Analysis of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

In games on April 19, 2010 at 8:28 pm

It is odd to say this in a game, DICE, but the script for Bad Company generated a small cult around him that is not yet dead. The position of humor in the modern game is so dramatic that any smile that comes out of our consoles is worthy of being preserved in formalin, so it does not surprise me so much devotion to Haggard and company dialogues. I thought it was little more than an episode of 10 hours of A1 Team, but it is clear that most people who have proven not agree with me.

The developers and the writer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 faced now that infamous Difficult second album on the newly defined or, if you Ke $ ha, never assume that you will have another success.

In the first 10 minutes of the game and it becomes obvious that DICE has changed his mind about BC. That does not mean that they have forgotten about that company from morons that names the game, or they have ceased to be as special as they were …. But the first phase, an operation as secret as Escript on the shores of Japan in World War II, promises something different. From the boat to approach the final race all of it reeks of Call of Duty. This is not necessarily bad, especially coming from a fan that Infinity Ward has confessed to like me, but a decline in trousers rather sad.
After that prelude familiar buttoned-by-setting structure and reunited with the Bad Company of my … our … your love. The new status of the company very well define the new approach to the franchise: the previously cannon fodder are now regarded as a sort of elite force assigned to complex tasks, which even makes sense considering the operation of the Army United States. Is missing some element to the height of absurdity Golden BC helicopter.

We already have a CoD every year. If EA does not stop we will have another with his new Dudebro Medal of Honor, not to mention a dozen forgettable clones with less beard. Bad Company 2 is now the largest institution adversary Modern Warfare, and I find it sad to see a franchise that managed to differentiate itself from its competition through humor and parody just using the same epic, the same situation exits mother, using and abuse in the way of all those situations that Infinity Ward has already become clichés of the genre. The sharpest players will note that there are two car chases “unmanageable” in the first two phases.

It may seem that I hated every minute of this campaign. Perhaps you’re already screaming “Fuck the milk Merche, they mess with the Bad Company!” While composing a comment devastating shattering all my beliefs. Calma. If I have dwelt on this point because it seems a shame to give up a formula that if it did not work at the time, in my opinion, which certainly is a minority, was due to lack of mime or talent as author in its preparation and not a bug base. I simply bad news for the health and future of the genre.

That said it must be said that the campaign does many things very well. DICE has tried to design a varied experience, multinational, spectacular, mischievous and ultimately harmless, and he did it. True, all that’s placed directly on the ground Infinity Ward, and that they have a supernatural talent for designing absurd situations while extremely attractive. After the experience of BC2 MW2 seems a little recess in the section of the fireworks. The modern equivalent of war “, let’s not forget what is all-modern Dante’s Inferno and God Of War III.
The funniest moments of Bad Company 2 are those in which the game shows its true strengths and forgets the goat factor. What is the reason for designing an eminently pasillera campaign when you’re into open space and vehicle use? There is no such reason, it was a question retórica2. Of course there are lengthy scenarios and vehicles in several stages, but appear less than what I want, as if DICE suffered from chronic shyness when doing exactly the best is given.

Even though these complexes are grateful for the existence of this campaign, as a tip leaves you with a smirk two accomplices.
The multiplayer

Also consider how convenient it would be for DICE forget it and focus on the multiplayer, which is what you want when buying a Battlefield. It’s funny, but 8 years after 1942 as the “cars is” still the main selling point, even though I have long played a dozen games that incorporate them. And yet, Battlefield = tanks.

No doubt due to the expertise of DICE to implement-all vehicles, not just the tanks, without ruining the balance of the game. They are powerful and coveted items, but not tip the balance of the game by themselves. With the destructive possibilities offered by Bad Company 2 now doubly fun.
Personally I prefer walking. I always thought that hide behind the shield is weak thing as heart surgery with local anesthesia or, worse, pretend that a surgeon in charge of work. When we go running around we can use the special abilities of each class, manifested in the form of exclusive equipment. If you are a electrical engineers have a nut that fixes tanks in battle, and if you’re sniper-go, like the rest of your team, a pair of binoculars with which to request artillery strikes anywhere. Typically in the Battlefield, and it really has changed very little.

