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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing PC

In games on May 29, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Since the announcement, many were certainly surprised that SEGA has given us so long to get on track Sonic to challenge once again Mario’s arch enemy. However, even the big S has finally decided to collect some of his most famous characters, give them a more eccentric means of the other and throw them at breakneck speed circuits set in game worlds well known to millions of fans around throughout the globe. Arrived in the editorial review copy of the game in HD console version, we tied his helmet, ready to demonstrate to members of Sonic and what we’re made.

Rich dish …
Soni & Sega All-Stars Racing is very simply as a way of markedly racing arcade where you can choose one of the twenty people present, only some of which are available immediately, and compete in frenetic races on twenty-four different circuits. The single player mode are four Grand Prix, Single Race, Time Trial and Missions. While the first three are self-explanatory, the last one will contain a list of tasks to be accomplished by meeting certain specific requirements of increasing difficulty. Unfortunately they do not stand for originality and also reveal the long run rather repetitive. Take all the rings with Sonic or try to never be the last every time the timer will drop to zero at the beginning is definitely fun as well as a great excuse to take part in games fast and not too demanding, but if faced all in a row this mode will be very challenging. Speech somewhat different as regards the Grand Prix, which is easy as its name implies, allows you to participate in competitions at most races and decreed a winner based on the scores obtained with the placings of each race. Every success rimpinzerà your speakers with so-called Mile Sega to spend in the store to unlock new characters, tours and various objects for your gallery. In terms of content, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, although present you with a better offer from complete, does not propose anything new. The same goes for the gameplay once you get off track.

Sonic Kart?
Resolved questions Hamlet attacks you in the character selection screen, in seconds you’ll be on the grid. The gameplay of SEGA title does not hide at any time the inspiration to most direct competitor, or the beautiful Mario Kart series. The controls are the most simple imaginable, as well as steering and acceleration you will have only two other commands, or a button to control a skid and to use the power ups that you collect during the race. To get on the podium, you will need to master the drifting, since, just like in Nintendo’s competitor, the more time you will drift in, the greater the amount of turbo unleashed once outside the curve. From this point of view, Sumo Digital has managed packaging and immediate responsive controls to learn, perfect combination to ensure a good basis on which to develop your own product. Unfortunately, power-ups have not undergone the same attention, as though nothing short of fun to use and essential for the various competitions are commonplace and simple reworkings of what has been seen in competing titles. Really a shame because in our opinion, it is precisely this aspect that the title Sega could bring something new and interesting. The only peculiarity is the All-Star, a special power unique to each character and can be acquired once for each race that, when used, will lay in disarray allowing your opponents to earn so many different locations. Again, in reality, nothing special, unfortunately.
Except for the lack of imagination of the developers, the title is still a product made with competence and to guarantee the player a high degree of challenge, thanks to rivals without any qualms but especially digital circuits, which will be increasingly insidious. But it is when accessing the multiplayer modes as expected, the game will give the best of themselves. Playable both online and in the company up to eight competitors in four split-screen will give you hours of carefree fun. In addition, while Internet you only compete in the classic races, if you play with the split screen you’ll have some fun game variants such as Capture the Chao, or King of the Hill Battle.

Sonic and friends in high dusting
From the aesthetic point of view, the work done by Sumo Digital is much better. The game returns to show a screen full of colorful moving objects. But to excel is obviously wonderful selection of historical characters of Japanese and reiterated in great detail and will make the happiness of all lovers of dense SAW production. Sonic will find the number seven characters, including the blue hedgehog, its nemesis Dr. Eggman, Tails and Shadow. Less obvious but very welcome and inclusion of Ryo Hazuki, unforgettable star of Shenume, while among others include Jacki and Akira Virtua Fighter, Ulala of Space Channel 5 and Amigo Samba de Amigo. Definitely something for all tastes. Also in the Xbox 360 version is also included Banjo Kazooie and the ability to use their own avatar, while PS3 users can not unfortunately afford any additional detail. Excellent is the characterization of the different environments in which you’ll be racing, full of details and citations. Unfortunately, it is noted on the technical side but one serious flaw: the frame rate. This is in fact nothing short of a dancer, not an underestimate since the general membership, which requires a theoretical flow without uncertainty. This unfortunately does not happen, and though the gameplay is not affected particularly, it is a very annoying flaw.
Ben also created the sound industry, once again full of references in music that is in effect at the various masterpieces carnet SEGA. Longevity is ensured by the large amount of contents, from the slopes increasingly complex and full of secrets to find, but mainly from a multi-player mode and virtually endless fun.

