The Scourge Project Progress

In games on April 13, 2010 at 11:20 am

Those who follow closely the development of games in our country we were lucky to see at the time the birth of Tragnarion, a company based in Mallorca with sufficient economic potential to jump into the market for triple A, competing games like Gears of War or Half-Life. In fact, this was The Scourge Project when I first saw:
Now, however, is something else, as we shall see at the end of the advance (or you’ve seen in a long time AnaitGames). The comparison with titles such high value for fans of action games may seem exaggerated, but I can say we were the other day pegándonos with the game on a beta as we talked with its director of development, Omar Salleh. And The Scourge Project, which comes on the digital platform Steam this April 9, has all the ballots to amuse those who like action games without leaving the script.

Yes, I said the script. Like a sci-fi is concerned, the script of The Scourge Project made possible by the depth based on flashbacks, turns script rather unpredictable, and some depth in the characters. It is set in a fairly near future, dominated by mega-corporations, and apparently we’re going to tickle a corporation that wishes to do experiments with humans. We can choose between 4 mercenaries, and each has its own motivations, resulting in each party to decide, one way or another, we want to do depending on the motivations of the character they embody.

Because at each playable character is quite similar. Everyone has access to the same weapons and powers were similar. This whole subject of the squadron and the powers sufficiently close to other native title (at least Spanish developers) such as Jericho. But unlike MercurySteam title in The Scourge Project authorities depend on ragweed (which also reminds the nectar of Haze, the game almost posthumous Free Radical) and are four: to use against an enemy in particular, use of so that nearby enemies suffer, creating a shield that accompany and protect us but we can avoid creating a fire or we can use fixed shield as cover while shooting. Thus, each character has an attack power and a defense, and you’ll notice, combinatorics that the chances are four, as the characters.
With this, your system coverage, the use of squad (the game really is designed for cooperative play, but the absence of other users can use Time AI) of weapons (machine gun, assault rifle, uzi, gun, shotgun and sniper rifle, grenades in addition to the essential), the game behaves like a shooter quite remarkable, and unlike other similar titles, episodic, which means shorter lines and intense.

A graphic level the game looks pretty good, as almost all titles using Unreal Engine 3. At first it seems a little generic, but as the game progresses unfolds a good amount of resources directed to surprise the player, including types of enemies and locations quite surprising.

The game, as we said, nothing comes into Steam, and a little later on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. We hope to then to have the last word of a game that promises a lot.

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