Borderlands – PC, PS3, Xbox 360 – Analysis

In games on October 31, 2009 at 11:37 pm

Analysis Borderlands – PC, PS3, Xbox 360

You are in the middle of nowhere, a blinding sun from seeing what is happening around you and, when you get a glimpse of something behind-closed eyes, you realize that things in Pandora will not be easy. A world full of wild creatures have something to fight for the mouth-whatever-is the stage where it plays your important mission. The terrain is hostile, threatening plains secrets hidden in the basement and the hot breeze burns the surface of your skin.

It not a very encouraging picture, however, it seems the source of a mission of no return, becomes one of the coolest interactive proposals and fun year. Gearbox surprised all and sundry with Borderlands, an RPG shooter whose structure provides the most experienced player a blow of fresh air to the saturation of the genre. Also, those who are not accustomed to the complex mechanics of some RPG (which boasts some game systems almost prohibitive for many users) may be in luck: the new production of 2K Games fits any type of player, thanks to a development addictive and full of possibilities.


Gearbox Software may not be among the most famous and flamboyant developer of the panorama. However, the importance of a development team is primarily known to them through their curriculum. This company based in Texas (USA), has under his belt with a large number of productions, most action-oriented, more frantic. His experience in first-person shooters is supported since its founding in 1999, thanks to good work done with several expansions to the legendary Half Life, though, without any doubt, the hallmark of Gearbox Software resides in the saga of Brothers in Arms FPS action. The success of the franchise over 6 issues for a variety of entertainment systems, this study was composed of 126 employees were in our sights for a long time.

After a career full of successes, Gearbox Software is thoroughly involved in the production of a totally new and original title, is risking its general concept, but bringing his experience in the field of first-person shooters set a very funny development and direct. Borderlands born of a clear idea: creating a first person shooter, whose mechanics is established on the foundations of Western RPG. Take a shaker, add a pinch of Fallout 3, combine with a base matízalo Brother in Arms and a visual factor to Prince of Persia. The result could be, a priori, inedible. Through the good offices of Gearbox Software, the combination has the effect that, despite the skepticism of many sectors, has recently become one of today’s most recommended games.


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