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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing – PC

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Analysis of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing – PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS

analysis sega racing sonic all stars
He returned again to the hedgehog best known of all times, and this time do it together with all the big stars who have passed through the factory of Sega, which are few, with the intention of becoming the benchmark in terms of games child driving next-generation consoles, himself facing down the Mario Kart. An interesting proposal of the company hard in Japan to discuss the next lines.

Much time has passed since Sonic starring as such a pure game cars, particularly from Sonic Drift, Sega success at that time in their portable Game Gear. This title was the first time, all the excitement of racing karts on a handheld back in the 90s. Much later SEGA released Sonic R, set of low success rate in all the characters not in competition with a means of transport defined, so that hardly could be considered a history of the game in hand. Now, more than ten years later, Sega has decided to continue that style of play marked by Sonic Drift and combine it with the latest technology in pc games, resulting in a fun racing title accessible to all who approach your proposal. Without doubt, one of the first pleasant surprises we found in this 2010 in the field of driving Arcade.

all stars racing sega sonic wii

The first paragraph that will surprise us no more to operate the software on our console is the visual, a factor that, far from being the ultimate technology, has proven something important: the developers were very clear about what he wanted to reflect on the screen at all times, something that on paper has given the company much better than opting for a graphic section meets and exceeds all requirements of consumers, in addition to showing the SEGA universe as the company has always defined .

Surprisingly, the optimization of this section reaches a level never before seen in the genre, reflecting a sense of speed that will leave you with my mouth open, and includes some details of quality, destructible elements on stage, great lighting effects or a constant frame rate of 60 frames per second, which gets ever see each and every one of the items that appear on screen with a high level of detail without affecting the overall performance of the game. All visual spectacle with charisma and color equally.

As for the sound section, we can say is perhaps the weakest of all who make up the game, consisting of a multitude of songs that only discharge their responsibilities, giving more life to the races, in addition to the voices of absolutely all runners. Unfortunately, we did not find any evidence that highlights this section over the whole in general.

As a great innovation has included the voice of a commentator who will be telling all that goes on during the race, although this element does not really bring anything to the proposal. Fortunately, SEGA had this detail in mind and offers the ability to override the voice of the commentator if you’re a little more traditional, or simply if you do not like playing with it active.


Metro 2033 is now on sale

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Metro 2033 PC Game will be released in 2010!
The long-awaited Metro 2033 is already on sale worldwide for the platforms Xbox 360 and PC, in the normal version but these are limited editions and therefore should be rushing to the latter. The game is set in 2033 in a lonely place in Moscow, where the few survivors of the world never away from the Metro.
This is a first person game, and with enhanced graphics and much more detailed scenes. For fans of shooters, I’m sure Metro will like 2033, so to try it!.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Analysis: Call of Pripyat – PC

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Analysis: Call of Pripyat – PC

analysis of call of pripyat stalker
GSC Game World has done it again. The developer, step by step, is making STALKER is becoming increasingly large in the broad sense of the word. With the first installment, Shadow of Chernobyl, and convinced both critics and the public that had something to tell us that their proposal was different and overwhelming. With the second, Clear Sky, showed that they knew correct their mistakes (some were quite large), but bet on a presentation something different to the original which I can not convince those who were already fans of the series. Now with Call of Pripyat, return to his roots to deliver a blow on the table and make it clear that when the mood to sink to a post-apocalyptic world, they’re teachers.

Before going into labor I feel compelled to make one thing clear: I recently noticed in this saga. And not because I do not like these games, which I love, but because I found Shadow of Chernobyl last Christmas and because, unfortunately, I’ve never played a Clear Sky. Things do not have an updated PC … But I really am in a position to say what every fan would expect to read between these lines is that Call of Pripyat is more of the same but better. After documenting enough to know what is special about the second part, which was released a couple of years, and after a walk in search of Strelok, start with what we really want now: is it worth Call of Pripyat?

Call of pripyat artwork
The protagonist of this new venture is Alexander Degtyarev, an agent of the Security Service of Ukraine sent to the outskirts of Pripyat to investigate the mysterious accident who have suffered some helicopters for the Area. Disguised as a Stalker, we will have to find out what happened to the crew of such vehicles in a plot that puts us right after the events we are already in STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. That, of course, is another incentive for those who expected to win this title: Call of Pripyat is absolutely continuous, and us we are glad.