These gadgets are made by the scoring system and promotion binding in all modern online FPS. Instead of a general, and MW2, which has no classes, it also measures your performance in the areas corresponding to each occupation. Progress is slow and painful, but the game handles obsequiándote not get frustrated with weapons, medals and other unlockable every few minutes. Very addictive.

Despite these awards the content is very short because of the maps, which are all excellent but are also very much by themselves. EA plans to add more for free if you buy the game first hand, but still a bit sad that a multiplayer going to steal tens of hours of life, and believe me, going to steal it, damn you to repeat half dozen scenarios over and over again.

As has happened so far in all the Battlefield, the emphasis is on team play. It is extremely difficult to win a game as part of an unbalanced side, but unfortunately that happens a lot. The philosophy of console gamers is quite different from those of PC, and stable communities of players do not exist.

Often depends on a dozen strangers, foreigners and idiots generally, not necessarily because they are foreign, though born in France has never done anyone a favor, with whom there is no communication. Usually in 7 out of 10 matches will be surrounded by inept drivers who hijack the helicopter again and again to crash it to the first and an endless horde of scouts that he has no intention of conquering the enemy bases. If you have a little luck, all your friends are doctors, because that class is grossly unbalanced.

That has always been the great virtue and the great defect of the Battlefield, and I hope it lasts. Individualistic philosophy Modern Warfare 2 guarantees fun whomever your colleagues, if you are able to overcome the initial frustration, because in practice are irrelevant. Bad Company 2 offers a collective experience and less controlled and therefore more irregular, largely thanks to a matchmaking stupid who can not deliver the good players on different computers. This also means that those items where you fall on a decent-that is, a varied, which means the role of the squads and vehicles, are a delight no comparison possible on consoles. Unable to remember those other times frustrating when you are besieging the last base rival.

A final bow to the wonders of BC 2 multiplayer: a sense of being part of a large-scale battle is surprisingly genuine. The maps are big but not massive, and the number of players, 24, is even low for a game of this type. And yet, the ability to design maps, sound and even weapons, delightfully vague, conveys a greater impression of vast conflict. That of having to move great distances to participate in a battle that is never really more than two minutes, and always arrive before you start getting bored. A sample of the experience they have acquired the Swedes in these eight years.

I am a strong supporter of the ignorance of the more technical aspects of video games: no one who knows what the parallax mapping is invited to dinner at my house because it certainly is a pain in person. My philosophy is summed up best Haru in these wise words: “The graphics do you see when you close your eyes and remember a game is beyond simple paraphernalia.” Many times, however, it is obvious that the chances of a particular engine provide much more dynamic lighting experience. So even at the risk of this last part seems a sort of infomercial geek I can not ignore the fancy stuff Frostbite is allowed, the engine on which the building is Bad Company 2. As in those horrendous ads PS3, Frostbite only does everything.

The game is beautiful, that’s undeniable. As usual in the genre the plot is designed to get you through varied landscapes around the world. The phase of the ice, jungle, desert, the world of lava, that variety in the scenes and in colors that gives your eyes in a brown and grises3 generation. All are equally spectacular, largely thanks to the engine: it can blizzards, a competent lighting and a large draw distance without visible effort. Which may be easier if it were not for short distances, the faces, textures, particles, are given just as well. Pretty impressive considering that graphicwhorismos not for me.

More appearance still has merit given the destructible environments. BC already had, of course, but now more so. Could be defined as destructiblérrimos even. The vast majority of analysts have stressed the great tactical possibilities offered by the destruction of walls and structures in general. This is proven false, because in practice the options are a) break a wall to kill him who is hiding behind it or b) ignore it? There really is not much more than scratch, which is not to say that, as in life itself, is not beautiful to see how to reduce to rubble an entire population. The fact remains that the temporary nature of all the coverage that the campaign makes a lot more fun than it would have been without that element and keeps you always in tension.

Oh, and then there’s the sound. Amazing.
Dance, puppets, dance

Lack put note. One step short and rather stupid, but who am I but a humble mercenary points, which will certainly have dramatic consequences for the comments. Oh, who intend to cheat, there is only a fun option: Modern Warfare ranked as 2.


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