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Vancouver 2010 PC Game

In games on June 30, 2010 at 6:08 pm

Every summer and winter Olympics will be fertile ground for the transition on the shelves of the video game competition. After so next-gen debut with Beijing 2008 Developer Eurocom tries again shifting the focus on winter sports forthcoming Vancouver 2010. The title does not offer any Olympic sport, but a sample of competitions more attractive, selected with a taste for speed.

Road to victory
The disciplines involved are all over 14, divided between skiing, Jumping, Snowboarding, Skating, Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton. The menu allows you to select three main ways: Olympic Games, Sports Training and Challenges. The first allows you to face the discipline that you want in the official competition, although there is actually a real career simply selecting the specialty and competence, without any real progression. Training repeats the same specialty offering the opportunity to practice without worrying about the final outcome, and includes a useful guide that shows step by step commands to each discipline. Challenges proposed instead individual races to be completed by meeting special requirements, such as reaching a certain speed with Bob or complete a slalom within a time limit of reducing snowmen; events are placed in a pyramid structure where the only aim is to complete with an increasing level of challenge: This mode takes a bit ‘of originality in a formula usually standard and offers some of the challenges prove quite fun to tackle.
Each of the sports offered by Vancouver 2010 presents a set of custom controls and you should write a subsidiary to their layout before launching into the race. As expected, the aim of development is to embrace a wider catchment area as possible, so the commands will be reduced to a few simple keys that most often fail to make sufficiently immersive gaming experience while offering a level of acceptable challenge, making it different every discipline. Some specialties, such as skating, make less than others in terms of controls and general feel, leaves full odious typical button mashing production of other times. Fortunately this is not a dominant feature of the title. On balance, the subjects appear to be more fun skiing and snowboarding, where the feeling on the controls is well balanced and has the capacity to intervene directly in the path of the skier. Unlike the competitions in bobsleigh, skeleton and luge are much more driven and easy to master, thanks to the possibility of angular, but not bend directly.
To bring together almost all the disciplines offered is undoubtedly the speed returned to Vancouver in 2010 a strong impact due to a slight blur and proper compartment sound: the amalgamation of these elements can make the challenges to be sufficiently realistic and adrenaline. Appreciable in this regard the presence of a subjective view, which allows you to enjoy maximum sense of speed.
With a good book of rules and a set of checks each time different and mostly fun to master, what’s really missing is the title of Eurocom cohesion between the proposed events, which would increase the sense of challenge and progression, the lack of this important detail is likely to bring down the interest in the gampelay in a relatively short time, a pity if we consider the general discrete implementation.
Another big no licenses are for real athletes, replaced by anonymous models that differ in various countries, the total absence of any option to customize also prevents the player the chance to recreate their heroes at hand.
Alongside the single player mode there is also a sector that can compete in multiplayer online events, of course, fans will find it funny, but some how specifically dedicated certainly would not have spoiled.

Technical sector
Stylistically, Vancouver 2010 is a nice game, and there is a certain ability to mask some very good technical deficiencies of the other party. The impact speed is undoubtedly the best of these devices, as overshadows the low definition that characterizes the performance of the boundary elements of the track, managing to bring to bear not at all missed. The smooth frame rate shows no signs of slowing, the models of the athletes are well modeled and animation go from good to fair never too disfiguring. The music propose a sui generis soft rock, perfect to accompany the menus and compensate in part the appeal completely dry.
Overall a good performance style, which scontenterà anyone who decides to approach the title.

Vancouver 2010 shows the different steps forward made by Eurocom compared to the utter failure of Beijing 2008. The disciplines are well represented, mostly well-implemented controls and procedures Challenges witness the willingness to propose something even vaguely innovative and over the top for the genre. A missing are those elements that could provide depth and longevity to the title, like a career mode that boosts progress, some customization options and licenses, which might please the fans of this or quell’atleta. Ultimately recommend the title for the accustomed sports productions dedicated to the Olympics, which will be in this winter edition 2010 several steps forward than usual, as players accustomed to producing sports most popular and dedicated to individual sports will not find sufficient reasons for this title purchase.


STALKER: Call of Pripyat 2010

In games on June 26, 2010 at 4:35 pm

Three years after the release of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl Developer GSC Game World, we invite you to return to the area, offering the first real official sequel of the successful brand.
A difference in fact stand-alone expansion: Clear Sky, whose timing made it a prequel, STALKER: Call of Prypiat takes the story from where we left after the first episode. Following the decommissioning of Bruciacervella by Strelok, the Ukrainian government really wants to launch a military operation in style, probably with the aim to get their hands on ‘Esauditore Want to “in spite of long preparations for the mission Freeway total failure, and Maj. Alexander Degtyarev is sent into the area to examine the points fall velicoli military.