The pace of history is that which we want to give at any time due to the variety of side missions are available, and their development will vary depending on our actions and relationships with people, as was the case with his predecessors. Having a good relationship with the other Stalkers always advisable to get favors and some extra material, and side missions are a challenge for players who do not conform to follow the line. The script for Call of Pripyat, meanwhile, is quite surprising for those who already enjoyed with Shadow of Chernobyl, and although at first seems to be giving too much of himself, as we move a little in the plot we find that things are getting more interesting. The reward (fiction, in this case) is when we start to work seriously in the search for any survivors of accidents and we have been a few hours of play.
Call of pripyatstalker stalker
Also get a good pay if we jump to the search of the famous artifacts. Now is not worth selling weapons to enrich as the original, if our weapon is somewhat worn can not be sold. Traders will look askance our used equipment, so now we have to find one of those precious items as well are listed in the Area. It is in these expeditions where you can find one of those factors that make that we have to call Call of Pripyat as a survival horror between the bleak picture, hear the beeps when we approach any of the known and dangerous anomalies, nervous we’ll get to avoid giving a wrong step and we will be more alone than the one sudaremos over it. And not just because it’s hot.
I have already lived before …

Call of pripyat
From the first moment we made contact with the title we notice that we are “at home.” The graphics engine is an evolution of X-Ray engine that we saw in the two previous installments, making the game look familiar to us. The ambience and atmosphere have improved substantially, giving us an oppressive environment like few we have enjoyed over the years. The vastness of the mapping and the unexpected, what awaits us out there when you roam the area looking for people and hidden treasures are details that make each new STALKER so attractive. In GSC Game World know what they’re doing in this area, and are proving it with Call of Pripyat.

And is that what is most striking is undoubtedly a touch of survival horror that gives us the title when, initially, is unlikely to take that path. When I played Shadow of Chernobyl thought the game was going to be much more generic: shootings, bandits and assailants of those who have to defend and, ultimately, action on all four sides. Once I immersed myself in his proposal, I discovered that the shots were going in another direction. How wrong I was, and what a joy (in part, of course) I meant to find out. Of course, the latest installment is to be expected: STALKER Call of Pripyat is scary, that you feel when you face the unknown, loneliness and anxiety, that you notice a drop runs cooler than your back when an issue catches you in the middle of nowhere and you have to cover yourself as be. The dynamic lighting, which makes some scenes in beautiful places or chilling, and the extraordinary bestiary featuring chupasangres or the terrifying and ruthless new chimera, among others, do the rest. This is not a game for everyone.
Moving BY Pripyat

In that sense of exclusivity is also necessary to mention the difficulty of the new STALKER, which is high even at lower levels. And this is always good news. Who can be expected to have a quiet ride when entering into a land devastated by a nuclear explosion, where there are mutant monsters lurking in every moment, as well as ruthless men who do not hesitate to attack if they feel threatened? There are few times when we feel safe, and we must work not only with our weapons and our ability to them, but also with his head out alive some situations. A good tactic might save his skin.

These situations are not limited to road markings, but as in previous games, we can work side missions to search for artifacts and make extra money. Diversions from the main plot significantly lengthen the life of Call of Pripyat, and sent us to places on the map where it would end unless we liked to explore for pleasure. Some more attractive than others, it is always advisable to do some of these “errands” to discover what else we offer the area, improve our team and see some more of that strange but compelling world.

Analysis of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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It is odd to say this in a game, DICE, but the script for Bad Company generated a small cult around him that is not yet dead. The position of humor in the modern game is so dramatic that any smile that comes out of our consoles is worthy of being preserved in formalin, so it does not surprise me so much devotion to Haggard and company dialogues. I thought it was little more than an episode of 10 hours of A1 Team, but it is clear that most people who have proven not agree with me.

The developers and the writer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 faced now that infamous Difficult second album on the newly defined or, if you Ke $ ha, never assume that you will have another success.

