Analysis of PES 2010 – PC, PS3, Xbox 360

In games on November 2, 2009 at 11:55 pm

Analysis of PES 2010 – PC, PS3, Xbox 360

One year, the Japanese company Konami gives us the release of one of the most anticipated titles for sports fans and the world of video games, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. Realistic simulation with excellent graphics is the promise of this edition of the acclaimed series futbolísitica.

For years, Pro Evolution Soccer (known in Japan as Wining Eleven) has garnered countless accolades and a lot of high notes in all their deliveries, arguably their best version on PES 5. While last year left us with a taste somewhat bittersweet, this edition promises to greatly exceed the expectations placed on the title, thanks to improvements implemented in the actual delivery, PES 2010 is called to be the game football final.

But what are the improvements they want to bring to the top of the panorama of football simulators to this edition of the saga? This analysis will inform you about all of them and explain you conscientiously that offers innovative features the title when playing.


One section where more development has experienced the game from Konami is certainly the visual aspect of the title. In its previous edition, PES 2009 left much to be desired in that paragraph, and both fans of the franchise industry experts as they were a little disappointed with the graphics of it.

Thanks to the hard work of the whole development team, in this delivery users will enjoy a quality rarely seen in a football game, which is that, this time we can see such amazing detail as the pores of the skin, hairs of the players or even some freckles if these have them. Achieving recognition from the distance players like Messi, Fernando Torres and Xavi for example be easy thanks to this work chart. And thanks to new animations implemented in the title, we will recognize the most characteristic movements of the real players throughout the game.

Another graphic effects on the players is the recreation of sweat on the skin of the same. The end result is well managed, although one might say that it is rare that members of both teams appear directly sweaty before leaving the field.

T-shirts also have felt the improvements, and are presented with absolutely realistic wrinkles in motion for the action of the players. They will also be affected by climate change, appearing quite wet during the football games that are played in the rain.

Another aspect is the graphics worked incidence of light in the football stadium and its behavior with respect to players who are on the pitch. Since the company has worked hard to try to get as realistically as possible when lighting the football stadium, both natural and artificial light. Outbreaks that shed light on the stadiums in night games are quite realistic and get some shadow effects fairly well implemented.

Having played a few games, we were blown away with the work done on the topic of enlightenment. As we mentioned at the beginning of the preceding paragraph, the Konami game generates real-time shadows, and the sense of realism is overwhelming. What a difference a game played in light of the midday sun or at sunset, where at certain times it’s annoying to our eyes and not let us see clearly the play of our team. Without doubt one of the most noteworthy examples of the graphic section.

Although it is rather one of the possibilities that Pro Evolution Soccer has long been included in Edit mode the graphic generated because a football player with stunning visuals that stores the title.

Thanks to this editor, we can create our own professional football player, then use both in the different competitions like in Be a Legend mode. The user can modify at will the strongest features of his character, such as eyes, mouth, ears, hair, skin tone, height, weight, etc … even elect some of the supplements related to the world of football. A fairly complete editor and will have much freedom to recreate the character you can imagine.


Another feature of the game is the audio section, where both the music selected for the menus as sounds for the games have implemented a proper role and take us to the more realistic sensation of enjoying a soccer match broadcast on television .

Songs from various musical styles, where the most outstanding is the Rock & Rol, will serve to create a proper atmosphere be when moving through the menus of the game. For those interested in music that is heard in these menus, the beginning of each song is the title of it and the group that plays, so everyone can be informed at any time. Stresses also the song used to introduce the game, which resembles an exaggerated manner to the music of the Champions League.

As for the comments during matches, all soccer fans immediately recognize the voices of two people, because they remain in charge of Carlos Martinez, with the collaboration of Julio Maldonado ‘Maldini. Most of them are recycled from the previous year, although there are occasional novelty.

Another noteworthy aspect in the sound section of this installment of the saga is certainly the environment we are in football stadiums, where this time we will know soon if we are playing at home or abroad. The fans of each team will show their support unconditionally and squeal with great madness with the most important actions of his team, that if the difference when playing at home or away will be enormous. Receive occasional booing when a party disputes away from your stadium, which would not involve anything serious if you keep a cool head and not let influirte that.


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