Star Wars The Old Republic PC

In games on May 21, 2010 at 1:51 pm

The Star Wars universe seen under the eyes of Bioware is taking shape. At the Game Developers Conference 2010, held last week, we had the opportunity to again put my hands on The Old Republic for monitoring its development. We wore the costume of a soldier of the Republic and got down to work to end a separatist revolt that threatened the peace of the galaxy. All this in the most sacred place for lovers of the galactic saga: Lucas Arts studies of San Francisco.

A few days ago, Eric Brown, president of Electronic Arts confirmed that Star Wars: The Old Republic is the most expensive project and the longest in the history of the company. Meristation wanted to see first hand, and taking advantage of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), we present studies of San Francisco Lucas Arts, entertainment disguised as a church office. Flanked by pictures of Indiana Jones and imposing imperial destroyers impatient climbed to the fourth floor of the building, located in Presidio Park, near the famous Golden Gate Bridge. There Bioware, in charge of game development, are squeezing the universe created by George Lucas to offer fans of the saga a story that will not disappoint and that is not simply a pretext for the fighting, but a common thread of meaning This pharaonic adventure.

The U.S. company hopes that Star Wars: The Old Republic will become claimant to the throne of the great MMO market and compete on equal terms with World of Warcraft, Warhammer or Age of Conan. The heads of Bioware and Lucas Arts assured us that the game will be more lines of dialogue created in the world of entertainment. Each of the eight races that we choose will have its own independent storyline, which according to producer Jake Neri “says hundreds of hours of gameplay with each of them.” It seems that each character has its own story to tell. Apart from that, each player from the main story, like those we meet NPC, will have its own unique voice, with the idea to dive deeper into history. Neri told us that, although the game is in “early development”, and have written more dialogues “that in the six full seasons of the series The Sopranos.”

After the brief chat with the producers, bequeathed the time for action. Finally we evaluate to what extent is the anticipated The Old Republic in a private demo in which one thing is clear to us: EA broke the piggy bank but, apparently, the expenditure is fully justified. We put in the shoes of a foot soldier in the Republic thanks to our brilliant and unblemished military career he had been selected to join the platoon Havoc, the group most feared and effective operations in the galaxy. Now is the time to prove our worth. The Republic need our services to end a separatist group that has emerged on the planet Ord Mantell. The terrorist group aims to make a bomb-57 ZR a large inhabited area to cause a slaughter. Our mission was to infiltrate the base with our fellow Wraith Squadron to disable power generators and end the terrorist threat.

As in all actions of sabotage, the first thing will slip into the enemy base. In this sense we can opt for a stealth strategy more conservative, avoiding the security guards, or unleash the fireworks. Taking advantage of our character, the Soldier of the Republic, is characterized by firepower, we chose the second option. An elite soldier never gives up a good fight. Perhaps the force not be with us, but we will always have our trusty laser gun. Intuitive combat system allowed us to eliminate the first guard without too much trouble from the start, especially in middle and long distance.


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