In the first 10 minutes of the game and it becomes obvious that DICE has changed his mind about BC. That does not mean that they have forgotten about that company from morons that names the game, or they have ceased to be as special as they were …. But the first phase, an operation as secret as Escript on the shores of Japan in World War II, promises something different. From the boat to approach the final race all of it reeks of Call of Duty. This is not necessarily bad, especially coming from a fan that Infinity Ward has confessed to like me, but a decline in trousers rather sad.
After that prelude familiar buttoned-by-setting structure and reunited with the Bad Company of my … our … your love. The new status of the company very well define the new approach to the franchise: the previously cannon fodder are now regarded as a sort of elite force assigned to complex tasks, which even makes sense considering the operation of the Army United States. Is missing some element to the height of absurdity Golden BC helicopter.

We already have a CoD every year. If EA does not stop we will have another with his new Dudebro Medal of Honor, not to mention a dozen forgettable clones with less beard. Bad Company 2 is now the largest institution adversary Modern Warfare, and I find it sad to see a franchise that managed to differentiate itself from its competition through humor and parody just using the same epic, the same situation exits mother, using and abuse in the way of all those situations that Infinity Ward has already become clichés of the genre. The sharpest players will note that there are two car chases “unmanageable” in the first two phases.

It may seem that I hated every minute of this campaign. Perhaps you’re already screaming “Fuck the milk Merche, they mess with the Bad Company!” While composing a comment devastating shattering all my beliefs. Calma. If I have dwelt on this point because it seems a shame to give up a formula that if it did not work at the time, in my opinion, which certainly is a minority, was due to lack of mime or talent as author in its preparation and not a bug base. I simply bad news for the health and future of the genre.

That said it must be said that the campaign does many things very well. DICE has tried to design a varied experience, multinational, spectacular, mischievous and ultimately harmless, and he did it. True, all that’s placed directly on the ground Infinity Ward, and that they have a supernatural talent for designing absurd situations while extremely attractive. After the experience of BC2 MW2 seems a little recess in the section of the fireworks. The modern equivalent of war “, let’s not forget what is all-modern Dante’s Inferno and God Of War III.
The funniest moments of Bad Company 2 are those in which the game shows its true strengths and forgets the goat factor. What is the reason for designing an eminently pasillera campaign when you’re into open space and vehicle use? There is no such reason, it was a question retórica2. Of course there are lengthy scenarios and vehicles in several stages, but appear less than what I want, as if DICE suffered from chronic shyness when doing exactly the best is given.

Even though these complexes are grateful for the existence of this campaign, as a tip leaves you with a smirk two accomplices.
The multiplayer

Also consider how convenient it would be for DICE forget it and focus on the multiplayer, which is what you want when buying a Battlefield. It’s funny, but 8 years after 1942 as the “cars is” still the main selling point, even though I have long played a dozen games that incorporate them. And yet, Battlefield = tanks.

No doubt due to the expertise of DICE to implement-all vehicles, not just the tanks, without ruining the balance of the game. They are powerful and coveted items, but not tip the balance of the game by themselves. With the destructive possibilities offered by Bad Company 2 now doubly fun.
Personally I prefer walking. I always thought that hide behind the shield is weak thing as heart surgery with local anesthesia or, worse, pretend that a surgeon in charge of work. When we go running around we can use the special abilities of each class, manifested in the form of exclusive equipment. If you are a electrical engineers have a nut that fixes tanks in battle, and if you’re sniper-go, like the rest of your team, a pair of binoculars with which to request artillery strikes anywhere. Typically in the Battlefield, and it really has changed very little.

These gadgets are made by the scoring system and promotion binding in all modern online FPS. Instead of a general, and MW2, which has no classes, it also measures your performance in the areas corresponding to each occupation. Progress is slow and painful, but the game handles obsequiándote not get frustrated with weapons, medals and other unlockable every few minutes. Very addictive.

Despite these awards the content is very short because of the maps, which are all excellent but are also very much by themselves. EA plans to add more for free if you buy the game first hand, but still a bit sad that a multiplayer going to steal tens of hours of life, and believe me, going to steal it, damn you to repeat half dozen scenarios over and over again.

As has happened so far in all the Battlefield, the emphasis is on team play. It is extremely difficult to win a game as part of an unbalanced side, but unfortunately that happens a lot. The philosophy of console gamers is quite different from those of PC, and stable communities of players do not exist.

