3 Top Gaming News of April 2010

In games on April 1, 2010 at 12:09 am

1- Burn Zombie Burn for PC will be available soon

Burn Zombie Burn, the game created specifically for the PlayStation 3 console, you also have the PC version in no time. It’s a fun action game where you must kill as many zombies as possible.

Although not yet confirmed the date of exit from the PC-version for Windows users, we can note that even in a couple of months, we ready to play. So fans of Burn Zombie Burn can be sure that they can play quietly on their computers in just two months, stay abreast of news.

2- The online game Tiger Woods will not be free

If many people were excited to try the game from EA Sports, Tiger Woods Online, I comment that this is not free at all, not even access the online mode. Like everything in life, the game will have its price: the annual subscription will cost about 50 Euros, while the monthly cost us 7 Euros. Seen from another angle, a round will be worth 100 points EA, that if we change it to Euros, would be almost one Euro per round.

It has different modes: single and multiplayer tournaments. You can go directly to their official website by clicking here, and see if you really should buy the subscription.

3- Darksiders will be released for PC in June

On June 5 the action game called Darksiders was released for sale for platforms PlayStation 3 and XBox 360, but Vigil Games has put in place to make this wonderful game is also compatible on our computer.

Although there is little information on the departure date, we know that in June many of his fans can play it on your PC in June of this year 2010. It’s amazing the success of Darksiders, from the day of its launch has sold over a million units worldwide.


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