Sonic Classic Collection Analysis

In games on April 14, 2010 at 7:44 pm

Sonic, Sonic, Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog: How many hours of gameplay. We all know that the path you are taking SEGA explode when your pet is not the best: new games of low quality and mass prostitution through compilations and appearances in other games (at the Olympics in others). Sonic Classic Collection is the umpteenth revision of the classic SEGA Megadrive throwing to squeeze a bit more money to be able to have been Sonic tangled in her hair, and at this stage, we are both a bit tired.

In this collection we have the first three Sonic, Sonic & Knuckles and their versions Knuckles lock-on, that’s a good number of games and hours of play, indeed, but at this stage and all the compilations that have been taking SEGA is difficult to imagine anyone who has not played endlessly at the very least the first two or three Sonic. It is useless to talk about the games in depth outline perhaps the first Sonic has the speed and immediacy, the second the freshness of novelty (Tails) and the third the depth, a great trilogy that today remains fun replay and exemplary of how to make good platform games. Although I believe that everything has gone downhill since the first game (the best, in my opinion, the best has the speed and immediacy that I consider typical and necessary for the character is every sense), the truth is that games together in this collection are quite jewels and other conditions would have been essential to them. Now the problems.
For starters, Sonic Classic Collection could have been called Sonic Roms Collection and the difference would have been minimal: emulation of the originals is the same and sometimes worse than we can achieve with unofficial SEGA emulators, and see that the first Sonic, for example, is tugging at times it is disheartening. To make matters worse, the rescaling needed to bring the game to the DS screen is not optimal at all obvious from the moment we enter the title screens for each game. From the first moment gives the feeling of being, as I said before, one more excuse to take some monedillas at the expense of the first Sonic and not a collection could be kept as Jam Sonic Mega Collection and Gems, they did have considerable work back, work that could be seen both in emulation (easier but still better) in the design of the game selection menus or extras, much more competent in this collection for NDS.

It is sad to see how it has solved the selection of games. The menus are despicable, a minimum work that could have been done in less than a week and, to top it off, it still satisfied: when choosing a game, the bottom screen displays information, controls, save and load options (a little tricky because although we can save at any time after the charge restarted from the beginning of the chapter and not from the point where we left off, etc.)., but at no time gives us the feeling of actually being inside the game on the top screen; cheesy addition, the menus are extremely anti immersive and ignore costs to play as God.
On the other hand, the extra content (that is, could and should be what makes a collection of such opt for either side of the thin line between good opportunity for thymus rejugr pure and simple) is poor and again, seems to be made to the race. A collection of artworks hardly enjoyable in such a small screen (if it could be enjoyable in any way, I think not) seems clearly inadequate. The saving option, although tricky, is another outstanding extras, but neither is consistent enough to justify the purchase.

Only one thing that justifies the purchase of Sonic Classic Collection: their games. SEGA seems to have been very clear, and knowing in possession of so powerful a collection seems to have neglected all other elements: the value-added design work, mime the consumer. Nobody likes to be reunited with Sonic in this state, especially if you’ve paid a good amount of euros in the original games and the other collections, as I do (the Japanese Gems Collection GameCube did not cost me very little), a Despite having many weak points, there are at least lucky enough to think that all these weaknesses are around the games, never in them: they are still too strong to destroy them so easily. In the Nintendo DS continue to operate, and well, although it could have been better. Much better. O SEGA notes and put the batteries or maybe the bargain of nostalgia runs out very very soon.


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