Often depends on a dozen strangers, foreigners and idiots generally, not necessarily because they are foreign, though born in France has never done anyone a favor, with whom there is no communication. Usually in 7 out of 10 matches will be surrounded by inept drivers who hijack the helicopter again and again to crash it to the first and an endless horde of scouts that he has no intention of conquering the enemy bases. If you have a little luck, all your friends are doctors, because that class is grossly unbalanced.

That has always been the great virtue and the great defect of the Battlefield, and I hope it lasts. Individualistic philosophy Modern Warfare 2 guarantees fun whomever your colleagues, if you are able to overcome the initial frustration, because in practice are irrelevant. Bad Company 2 offers a collective experience and less controlled and therefore more irregular, largely thanks to a matchmaking stupid who can not deliver the good players on different computers. This also means that those items where you fall on a decent-that is, a varied, which means the role of the squads and vehicles, are a delight no comparison possible on consoles. Unable to remember those other times frustrating when you are besieging the last base rival.

A final bow to the wonders of BC 2 multiplayer: a sense of being part of a large-scale battle is surprisingly genuine. The maps are big but not massive, and the number of players, 24, is even low for a game of this type. And yet, the ability to design maps, sound and even weapons, delightfully vague, conveys a greater impression of vast conflict. That of having to move great distances to participate in a battle that is never really more than two minutes, and always arrive before you start getting bored. A sample of the experience they have acquired the Swedes in these eight years.

I am a strong supporter of the ignorance of the more technical aspects of video games: no one who knows what the parallax mapping is invited to dinner at my house because it certainly is a pain in person. My philosophy is summed up best Haru in these wise words: “The graphics do you see when you close your eyes and remember a game is beyond simple paraphernalia.” Many times, however, it is obvious that the chances of a particular engine provide much more dynamic lighting experience. So even at the risk of this last part seems a sort of infomercial geek I can not ignore the fancy stuff Frostbite is allowed, the engine on which the building is Bad Company 2. As in those horrendous ads PS3, Frostbite only does everything.

The game is beautiful, that’s undeniable. As usual in the genre the plot is designed to get you through varied landscapes around the world. The phase of the ice, jungle, desert, the world of lava, that variety in the scenes and in colors that gives your eyes in a brown and grises3 generation. All are equally spectacular, largely thanks to the engine: it can blizzards, a competent lighting and a large draw distance without visible effort. Which may be easier if it were not for short distances, the faces, textures, particles, are given just as well. Pretty impressive considering that graphicwhorismos not for me.

More appearance still has merit given the destructible environments. BC already had, of course, but now more so. Could be defined as destructiblérrimos even. The vast majority of analysts have stressed the great tactical possibilities offered by the destruction of walls and structures in general. This is proven false, because in practice the options are a) break a wall to kill him who is hiding behind it or b) ignore it? There really is not much more than scratch, which is not to say that, as in life itself, is not beautiful to see how to reduce to rubble an entire population. The fact remains that the temporary nature of all the coverage that the campaign makes a lot more fun than it would have been without that element and keeps you always in tension.

Oh, and then there’s the sound. Amazing.
Dance, puppets, dance

Lack put note. One step short and rather stupid, but who am I but a humble mercenary points, which will certainly have dramatic consequences for the comments. Oh, who intend to cheat, there is only a fun option: Modern Warfare ranked as 2.

Analysis of Just Cause 2

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Though nowadays everything is sandbox and many are beginning to talk about the format is obsolete, the fact is that, well done, a game well done open map is still very attractive. It comes to my head The Saboteur, fantastic atmosphere and scripted and one of the surprises of last year, or Red Faction: Guerrilla, which makes more headless pandilocura its greatest strength and his glory at the same time. Just Cause 2 is a sandbox, yes, and now I unplugged me, I always had the worst of the thorns. The first part bored me so that just thinking about the dream she enters, and the truth is that he has aged fatal, but this sequel had two paths to follow, and has chosen the good.

