Interesting Gaming News of 2010

In games on March 26, 2010 at 5:40 am

***Beta R.U.S.E over one million downloads

Although the game has not yet been released, as it intends to do so on June 3, if it has released the beta of what RUSE is the game which has come to light last March 9 and have been counted more than one million downloads to date.

This strategy game will be for PC and Xbox360 PlayStatation3. The public beta can choose one of the 6 sides who will be in the original game and play in over 7 unique maps, so competitive if you prefer.

**New costumes for Mass Effect 2

BioWare On March 23 he returned to update the content in the game Mass Effect 2, with new costumes for the characters in the game. Firewalker The pack will also add five new missions to use the Hammerhead.

The other pack will feature new costumes for the players: The Murderer, The Convicted and Archangel. Although there are free:
or 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360
BioWare or 160 Points for the PC version

**Need for Speed World soon
The gamers will be extremely happy car since Need For Speed World will be available very soon is the new title of the saga known as Need For Speed, to which its followers are very loyal. This version will allow them to customize your car to the peak where you can choose several models of real cars in the world.

They may even customize your own character as never before have seen. Undoubtedly one more game in the series that all NFS fans will want to have anymore.

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