Play squash on PC and Wii

In games on May 19, 2010 at 5:29 am

The Netherlands study Team6 with the participation of Daan van der Dussen.

Of all the sports adapted to video games, the squash is not particularly popular with large publishers. That yes, the Netherlands study Team6 took on the challenge and preparing to launch for PC and Wii Squash. To do this, they have sought support from Daan van der Dussen, a former junior player and now coach of the Norwegian.

The developers are committed to realism, and so have done hundreds of players catch movements. Still, the title will be adapted to each player, from the novice to the most expert and purist. Team6 has not yet determined the actual players or the final stages, but progress has been made that we can choose from various tournaments and face other people.

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