Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing – PC

In games on April 28, 2010 at 2:03 pm

Analysis of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing – PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS

analysis sega racing sonic all stars
He returned again to the hedgehog best known of all times, and this time do it together with all the big stars who have passed through the factory of Sega, which are few, with the intention of becoming the benchmark in terms of games child driving next-generation consoles, himself facing down the Mario Kart. An interesting proposal of the company hard in Japan to discuss the next lines.

Much time has passed since Sonic starring as such a pure game cars, particularly from Sonic Drift, Sega success at that time in their portable Game Gear. This title was the first time, all the excitement of racing karts on a handheld back in the 90s. Much later SEGA released Sonic R, set of low success rate in all the characters not in competition with a means of transport defined, so that hardly could be considered a history of the game in hand. Now, more than ten years later, Sega has decided to continue that style of play marked by Sonic Drift and combine it with the latest technology in pc games, resulting in a fun racing title accessible to all who approach your proposal. Without doubt, one of the first pleasant surprises we found in this 2010 in the field of driving Arcade.

all stars racing sega sonic wii

The first paragraph that will surprise us no more to operate the software on our console is the visual, a factor that, far from being the ultimate technology, has proven something important: the developers were very clear about what he wanted to reflect on the screen at all times, something that on paper has given the company much better than opting for a graphic section meets and exceeds all requirements of consumers, in addition to showing the SEGA universe as the company has always defined .

Surprisingly, the optimization of this section reaches a level never before seen in the genre, reflecting a sense of speed that will leave you with my mouth open, and includes some details of quality, destructible elements on stage, great lighting effects or a constant frame rate of 60 frames per second, which gets ever see each and every one of the items that appear on screen with a high level of detail without affecting the overall performance of the game. All visual spectacle with charisma and color equally.

As for the sound section, we can say is perhaps the weakest of all who make up the game, consisting of a multitude of songs that only discharge their responsibilities, giving more life to the races, in addition to the voices of absolutely all runners. Unfortunately, we did not find any evidence that highlights this section over the whole in general.

As a great innovation has included the voice of a commentator who will be telling all that goes on during the race, although this element does not really bring anything to the proposal. Fortunately, SEGA had this detail in mind and offers the ability to override the voice of the commentator if you’re a little more traditional, or simply if you do not like playing with it active.

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