Pinball King PC Game

In games on January 10, 2010 at 9:06 am

Pinball King 2010 PC

In the pool games for PC is definitely one that shines above the others … and above free!
Today there is no one that shades the unstoppable Pool Sharks. The pool shark raging among fans billiards multiplayer offering the most entertaining.
Unlike other systems, the game offers us the opportunity to make money betting games or just for points. Certainly an option that is very much appreciated because in case you want to bet money we have the opportunity, before venturing, to train and play games on the way for points.

The scenario in which we move is built on a solid foundation for getting 3D environments immerse the player in a Pub Night of the most welcoming.
On the gameplay is noteworthy that the control is very simple and easy to learn. We will not be difficult to enjoy each of the 7 disciplines which offers: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 15-Ball and Blackjack, and three types of Snooker (mini, short and normal).
The game has an interface that while on the right shows our score or accruals on the left displays the different items they hope to open players. We have choice whether to start our own room or join one already created by another user.

We had the opportunity to try other pool games for PC and none has achieved the level achieved in this Poll Sharks, both in graphics and in gameplay.
This simulator has everything to captivate fans of the sport and get to delight the most demanding.


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