Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Chaos Rising (PC) 2010

In games on May 26, 2010 at 10:06 am

A thousand years ago lost planet in the depths of the Warp is back. And the ice is not the only thing that hides in its surface … dark brothers have become Space Marines. And this time seeking revenge.

Historically, the strategy genre in video games was one of those reserved for the few – but bitter – fans of the management of resources, building a base of a tree and appropriate technological and tactical calm and unhurried approach to conclude … the subsequent deployment of troops and thus eliminate enemy resistance. Over the years we must recognize that all kinds, regardless of how much or little they have changed, at least they have accelerated a bit and in this case this is not a exception. Now everything is faster, more direct … different.

If you make a list of all the followers of the biggest franchises to list what titles are responsible for this turn at the helm, it would be impossible to reach an agreement, but almost certainly, almost any player would list this hypothetical Starcraft and two of his spiritual heirs: the last deliveries of Command & Conquer and Dawn of War saga. Two names that resonate more strongly today than ever and that the beta of the new Blizzard game does not get overshadowed.

Is particularly interesting for Relic franchise for several reasons: first, daring a license is as susceptible as Warhammer 40K was not an easy decision and we have to recognize the ease with which adaptation has popular board game, second for his brazen bid for wanting to change the rules of the ETR, simple thing in a genre that had been stagnant for many years. But we must give special Relic ‘kudos’ especially the main thing for a job well done. And is that Dawn of War is a game that entertains as few, though not the expansion that today we no exception.

Maybe the purists will argue that Chaos Rising is a real time strategy that Diablo is the role, if that means is that we are facing a game that puts the action in resource management, which prioritizes the micromanagement of few units before the massive construction of annihilating an army that overwhelms the opponent and that rewards the player who is thrown into battle against that atortuga at its base … yeah, right. And all that makes it so sublime, exquisite.

If, in addition to all this we add components that seem to come from the action RPG (experience, level up, tree management attributes of each character, collecting treasure and equipment that we find on the map, using powers and abilities in combat, etc.), the combination is even more explosive and addictive. In summary, there are few players that Dawn of War 2 are indifferent, but like it or not we are certainly against one of the great PC games of the moment.

Much has been said before in history to the new campaign environmen Chaos Rising, and is available in pre-game progress. To summarize, the planet Aurelia – a thousand years before Meridian rival as the main subsector and home Aurelia Bloody Ravens – turned to ice and fell into the Warp during the “Storm of pain.” Recently, however, he was buried anomalies have been sent and returned to our plane. But on his return he has brought a special gift to the Space Marines …

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