Sore Zone
Walking distance to the boundaries of the Zone will be sufficient to realize that at the root of the gameplay have not changed at all over three years ago. The interface is intact, the same handheld that lets you track tasks and see the inevitable marked map with targets and resources, unchanged from the inventory-style RPG, with lots of statistics on weapons and armor. The goal of Call of Pripyat is not to renew it now considered a formula for success, but to pick up the thread of conversation where they left off before the little success aside Clear Sky and propose a continuation of the story, yet characterized by the same gameplay. Will once again be very clear division between this primary and secondary, the latter always available at the NPC met at outposts and cities. The first hours of the game put the player on the trail of sites of impact of military aircraft, un’espediente of gameplay that is unfortunately impacted on the pace of the introductory phase, very bland. Although use of the script even more marked than that seen in the predecessor, the long and lonely exploratory stages, the lack of gunfire and the mediocrity of interesting cut-scenes can not create that magic and that the first title was coinvoglimento able to conjure up and none to drag me how did Clear Sky, made by the least dynamic many fights. The arrival of the first major outpost in STALKER introduces a few innovations that characterize this sequel, which results in a sector upgrade much more extensive than seen before: through dialogue with some NPCs will be possible to improve the characteristics of weapons and armor substantially, allowing a significant increase in the duration and effectiveness of their basic equipment. Other small but welcome four new hotkey willing interface, allowing direct access to care and food, in addition to the medikit and bandages to treat the bleeding, it will be necessary to feed regularly to avoid serious consequences in health .

The road to Pripyat
After gathering information about the sites of impact of military helicopters, history will finally off, instructing the player to find a way to reach the town of Prypiat, one of the most affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The task will not be easy, and we will pass from the collection of information at various sites of the area to stage for dialogue with the NPC in order to assemble a team willing to follow the enterprise. Once again, the feeling is a severe lack of rhythm, where those who want a little ‘action will have to rely more like side quests, some of which are well done and offer some exciting firefight. A missing are also moments of real suspense, of which the first Shadow of Chernobyl offered several examples, while leaving the occasional script is responsible for proposing some turning point, unfortunately not always effective.
In terms of combat developers have made some improvements to the routines of Artificial Intelligence: the immoderate use of grenades by enemy has fortunately been revised, and some opponents’ tactics more coverage. Unfortunately it is not of great progress and overall one can not speak of challenging enemies to defeat, where the sense of difficulty is rather due to insecurity and lack of efficacy of firearms, at least in the first half of the game.
The arsenal available is vast as ever, and divided by categories including handguns and long, with limited ability to transport the weight attributed to mean any object, each weapon has statistics of damage and wear as usual with the use making the necessary repairs from time to time at specific merchants.
Without major changes than seen in the past, makes his return also searching for artifacts, which sees the return game Detector already tried in Clear Sky and the mechanisms of recovery.

Technical Sector
The heart of Call of Pripyat is the same X-Ray engine that moved Shadow of Chernobyl with the necessary updates to the textures and lighting industry. The overall visual quality is good both outside and indoor areas, with the same strengths of its predecessor, namely the breadth of environments and excellent lighting sector, characterized by an HDR can create really striking visuals. Too bad for the widespread pop-ups and swinging quality textures, suggesting that the engine starts to show its age. The design has remained unchanged, while once again presenting the fascinating and decaying lands of the area dotted with architectural credible, huge and spectacular anomalies and monstrous mutants, all blended into a mix of original and still pleasant despite the few novelties.
Fortunately, the developers seem to have worked well on optimization of code, saving players the long list of bugs that plagued its predecessor and its expansion Call of Pripyat is fluid, and during our tests did not show any kind of technical failure noteworthy.
Special effects sound has not been specific enrichments and compared to other recent films appears as discreet but by no means memorable. The songs are packed with great skill, and feature pieces and assorted environmental well suited to game situations.

Up to 32 players can compete in a total of four standard mode, which alongside the classic deathmatch propose Capture Artifact (alternative version of the classic capture the flag) and artifact hunt (where players divided into teams recover artifacts to bring them to its base). The 15 maps available to resume the campaign single player environments in a fairly effective. In a complex multi-compartment accessory, not able to “play itself”, but certainly useful to extend the overall longevity of the product.

Minimum Requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz / AMD XP 2200 +
128 MB DirectX 8.0 compatible / nVIDIA GeForce 5700 / ATI Radeon 9600

Recommended Requirements:
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 / AMD 64 X2 5600 +
DirectX 9.0c compatible 512 MB / Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX / ATI Radeon HD 4850

STALKER: Call of Pripyat is unfortunately not a completely successful way. The return to the area is led by a fascinating story on paper, but little rhythm once taken up arms. Quest too repetitive and dispersed can not keep up the interest, which is likely to wane in part before allowing the player to see the city that gives its name to the game. It ‘s a shame, because the depth of gamepaly remained intact, the mechanical mixing shooter and RPG work as before, and environments exude the same charm left. Precisely for this reason we would like to recommend the latest effort of GSC Game World, all veterans of the first STALKER, which no doubt will feel the nostalgia of the area and its mysteries as the pathos is not the same, the return of tested gameplay should satisfy them. Newcomers should instead reflect: an accomplice very slow start, this title may unfortunately discourage before being able to offer its best, given the shortage of big news, the best choice could be made to the original Shadow of Chernobyl, before descend into this below.

