Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing PC

In games on May 29, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Since the announcement, many were certainly surprised that SEGA has given us so long to get on track Sonic to challenge once again Mario’s arch enemy. However, even the big S has finally decided to collect some of his most famous characters, give them a more eccentric means of the other and throw them at breakneck speed circuits set in game worlds well known to millions of fans around throughout the globe. Arrived in the editorial review copy of the game in HD console version, we tied his helmet, ready to demonstrate to members of Sonic and what we’re made.

Rich dish …
Soni & Sega All-Stars Racing is very simply as a way of markedly racing arcade where you can choose one of the twenty people present, only some of which are available immediately, and compete in frenetic races on twenty-four different circuits. The single player mode are four Grand Prix, Single Race, Time Trial and Missions. While the first three are self-explanatory, the last one will contain a list of tasks to be accomplished by meeting certain specific requirements of increasing difficulty. Unfortunately they do not stand for originality and also reveal the long run rather repetitive. Take all the rings with Sonic or try to never be the last every time the timer will drop to zero at the beginning is definitely fun as well as a great excuse to take part in games fast and not too demanding, but if faced all in a row this mode will be very challenging. Speech somewhat different as regards the Grand Prix, which is easy as its name implies, allows you to participate in competitions at most races and decreed a winner based on the scores obtained with the placings of each race. Every success rimpinzerà your speakers with so-called Mile Sega to spend in the store to unlock new characters, tours and various objects for your gallery. In terms of content, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, although present you with a better offer from complete, does not propose anything new. The same goes for the gameplay once you get off track.

Sonic Kart?
Resolved questions Hamlet attacks you in the character selection screen, in seconds you’ll be on the grid. The gameplay of SEGA title does not hide at any time the inspiration to most direct competitor, or the beautiful Mario Kart series. The controls are the most simple imaginable, as well as steering and acceleration you will have only two other commands, or a button to control a skid and to use the power ups that you collect during the race. To get on the podium, you will need to master the drifting, since, just like in Nintendo’s competitor, the more time you will drift in, the greater the amount of turbo unleashed once outside the curve. From this point of view, Sumo Digital has managed packaging and immediate responsive controls to learn, perfect combination to ensure a good basis on which to develop your own product. Unfortunately, power-ups have not undergone the same attention, as though nothing short of fun to use and essential for the various competitions are commonplace and simple reworkings of what has been seen in competing titles. Really a shame because in our opinion, it is precisely this aspect that the title Sega could bring something new and interesting. The only peculiarity is the All-Star, a special power unique to each character and can be acquired once for each race that, when used, will lay in disarray allowing your opponents to earn so many different locations. Again, in reality, nothing special, unfortunately.
Except for the lack of imagination of the developers, the title is still a product made with competence and to guarantee the player a high degree of challenge, thanks to rivals without any qualms but especially digital circuits, which will be increasingly insidious. But it is when accessing the multiplayer modes as expected, the game will give the best of themselves. Playable both online and in the company up to eight competitors in four split-screen will give you hours of carefree fun. In addition, while Internet you only compete in the classic races, if you play with the split screen you’ll have some fun game variants such as Capture the Chao, or King of the Hill Battle.

Sonic and friends in high dusting
From the aesthetic point of view, the work done by Sumo Digital is much better. The game returns to show a screen full of colorful moving objects. But to excel is obviously wonderful selection of historical characters of Japanese and reiterated in great detail and will make the happiness of all lovers of dense SAW production. Sonic will find the number seven characters, including the blue hedgehog, its nemesis Dr. Eggman, Tails and Shadow. Less obvious but very welcome and inclusion of Ryo Hazuki, unforgettable star of Shenume, while among others include Jacki and Akira Virtua Fighter, Ulala of Space Channel 5 and Amigo Samba de Amigo. Definitely something for all tastes. Also in the Xbox 360 version is also included Banjo Kazooie and the ability to use their own avatar, while PS3 users can not unfortunately afford any additional detail. Excellent is the characterization of the different environments in which you’ll be racing, full of details and citations. Unfortunately, it is noted on the technical side but one serious flaw: the frame rate. This is in fact nothing short of a dancer, not an underestimate since the general membership, which requires a theoretical flow without uncertainty. This unfortunately does not happen, and though the gameplay is not affected particularly, it is a very annoying flaw.
Ben also created the sound industry, once again full of references in music that is in effect at the various masterpieces carnet SEGA. Longevity is ensured by the large amount of contents, from the slopes increasingly complex and full of secrets to find, but mainly from a multi-player mode and virtually endless fun.

The title Sumo Digital is presented as a restatement in key SEGA Mario Kart, nothing more and nothing less. Although not add anything to the genre, still managed to be a very good product, especially long-lived but, more importantly, much fun thanks to the excellent control system and runs particularly inspired. To lower the assessment think about the frequent delays in a game like that little tolerance and lack of any original idea, especially with regard to power up, which is very subdued. Ultimately, a good way to look at, fun to play and full of fan service, a good debut in the genre that we hope will materialize in the future more personal security and also able to offer something fresh.

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