Analysis of Just Cause 2

In games on April 17, 2010 at 11:56 am

Though nowadays everything is sandbox and many are beginning to talk about the format is obsolete, the fact is that, well done, a game well done open map is still very attractive. It comes to my head The Saboteur, fantastic atmosphere and scripted and one of the surprises of last year, or Red Faction: Guerrilla, which makes more headless pandilocura its greatest strength and his glory at the same time. Just Cause 2 is a sandbox, yes, and now I unplugged me, I always had the worst of the thorns. The first part bored me so that just thinking about the dream she enters, and the truth is that he has aged fatal, but this sequel had two paths to follow, and has chosen the good.

Having played Mercenaries 2, it is inevitable to find in a first approach to Just Cause 2, appear. Both have a 2 in the title, but the similarities are not limited to this coincidence: both take place in a chaotic territory ruled by a totalitarian leader is to stick with the guerrillas, and Just Cause 2 but ultimately end up winning by a landslide in this respect, the map is visually very similar, as very Venezuela all, but in the end it turns out that in this case the matter takes place in Panau, an island in the Malay Archipelago cleverly invented by Avalanche Studios.

The story we put on the skin, once again, Rico Rodriguez, reaching Panau with the intention of overthrowing Pandak Panay, dictatorial leader. To do this, your plan of action is quite simple: sow chaos everything I can, helping the guerrillas and destroying everything they can to destabilize the order on the island and arrive at their megalomaniac leader.
When you have an island as big as Panau (which is VERY large), it is absolutely crucial that we not give the impression that a map is generated automatically and without any life, in this aspect, Just Cause 2 is a considerable asset. The villages, coastal stations, military bases, everything is placed with a surprisingly logical and, above all, consistent. Roads, for example, are designed in a way that does not support other word consistent, is missing, perhaps, a large urban center, a large capital, but removing the rest of this detail is great and lends a lot to ride and enjoyment seeing the landscape of the island, which is pretty spectacular.

At the moment of truth, when the game is fun to demonstrate whether the result is mixed. While I assert and affirm a thousand times that the game is fun, some weights you from excellence and these weights are basically limited range of missions (default they share, unfortunately, the vast majority of sandbox) and the control, no completely fine. On the former, what to say: the missions we’ve seen in all the sandbox in the world are here, as is: go to a point on the map and destroy it, or lead to such a character to another point, etc.. And as usual, the principle is entirely obviable but at 10 hours of play is another matter: we are a bit until the eggs to make always the same and costs a little more forward, partly because the difficulty increases and partly because pure boredom of repeating the same actions.

On the other hand, Rico can do many things: you can hook up with a rope in many places, you can plan with a parachute, you can do crazy things like climb to the roof of a moving car and shoot from there. However, this wealth of possibilities is tragically capada limitations imposed on us over, it is not, as I said, as fine as it should. Sometimes we like to jump off a cliff, deploy a parachute, hook us with the rope in a car and take the pilot of your site headers, but too high a percentage of cases the maneuver remains in a free fall and a decrease painful in the woods because we could not control very well what we did. This is even more poignant when we are in the midst of a firefight and have to hit shots right and left and on top of destroying targets, by luck, autoapuntado does pretty well when we have to flee and killing at the same time, though not the solution optimally, of course.
Another key feature of the game that we fail to exploit what we would like because of control is the hook. With the hook can, thanks to the rope which is attached, propel us towards a point on the map (taking into account the extent of the rope, which is not infinite) or coupling two elements, for instance typical but very funny We can pull a soldier to a tank that, when fired, will fly with soldiers included. However, to do this often takes a precision not fully possible due to control weaknesses, which has a dual face that excuse sounds cheap but in fact turns out to be true: after nineteen attempts, when the twentieth time we got to do what we wanted we were satisfied. Nevertheless, once we adjust the control is easier to get carried away by the wave of explosions and shots of the game by denying his weakness when carrying Rico, because that is another: what of explosions, so many madness breaks out each game and what a beautiful mess!

As I said before that Rico “sow chaos all you can” was not a cliché: the game includes a counter of chaos that will reward us with more action points and busts pandilocas to do. Thus, destroying government property, stamp 747 into a mountain or released from a moving car to crash into a building will give us points, and the more points we get more we advance in history. But if we go a great bag can end the game in about thirteen or fourteen hours, if we complete localizaciones1 and squeeze a little game we can easily take twenty-five hours or more.
And it is hard to leave the hills of Ubeda, no: as I said, the magnitude of the island and well thought out is encouraged to do so. Although not impressive graphically as a whole (has some rather ugly and less defects linked to the department of art), it does have some things left speechless. For example, up to a very large area of the map and watch the scenery is awesome, but then go down and the minimum is a plane we are stuck between trees. But without over audiovisually meet at any time, paying special attention to the music, at first out of tune by a certain air of spy movie 60 but, little by little, he will take effect and finally ends up fitting like a glove in the delusional game action.

It may not be the game of the year but, like last year, The Saboteur, yes that is becoming a popular option, to keep in mind for the fans of sandbox. The first part was very half perhaps technical limitations, but this sequel has been worn and have wanted: Just Cause 2 is an orgy of explosions and shots that will only please fans of the free world and large (and this is very, very big, huge, insist) and fascinate the most pandilocos: when you take a plane and crash into a group of fuel tanks exploding chain, making the people who had quit flying around while you fly over such chaos with your parachute, it is difficult to imagine what might improve the situation. And then, as almost always in Just Cause 2 (it is a very satisfying game in that sense), the issue improvement and (small spoiler, do not read the very fussy) we are faced with ninjas. Needless to say, nothing more.

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