The title Sumo Digital is presented as a restatement in key SEGA Mario Kart, nothing more and nothing less. Although not add anything to the genre, still managed to be a very good product, especially long-lived but, more importantly, much fun thanks to the excellent control system and runs particularly inspired. To lower the assessment think about the frequent delays in a game like that little tolerance and lack of any original idea, especially with regard to power up, which is very subdued. Ultimately, a good way to look at, fun to play and full of fan service, a good debut in the genre that we hope will materialize in the future more personal security and also able to offer something fresh.


Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Chaos Rising (PC) 2010

In games on May 26, 2010 at 10:06 am

A thousand years ago lost planet in the depths of the Warp is back. And the ice is not the only thing that hides in its surface … dark brothers have become Space Marines. And this time seeking revenge.

Historically, the strategy genre in video games was one of those reserved for the few – but bitter – fans of the management of resources, building a base of a tree and appropriate technological and tactical calm and unhurried approach to conclude … the subsequent deployment of troops and thus eliminate enemy resistance. Over the years we must recognize that all kinds, regardless of how much or little they have changed, at least they have accelerated a bit and in this case this is not a exception. Now everything is faster, more direct … different.

If you make a list of all the followers of the biggest franchises to list what titles are responsible for this turn at the helm, it would be impossible to reach an agreement, but almost certainly, almost any player would list this hypothetical Starcraft and two of his spiritual heirs: the last deliveries of Command & Conquer and Dawn of War saga. Two names that resonate more strongly today than ever and that the beta of the new Blizzard game does not get overshadowed.

Is particularly interesting for Relic franchise for several reasons: first, daring a license is as susceptible as Warhammer 40K was not an easy decision and we have to recognize the ease with which adaptation has popular board game, second for his brazen bid for wanting to change the rules of the ETR, simple thing in a genre that had been stagnant for many years. But we must give special Relic ‘kudos’ especially the main thing for a job well done. And is that Dawn of War is a game that entertains as few, though not the expansion that today we no exception.

Maybe the purists will argue that Chaos Rising is a real time strategy that Diablo is the role, if that means is that we are facing a game that puts the action in resource management, which prioritizes the micromanagement of few units before the massive construction of annihilating an army that overwhelms the opponent and that rewards the player who is thrown into battle against that atortuga at its base … yeah, right. And all that makes it so sublime, exquisite.

If, in addition to all this we add components that seem to come from the action RPG (experience, level up, tree management attributes of each character, collecting treasure and equipment that we find on the map, using powers and abilities in combat, etc.), the combination is even more explosive and addictive. In summary, there are few players that Dawn of War 2 are indifferent, but like it or not we are certainly against one of the great PC games of the moment.

Much has been said before in history to the new campaign environmen Chaos Rising, and is available in pre-game progress. To summarize, the planet Aurelia – a thousand years before Meridian rival as the main subsector and home Aurelia Bloody Ravens – turned to ice and fell into the Warp during the “Storm of pain.” Recently, however, he was buried anomalies have been sent and returned to our plane. But on his return he has brought a special gift to the Space Marines …

Star Wars The Old Republic PC

In games on May 21, 2010 at 1:51 pm

The Star Wars universe seen under the eyes of Bioware is taking shape. At the Game Developers Conference 2010, held last week, we had the opportunity to again put my hands on The Old Republic for monitoring its development. We wore the costume of a soldier of the Republic and got down to work to end a separatist revolt that threatened the peace of the galaxy. All this in the most sacred place for lovers of the galactic saga: Lucas Arts studies of San Francisco.