Having played Mercenaries 2, it is inevitable to find in a first approach to Just Cause 2, appear. Both have a 2 in the title, but the similarities are not limited to this coincidence: both take place in a chaotic territory ruled by a totalitarian leader is to stick with the guerrillas, and Just Cause 2 but ultimately end up winning by a landslide in this respect, the map is visually very similar, as very Venezuela all, but in the end it turns out that in this case the matter takes place in Panau, an island in the Malay Archipelago cleverly invented by Avalanche Studios.

The story we put on the skin, once again, Rico Rodriguez, reaching Panau with the intention of overthrowing Pandak Panay, dictatorial leader. To do this, your plan of action is quite simple: sow chaos everything I can, helping the guerrillas and destroying everything they can to destabilize the order on the island and arrive at their megalomaniac leader.
When you have an island as big as Panau (which is VERY large), it is absolutely crucial that we not give the impression that a map is generated automatically and without any life, in this aspect, Just Cause 2 is a considerable asset. The villages, coastal stations, military bases, everything is placed with a surprisingly logical and, above all, consistent. Roads, for example, are designed in a way that does not support other word consistent, is missing, perhaps, a large urban center, a large capital, but removing the rest of this detail is great and lends a lot to ride and enjoyment seeing the landscape of the island, which is pretty spectacular.

At the moment of truth, when the game is fun to demonstrate whether the result is mixed. While I assert and affirm a thousand times that the game is fun, some weights you from excellence and these weights are basically limited range of missions (default they share, unfortunately, the vast majority of sandbox) and the control, no completely fine. On the former, what to say: the missions we’ve seen in all the sandbox in the world are here, as is: go to a point on the map and destroy it, or lead to such a character to another point, etc.. And as usual, the principle is entirely obviable but at 10 hours of play is another matter: we are a bit until the eggs to make always the same and costs a little more forward, partly because the difficulty increases and partly because pure boredom of repeating the same actions.

On the other hand, Rico can do many things: you can hook up with a rope in many places, you can plan with a parachute, you can do crazy things like climb to the roof of a moving car and shoot from there. However, this wealth of possibilities is tragically capada limitations imposed on us over, it is not, as I said, as fine as it should. Sometimes we like to jump off a cliff, deploy a parachute, hook us with the rope in a car and take the pilot of your site headers, but too high a percentage of cases the maneuver remains in a free fall and a decrease painful in the woods because we could not control very well what we did. This is even more poignant when we are in the midst of a firefight and have to hit shots right and left and on top of destroying targets, by luck, autoapuntado does pretty well when we have to flee and killing at the same time, though not the solution optimally, of course.
Another key feature of the game that we fail to exploit what we would like because of control is the hook. With the hook can, thanks to the rope which is attached, propel us towards a point on the map (taking into account the extent of the rope, which is not infinite) or coupling two elements, for instance typical but very funny We can pull a soldier to a tank that, when fired, will fly with soldiers included. However, to do this often takes a precision not fully possible due to control weaknesses, which has a dual face that excuse sounds cheap but in fact turns out to be true: after nineteen attempts, when the twentieth time we got to do what we wanted we were satisfied. Nevertheless, once we adjust the control is easier to get carried away by the wave of explosions and shots of the game by denying his weakness when carrying Rico, because that is another: what of explosions, so many madness breaks out each game and what a beautiful mess!

As I said before that Rico “sow chaos all you can” was not a cliché: the game includes a counter of chaos that will reward us with more action points and busts pandilocas to do. Thus, destroying government property, stamp 747 into a mountain or released from a moving car to crash into a building will give us points, and the more points we get more we advance in history. But if we go a great bag can end the game in about thirteen or fourteen hours, if we complete localizaciones1 and squeeze a little game we can easily take twenty-five hours or more.
And it is hard to leave the hills of Ubeda, no: as I said, the magnitude of the island and well thought out is encouraged to do so. Although not impressive graphically as a whole (has some rather ugly and less defects linked to the department of art), it does have some things left speechless. For example, up to a very large area of the map and watch the scenery is awesome, but then go down and the minimum is a plane we are stuck between trees. But without over audiovisually meet at any time, paying special attention to the music, at first out of tune by a certain air of spy movie 60 but, little by little, he will take effect and finally ends up fitting like a glove in the delusional game action.

