in the parietal lobe, highlighted in color (source: Wikipedia)

A group of researchers at the University of Oxford have developed a method non-invasive brain stimulation known as stream direct Transcraneal, through which a mild electrical current is applied to increase or decrease the neuronal activity stimulation. There are many medical conditions in which a patient may lose either partial or total ability to perform and/or understand mathematical operations. In testing, study participants had a normal mathematical ability, but after receiving stimulation in the parietal lobe, capacity study participants increased significantly, assimilating numbers and formulas that had not seen before, and the “effects” (if we can call them that), lasted for a period of six months.

Now, before they leave running towards the outlet, wait.One thing to boost the speed of a person with no special mathematical learning, and a completely different is to improve the mathematical ability of someone who has suffered some kind of brain trauma, or who has been diagnosed with dyscalculia.If you work in these cases, progress would rather than significant.Those suffering from conditions of understanding mathematical reduced are unable to perform basic as read the quantities of ingredients to a recipe, or determine how much money you have in your pocket.All attend which improve the quality of life, is welcome.