A few days ago, Eric Brown, president of Electronic Arts confirmed that Star Wars: The Old Republic is the most expensive project and the longest in the history of the company. Meristation wanted to see first hand, and taking advantage of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), we present studies of San Francisco Lucas Arts, entertainment disguised as a church office. Flanked by pictures of Indiana Jones and imposing imperial destroyers impatient climbed to the fourth floor of the building, located in Presidio Park, near the famous Golden Gate Bridge. There Bioware, in charge of game development, are squeezing the universe created by George Lucas to offer fans of the saga a story that will not disappoint and that is not simply a pretext for the fighting, but a common thread of meaning This pharaonic adventure.

The U.S. company hopes that Star Wars: The Old Republic will become claimant to the throne of the great MMO market and compete on equal terms with World of Warcraft, Warhammer or Age of Conan. The heads of Bioware and Lucas Arts assured us that the game will be more lines of dialogue created in the world of entertainment. Each of the eight races that we choose will have its own independent storyline, which according to producer Jake Neri “says hundreds of hours of gameplay with each of them.” It seems that each character has its own story to tell. Apart from that, each player from the main story, like those we meet NPC, will have its own unique voice, with the idea to dive deeper into history. Neri told us that, although the game is in “early development”, and have written more dialogues “that in the six full seasons of the series The Sopranos.”

After the brief chat with the producers, bequeathed the time for action. Finally we evaluate to what extent is the anticipated The Old Republic in a private demo in which one thing is clear to us: EA broke the piggy bank but, apparently, the expenditure is fully justified. We put in the shoes of a foot soldier in the Republic thanks to our brilliant and unblemished military career he had been selected to join the platoon Havoc, the group most feared and effective operations in the galaxy. Now is the time to prove our worth. The Republic need our services to end a separatist group that has emerged on the planet Ord Mantell. The terrorist group aims to make a bomb-57 ZR a large inhabited area to cause a slaughter. Our mission was to infiltrate the base with our fellow Wraith Squadron to disable power generators and end the terrorist threat.

As in all actions of sabotage, the first thing will slip into the enemy base. In this sense we can opt for a stealth strategy more conservative, avoiding the security guards, or unleash the fireworks. Taking advantage of our character, the Soldier of the Republic, is characterized by firepower, we chose the second option. An elite soldier never gives up a good fight. Perhaps the force not be with us, but we will always have our trusty laser gun. Intuitive combat system allowed us to eliminate the first guard without too much trouble from the start, especially in middle and long distance.

HAWX Ubisoft will launch in autumn 2

In games on May 20, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Ubisoft Bucharest developed title for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC.

The Tom Clancy’s HAWX will wake in the autumn. Today Ubisoft has confirmed. Ubisoft Bucharest assumes the development of air combat sequel, which will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC.

Bogdan Bridinel, creative director at Ubisoft, explained: “With over a million copies sold worldwide, Tom Clancy’s HAWX has become a mark of success for Ubisoft. This new game Haex is directly inspired by the Tom Clancy books and allow fans to relive the excitement and intensity that consolidated to HAWX as a mark of success. ”

Play squash on PC and Wii

In games on May 19, 2010 at 5:29 am

The Netherlands study Team6 with the participation of Daan van der Dussen.

Of all the sports adapted to video games, the squash is not particularly popular with large publishers. That yes, the Netherlands study Team6 took on the challenge and preparing to launch for PC and Wii Squash. To do this, they have sought support from Daan van der Dussen, a former junior player and now coach of the Norwegian.

The developers are committed to realism, and so have done hundreds of players catch movements. Still, the title will be adapted to each player, from the novice to the most expert and purist. Team6 has not yet determined the actual players or the final stages, but progress has been made that we can choose from various tournaments and face other people.

Darksiders Saints Row 2 and 3 on the streets in 2012

In games on May 17, 2010 at 10:58 am

THQ announced part of its catalog for 2012, confirming the expected effects.

Without giving too much detail for now, THQ has announced a number of games that will launch over the next two years. These include expected consequences such as Darksiders 2, Warhammer: 40,000 Space Marine and Saints Row 3, the three dates for the next 2012.

Next year, in 2010, Red Faction again today. Homefront will also will be presented at E3 with the old. Brian Barrell, CEO of the company, has taken well to announce Darksiders has sold more than 1.3 million units and the conversion of the PC game will be ready this summer.