It may not be the game of the year but, like last year, The Saboteur, yes that is becoming a popular option, to keep in mind for the fans of sandbox. The first part was very half perhaps technical limitations, but this sequel has been worn and have wanted: Just Cause 2 is an orgy of explosions and shots that will only please fans of the free world and large (and this is very, very big, huge, insist) and fascinate the most pandilocos: when you take a plane and crash into a group of fuel tanks exploding chain, making the people who had quit flying around while you fly over such chaos with your parachute, it is difficult to imagine what might improve the situation. And then, as almost always in Just Cause 2 (it is a very satisfying game in that sense), the issue improvement and (small spoiler, do not read the very fussy) we are faced with ninjas. Needless to say, nothing more.

Analysis of Metro 2033

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When in 2002 Dmitry Glukhovsky began writing on his blog a story about a chavalin called Artyom who lived in the Moscow metro network with forty thousand survivors of a nuclear catastrophe on a planetary scale, I had no idea what was coming above. His modest story began to fascinate hundreds of thousands of Russians who were reading online every advance in the evolution of the life of Artyom and three years after the material was compiled and published in paper automatically becoming one of the most significant of bestsellers recent years in the icy domain of Putin.

And, as has become customary, following the literary glory came time to make the leap to the screen to harness the power of the brand, and why not the idea. But this time, contrary to what is customary, it was not a film to massacre the original work and embittered fans of the book, but to develop a game able to immerse the player in a harrowing atmosphere in a that only this medium can achieve. Metro was born 2033, an SPF of linear development that puts us in the skin of that cloistered Artyom and forces us to pass our stability whores heart and sacrifice for the greater good: the survival of the human race.
Although the post-apocalypse is being so exploited that is poised to become the new World War II genre, make no mistake: when we saw the first trailer for Metro 2033 the vast majority appeared to us an important tent at the crotch. The influence on the visual (visual only) Fallout 3 was (and is) evident in every frame of the game, just as you also feel the whiff of STALKER a mile away, but luckily 4A Games has managed to process the source text with the skill to give this title of a strong personality. Fortunately, we are not facing an embarrassing case of like Dante’s Inferno pseudoplagio. 2033 Metro drinks from many sources, but never gives the feeling that you are trying to follow a path marked by someone else beyond the novel on which it is based.

A as in the book, the strong point of the game is brutal ability to immerse the player in his own universe. The imposing 4A engine does its work great in this regard, and presents us with some very detailed environments, rich textures and complex lighting system that may not inspire in the XIV century German chiaroscuro, but it is certainly capable to get the ass the size of an olive with a pair of sinister silhouettes projected onto a wall. Ten to that effect for members of GSC Game World that founded this new study, because they have again shown that being born in Ukraine and no call John Carmack, also can be a master at this to make jueguicos bonico.

Sonic Classic Collection Analysis

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Sonic, Sonic, Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog: How many hours of gameplay. We all know that the path you are taking SEGA explode when your pet is not the best: new games of low quality and mass prostitution through compilations and appearances in other games (at the Olympics in others). Sonic Classic Collection is the umpteenth revision of the classic SEGA Megadrive throwing to squeeze a bit more money to be able to have been Sonic tangled in her hair, and at this stage, we are both a bit tired.

In this collection we have the first three Sonic, Sonic & Knuckles and their versions Knuckles lock-on, that’s a good number of games and hours of play, indeed, but at this stage and all the compilations that have been taking SEGA is difficult to imagine anyone who has not played endlessly at the very least the first two or three Sonic. It is useless to talk about the games in depth outline perhaps the first Sonic has the speed and immediacy, the second the freshness of novelty (Tails) and the third the depth, a great trilogy that today remains fun replay and exemplary of how to make good platform games. Although I believe that everything has gone downhill since the first game (the best, in my opinion, the best has the speed and immediacy that I consider typical and necessary for the character is every sense), the truth is that games together in this collection are quite jewels and other conditions would have been essential to them. Now the problems.
For starters, Sonic Classic Collection could have been called Sonic Roms Collection and the difference would have been minimal: emulation of the originals is the same and sometimes worse than we can achieve with unofficial SEGA emulators, and see that the first Sonic, for example, is tugging at times it is disheartening. To make matters worse, the rescaling needed to bring the game to the DS screen is not optimal at all obvious from the moment we enter the title screens for each game. From the first moment gives the feeling of being, as I said before, one more excuse to take some monedillas at the expense of the first Sonic and not a collection could be kept as Jam Sonic Mega Collection and Gems, they did have considerable work back, work that could be seen both in emulation (easier but still better) in the design of the game selection menus or extras, much more competent in this collection for NDS.

