First impressions of Splinter Cell: Conviction

In games on April 10, 2010 at 2:39 pm

I always had the feeling that Sam Fisher games I like more than most. Some, determined to compare it with Metal Gear Solid, did not understand the first delivery. In Pandora Tomorrow, Ubi began experimenting with the sequel-expansion and Double Agent was not what was expected of the new generation. But hey, they were all very good games. Chaos Theory and more.

So I’ve followed the trail to it since 2007. I almost get tired, after many changes and too many delays. And what has been Splinter Cell: Conviction? This is what a server says, after trying the demo which is now on Xbox Live, part of the first level and a bit of multijugador.1

The first thing to emphasize is that Conviction has good ideas. We will discuss in a month if they extend the script or make us forget the coat Fisher threw chairs at the early stages of the project, now talk and talk about it playable. In that sense, the legacy of previous chapters is evident, the taste for the dark, many movements and the same or equivalent, the same targeting mechanism, a similar use of various gadgets … – but the new mechanics to “mark and run” offers the option to change dramatically the way people play.
Apart from the campaign’s bottles, the so-called deniable multiplayer includes Ops, typical missions unrelated to any argument and several more ways both cooperative and competitive. We could not try any.

Only a couple of things I do not quite like in Splinter Cell: Conviction: the elimination of jump button, which becomes an action and the fact contextual use the image in black and white to indicate that we are hidden. The latter does not bother me two pieces of individual campaign, but I was pretty tired in co-op, since the stage was darker and more inland areas.

Hopefully I can get used to both detail because of time-and-easy joke played the game has convinced me.


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