The Gamescom is ready to grow and take the next step

In games on May 16, 2010 at 2:23 am

The German fair has big plans for this year, hoping to beat the attendance records.

The organizers of the big European games fair, the Gamescom, hoping to get this year that publishers are being dropped from the event by offering free flights, with the intent to provide users with the first public demos and PlayStation Natal Project Move. BIU The German group made a special appearance in London this week to try to build the event as a fixed date in the calendar of the industry.

“Last year was difficult to convince companies that would make important announcements in the Gamescom, but Sony chose us to officially announce the PlayStation 3 Slim,” said the CEO of BIU, Olaf Wolters. “So I really think people have seen how successful companies are global announcements at our event. The Gamescom is ready to grow and take the next step.

In presenting this week, representatives of the Koelnmesse (room where the event takes place) were optimistic about the possible influx of people this 2010: it is expected that 270,000 people visit this year, which would be a increase of 25,000 compared with last 2009.

Avi Arad present a new draft of Pac-Man at E3

In games on May 13, 2010 at 1:16 am

Namco’s mascot could re-present this year.

Avi Arad, Marvel’s CEO and executive adviser of Namco Bandai has announced that during the last E3 the company held a private party to celebrate the 30th birthday of Pac-Man. They shall submit a new project based on the popular franchise, the next evolution of the charismatic character, who since bursting in arcades across the globe has starred in several games of different genres and even starred in an animated series.

The invitation clearly states that it will be a new “project”, so it is possible that is not ultimately a game. Avi Arad has served as producer on many films in recent years, almost all of them related to Marvel and others away from that firm, as the tape real image of Bratz. It should be remembered that a while ago was registered in the European Patent Office brand Pac-Match Party and since then has not been used. In less than a month covered here.

Bioshock was a blessing and a curse for Bioshock 2

In games on May 10, 2010 at 5:55 pm

Marketers faced 2K explain how Bioshock 2 campaign.

No one can say that Bioshock 2 was a bad game, quite the contrary. The sequel to one of the best games of this generation and the recent history of video games, which got a 10/10 in this house has a Metacritic average of 88 and 9 (outstanding) in our analysis. Likewise, the game has sold three million global units. Matt Gorna, head of marketing for 2K and Tom Bass, marketing manager, spoke in an interview with TheAListDaily on how prepared the marketing campaign of the game.

“One of the things that were both” a blessing and a curse “was the first Bioshock. You have several scores of 100 and you have a large group of people who felt that this was a contained experience, completed. So you have to deal with a group of hardcores who are not convinced of the need for a sequel and here we are, two years later, with Bioshock 2. There were people who never got on board and now the challenge was how to explain that not needed to have played first enjoy the second, “explained Bass.

“There was nothing to prove that our fans were going to buy it, just so that there is no guarantee that those who bought Modern Warfare were to buy Modern Warfare 2. So we did campaigns for the hardcore and those that were not fans, with the knowledge the same message that would not work for everyone, “he added. You can read the full interview, which focuses on the marketing campaign of the game through this link.

THQ: “I like what you see”

In games on May 8, 2010 at 8:53 am

The company talks about the titles used Move Natal.

The company THQ has taken the opportunity to increase the buzz around the launch titles that will develop the company and will make use of new technologies by motion sensor control for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, PlayStation Move and Natal, respectively.


In this sense, Brian Farrell, THQ’s CEO, said the titles to be showcased at E3 make use of these technologies, far from disappointing, will appeal to those who have the opportunity to try them. “I like what you see”, sentenced safely. “We have not announced what will show for any game, but the fact that they are projects of lower cost is attractive to us because they are based on the technology, but in the game.”

The Executive was pleased to refer directly to Natal and Move. Referring to the product of Microsoft acknowledged that it has “the ability to interact with digital objects and draw near to the casual player, but you will not see ports for Natal, but games created for him.” Farrell said that for both Move and Natal to be successful, need to be created products specifically designed for them. As for the chance to see Wii games adapted to these technologies, they admitted that hypothetical titles would be “more than a port” high definition given to achieve in the new platforms.