S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Analysis: Call of Pripyat – PC

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Analysis: Call of Pripyat – PC

analysis of call of pripyat stalker
GSC Game World has done it again. The developer, step by step, is making STALKER is becoming increasingly large in the broad sense of the word. With the first installment, Shadow of Chernobyl, and convinced both critics and the public that had something to tell us that their proposal was different and overwhelming. With the second, Clear Sky, showed that they knew correct their mistakes (some were quite large), but bet on a presentation something different to the original which I can not convince those who were already fans of the series. Now with Call of Pripyat, return to his roots to deliver a blow on the table and make it clear that when the mood to sink to a post-apocalyptic world, they’re teachers.

Before going into labor I feel compelled to make one thing clear: I recently noticed in this saga. And not because I do not like these games, which I love, but because I found Shadow of Chernobyl last Christmas and because, unfortunately, I’ve never played a Clear Sky. Things do not have an updated PC … But I really am in a position to say what every fan would expect to read between these lines is that Call of Pripyat is more of the same but better. After documenting enough to know what is special about the second part, which was released a couple of years, and after a walk in search of Strelok, start with what we really want now: is it worth Call of Pripyat?

Call of pripyat artwork
The protagonist of this new venture is Alexander Degtyarev, an agent of the Security Service of Ukraine sent to the outskirts of Pripyat to investigate the mysterious accident who have suffered some helicopters for the Area. Disguised as a Stalker, we will have to find out what happened to the crew of such vehicles in a plot that puts us right after the events we are already in STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. That, of course, is another incentive for those who expected to win this title: Call of Pripyat is absolutely continuous, and us we are glad.

The pace of history is that which we want to give at any time due to the variety of side missions are available, and their development will vary depending on our actions and relationships with people, as was the case with his predecessors. Having a good relationship with the other Stalkers always advisable to get favors and some extra material, and side missions are a challenge for players who do not conform to follow the line. The script for Call of Pripyat, meanwhile, is quite surprising for those who already enjoyed with Shadow of Chernobyl, and although at first seems to be giving too much of himself, as we move a little in the plot we find that things are getting more interesting. The reward (fiction, in this case) is when we start to work seriously in the search for any survivors of accidents and we have been a few hours of play.
Call of pripyatstalker stalker
Also get a good pay if we jump to the search of the famous artifacts. Now is not worth selling weapons to enrich as the original, if our weapon is somewhat worn can not be sold. Traders will look askance our used equipment, so now we have to find one of those precious items as well are listed in the Area. It is in these expeditions where you can find one of those factors that make that we have to call Call of Pripyat as a survival horror between the bleak picture, hear the beeps when we approach any of the known and dangerous anomalies, nervous we’ll get to avoid giving a wrong step and we will be more alone than the one sudaremos over it. And not just because it’s hot.
I have already lived before …

Call of pripyat
From the first moment we made contact with the title we notice that we are “at home.” The graphics engine is an evolution of X-Ray engine that we saw in the two previous installments, making the game look familiar to us. The ambience and atmosphere have improved substantially, giving us an oppressive environment like few we have enjoyed over the years. The vastness of the mapping and the unexpected, what awaits us out there when you roam the area looking for people and hidden treasures are details that make each new STALKER so attractive. In GSC Game World know what they’re doing in this area, and are proving it with Call of Pripyat.

And is that what is most striking is undoubtedly a touch of survival horror that gives us the title when, initially, is unlikely to take that path. When I played Shadow of Chernobyl thought the game was going to be much more generic: shootings, bandits and assailants of those who have to defend and, ultimately, action on all four sides. Once I immersed myself in his proposal, I discovered that the shots were going in another direction. How wrong I was, and what a joy (in part, of course) I meant to find out. Of course, the latest installment is to be expected: STALKER Call of Pripyat is scary, that you feel when you face the unknown, loneliness and anxiety, that you notice a drop runs cooler than your back when an issue catches you in the middle of nowhere and you have to cover yourself as be. The dynamic lighting, which makes some scenes in beautiful places or chilling, and the extraordinary bestiary featuring chupasangres or the terrifying and ruthless new chimera, among others, do the rest. This is not a game for everyone.
Moving BY Pripyat

In that sense of exclusivity is also necessary to mention the difficulty of the new STALKER, which is high even at lower levels. And this is always good news. Who can be expected to have a quiet ride when entering into a land devastated by a nuclear explosion, where there are mutant monsters lurking in every moment, as well as ruthless men who do not hesitate to attack if they feel threatened? There are few times when we feel safe, and we must work not only with our weapons and our ability to them, but also with his head out alive some situations. A good tactic might save his skin.

These situations are not limited to road markings, but as in previous games, we can work side missions to search for artifacts and make extra money. Diversions from the main plot significantly lengthen the life of Call of Pripyat, and sent us to places on the map where it would end unless we liked to explore for pleasure. Some more attractive than others, it is always advisable to do some of these “errands” to discover what else we offer the area, improve our team and see some more of that strange but compelling world.

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