It is sad to see how it has solved the selection of games. The menus are despicable, a minimum work that could have been done in less than a week and, to top it off, it still satisfied: when choosing a game, the bottom screen displays information, controls, save and load options (a little tricky because although we can save at any time after the charge restarted from the beginning of the chapter and not from the point where we left off, etc.)., but at no time gives us the feeling of actually being inside the game on the top screen; cheesy addition, the menus are extremely anti immersive and ignore costs to play as God.
On the other hand, the extra content (that is, could and should be what makes a collection of such opt for either side of the thin line between good opportunity for thymus rejugr pure and simple) is poor and again, seems to be made to the race. A collection of artworks hardly enjoyable in such a small screen (if it could be enjoyable in any way, I think not) seems clearly inadequate. The saving option, although tricky, is another outstanding extras, but neither is consistent enough to justify the purchase.

Only one thing that justifies the purchase of Sonic Classic Collection: their games. SEGA seems to have been very clear, and knowing in possession of so powerful a collection seems to have neglected all other elements: the value-added design work, mime the consumer. Nobody likes to be reunited with Sonic in this state, especially if you’ve paid a good amount of euros in the original games and the other collections, as I do (the Japanese Gems Collection GameCube did not cost me very little), a Despite having many weak points, there are at least lucky enough to think that all these weaknesses are around the games, never in them: they are still too strong to destroy them so easily. In the Nintendo DS continue to operate, and well, although it could have been better. Much better. O SEGA notes and put the batteries or maybe the bargain of nostalgia runs out very very soon.

The Scourge Project Progress

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Those who follow closely the development of games in our country we were lucky to see at the time the birth of Tragnarion, a company based in Mallorca with sufficient economic potential to jump into the market for triple A, competing games like Gears of War or Half-Life. In fact, this was The Scourge Project when I first saw:
Now, however, is something else, as we shall see at the end of the advance (or you’ve seen in a long time AnaitGames). The comparison with titles such high value for fans of action games may seem exaggerated, but I can say we were the other day pegándonos with the game on a beta as we talked with its director of development, Omar Salleh. And The Scourge Project, which comes on the digital platform Steam this April 9, has all the ballots to amuse those who like action games without leaving the script.

Yes, I said the script. Like a sci-fi is concerned, the script of The Scourge Project made possible by the depth based on flashbacks, turns script rather unpredictable, and some depth in the characters. It is set in a fairly near future, dominated by mega-corporations, and apparently we’re going to tickle a corporation that wishes to do experiments with humans. We can choose between 4 mercenaries, and each has its own motivations, resulting in each party to decide, one way or another, we want to do depending on the motivations of the character they embody.

Because at each playable character is quite similar. Everyone has access to the same weapons and powers were similar. This whole subject of the squadron and the powers sufficiently close to other native title (at least Spanish developers) such as Jericho. But unlike MercurySteam title in The Scourge Project authorities depend on ragweed (which also reminds the nectar of Haze, the game almost posthumous Free Radical) and are four: to use against an enemy in particular, use of so that nearby enemies suffer, creating a shield that accompany and protect us but we can avoid creating a fire or we can use fixed shield as cover while shooting. Thus, each character has an attack power and a defense, and you’ll notice, combinatorics that the chances are four, as the characters.
With this, your system coverage, the use of squad (the game really is designed for cooperative play, but the absence of other users can use Time AI) of weapons (machine gun, assault rifle, uzi, gun, shotgun and sniper rifle, grenades in addition to the essential), the game behaves like a shooter quite remarkable, and unlike other similar titles, episodic, which means shorter lines and intense.

A graphic level the game looks pretty good, as almost all titles using Unreal Engine 3. At first it seems a little generic, but as the game progresses unfolds a good amount of resources directed to surprise the player, including types of enemies and locations quite surprising.

