Top 10 PC games in history

In games on May 1, 2010 at 9:23 am

As one huge advertisement for Mercedes Benz: “Human beings love lists, this desperate man’s attempt to bring order to chaos. There are thousands of different lists, and yet, all have one thing in common: a list there is always a first, and then, come all others. ”

In the case of PC games, it seems clear that the number is Half-Life 2, the famous game won the award for best graphics and best game of E3 in 2004, or so it appears in the portal “ciao” in a vote made by the public on the best platform games.

For the few people who do not know, this is a video game first person shooter in which players must confront the evil forces made up of modified races of all worlds to conquer Earth, after a war known as the “War of the seven hours” where the headquarters of the UN was completely destroyed.

Following Half-Life 2, the second game that follows it closely, is GTA San Andreas, where the player has to do a few missions that were proposed by the leaders, with motorcycles, cars or helicopters. The game unites fun, freedom and a few hours of play …

In the lowest ranking of the podium are The Sims 2, where the player can stand his own life through the game.

The fourth position is for another big game, Age of Empire II, the oldest in the list, and possibly the best strategy game to date.
The player can conquer your own empire with his ability.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted, is next on the list, and without doubt the best racing game with excellent graphics and many details.

The five other top ten positions are occupied by World of Warcraft, Callo f Duty, The Sims 2 Pets, Need for Speed: Carbon and StarCraft.

Obviously this is a list made by the fans who do not share many of the simple fact that it as unmistakable as missing games: Civilization (III or IV), FIFA, Resident Evil III, etc …

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