The game, as we said, nothing comes into Steam, and a little later on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. We hope to then to have the last word of a game that promises a lot.

Gears of War 3, F3AR, Crysis 2 2010 Games PC

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Watch the official trailer of Crysis 2 and F3AR! More details of Gears of War 3
This week there were succulent news for the fans “Gamer”, as they have posted the first official trailer 3 famous games, a heavyweight part of the graph Crysis 2 and the third installment of FEAR (F3AR) preparing to for this 2010 debut, plus some information about the upcoming Gears Of War 3, if you want to see the videos follow after the cut.

Crysis 2

As you may have heard our fans gamer, Crysis 2 is set in New York City, and what you see below is the first official trailer released Crytek and Electronic Art, where we will see a city devastated and decimated by aliens attacking a squad of soldiers who patrol the area. The trailer comes with the famous song in the background “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra played by a female voice with a melodious chord very depressing atmosphere for the scene. Crysis 2 is scheduled for Christmas and will leave for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. So prepare your arsenal and video cards.

Monolith and Warner Bros have announced “F3AR” official name for the third installment of this shot in first person with a tinge of horror and paranormal phenomena which will debut to great acclaim in 2005 for best action game this year. 3 FEAR (First Encounter Assault Recon) is being developed by Day 1 Studios, the original developers of the first FEAR and will be launched PlayStation 3 console, Xbox 360 and PC in the U.S. fall.

The people in charge of development and production has hired people like Carpenter Johon director of films like “The Thing”, “Escape Fron New York”, “Halloween,” “Village of the Damned”) which will be in charge of cutscenes in the game, which will work with writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) to create a game that will make you jump out of the chair on more than one occasion.

In this third installment will once again be Alma, Point Man and his ghostly brother Paxton Fettel and someone else …

Gears of War 3:

Already beginning to move the first rumors of Gears Of War 3, the third installment of the famous saga of Epic and enhanced by an improved graphics engine “Unreal Engine 3”, as we have been able to find out in various media, the game will new Locust enemies, players can carry explosives that can travel underground to eliminate the enemies that ambush from underground, the game will also include underwater environments, lush forests and areas with a lot of foliage, such as rivers and forests, which show all the advances of improved engine Unreal Engine 3.

The events will begin after the Gear Of War 2, starting from the island vect, a naval base of the COG. Apparently Cliff Bleszinski (lead designer of Epic) will make an announcement on Monday or Tuesday how, although some details have leaked as a notice in the dashboard of the Xbox 360 by Microsoft, which has already been removed, but it took some screenshots about it. We must wait to confirm the information, but as the popular saying goes “where there’s smoke, is that rocks (or locust) brings”

First impressions of Splinter Cell: Conviction

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I always had the feeling that Sam Fisher games I like more than most. Some, determined to compare it with Metal Gear Solid, did not understand the first delivery. In Pandora Tomorrow, Ubi began experimenting with the sequel-expansion and Double Agent was not what was expected of the new generation. But hey, they were all very good games. Chaos Theory and more.

So I’ve followed the trail to it since 2007. I almost get tired, after many changes and too many delays. And what has been Splinter Cell: Conviction? This is what a server says, after trying the demo which is now on Xbox Live, part of the first level and a bit of multijugador.1

The first thing to emphasize is that Conviction has good ideas. We will discuss in a month if they extend the script or make us forget the coat Fisher threw chairs at the early stages of the project, now talk and talk about it playable. In that sense, the legacy of previous chapters is evident, the taste for the dark, many movements and the same or equivalent, the same targeting mechanism, a similar use of various gadgets … – but the new mechanics to “mark and run” offers the option to change dramatically the way people play.
Apart from the campaign’s bottles, the so-called deniable multiplayer includes Ops, typical missions unrelated to any argument and several more ways both cooperative and competitive. We could not try any.

Only a couple of things I do not quite like in Splinter Cell: Conviction: the elimination of jump button, which becomes an action and the fact contextual use the image in black and white to indicate that we are hidden. The latter does not bother me two pieces of individual campaign, but I was pretty tired in co-op, since the stage was darker and more inland areas.

Hopefully I can get used to both detail because of time-and-easy joke played the game has convinced me.