BioShock 2010 PC

In games on June 23, 2010 at 3:56 pm

There are moments in the history of video games, where something clicks and these moments are not timetabled or expected just a group of programmers, skill and intuition to create something that marks a new step in gaming entertainment evolutionary step: BioShock has marked one of those moments.
By now, many things have changed, partly because the title mentioned above, and evidence that must support his successor Bioshock 2 to reach the Hall of video games is even more difficult. Aware of this situation, the guys at 2K Marin, which has been entrusted the development of the title, have repeatedly said they want to create a sequel to eliminate all those little teething the first chapter, while developing a plot can compete with the latter, not only remains to go to analyze the final results to see if the programmers have succeeded in their intent or if BioShock represented by the emblematic beauty has been lost in this evolution.

Big Daddy was born, and I, modestly, I was born!
Rapture, 1958, beginning of civil war in the shoes of Delta Alpha prototype Big Daddy, we are called to accompany our sister, Eleanor, in the recovery of the substance behind Rapture ‘s ADAM. After struggling to defend the recombinant, we will be forced to suicide by the leader of one of two warring factions, Dr. Sophie Lamb. 1969, we wake up in the same pool where we collapsed, contacted by Dr. Tenembaum, old friend of the first episode, save for Eleanor and our other new Little Sisters.
The events recounted in this sequel to take place ten years after the end of Bioshock: Andrew Ryan after the fall of Rapture is not a new order collapsed, a new leader, took possession and aims to revive it with the sacrifice of the Sisters now mistreated. We are essentially unrelated to all this, we will have to choose only to maintain the ethics to achieve our goal, or rejoin our little Eleanor.
Our Eleanor, this milestone is based on the history of the title as a prototype Big Daddy, our relationship with the sister is completely different in nature from that of others of our race, we are emotionally and physically “linked” to a single sister, whose survival depends on proximity and our very existence. Not advance beyond the plot, but its progressive development will capture you, the large amount of audio-log and these dialogues will descend further into the history of Rapture and in ours, going to find interesting joints for users of the predecessor. The surprise factor is lacking, because the setting is not very different from the original, but good work can not bring to bear everything; Rapture Rapture is always the result of insane and brilliant minds. Leaders change, people die, but she will remain steadfast in its decline or rise again under a new form. This implementation will inevitably create a rift between the players, because many distorting this issue would create a brand new, other than Bioshock, while for others the title in question will be shared with a relatively constant nagging feeling of deja-du.

Bioshock 1.5
Bioshock 2 is essentially an evolution of the first chapter, which reoccurs the advantages and improves the defects, but no lack of novelty, which is not limited to the use of a Big Daddy as the protagonist, but as already stated in the review the console version, with some interesting additions.
These can be summarize in a few new enemies, a new battle interface and greater interaction with the Little Sister.
Under the appearance of new enemies, the most highly publicized and interesting appearance is represented by the Big Sister, a kind of evolving technology of Big Daddy, it manifests itself in the adult version of Little Sisters, which through a process of taking an ‘agile surprising, together with a remarkable physical strength and ability to use plasmids. Needless to say, their task will be to supervise the younger sisters, appearing after we decided to release them or drain, a warning screen background noise and I decided we will advise when these fearsome hunters will be on our tracks, leaving a few moments to prepare any strategy to address them. The fighting will prove to be fun and rewarding, as the sorellona are a nice variation of challenge, in addition to a very tight rhythm fighting, without considering that their defeat will allow us to seize the coveted ADAM. Other news on opponents is represented by Brute, an enhanced version of recombinants, with a tonnage and a not inconsiderable physical force that will put us in difficulty in the case of multiple battles.
In terms of gameplay, the main change introduced is the new interface of combat, its prototype embodying the Big Daddy, who has the ability to use plasmids and weapons simultaneously. This introduction facilitates and expands the possibilities offered by the offensive title, because we will not be taken as the first to use only the most offensive powers, but they can count on both arms and talents we can begin the experimentation and variety, combining weapons and plasmids until we discover the most suitable combination, aware that the possibility, though not endless, are quite numerous. To guarantee this variety will think of the many weapons at our disposal and the various plasmids: For the first, we will have a good arsenal provides different kinds of fire, as well as spectacular as a useful drill typical of the Big Daddy, will also attend a special gun can afford to bypass the turrets and cameras from a distance through a mini-game much easier than the first Bioshock, but useful to keep up the pace of the game. As for plasmids, the choice will be revealed extensive and varied, largely taken on the allocation of the first chapter, but enriched by better upgrades and some amusing variants are always present various incineration, shock and freezing darts. Moreover, the whole is enhanced by a considerable amount of tonic, partly taken from an old episode and partly totally new, very large sample in which we gradually discover and equip to benefit consistently effects such as increased armor, increased damage or speed, up to the possibility of restoring EVE with medical kits.
Finally, the relationship has been strengthened with the Sisters, the Big Daddy of our nature will allow us to combine them just like our “brothers”, but to accomplish this step we encroaching on the true guide, which will mean a tough fight for power of small. Once we had the better of the rival firm but not prohibitively difficult, we can decide whether to drain the Little Sister or whether to take with us in the first case we get a large amount of ADAM, while in the latter, we accompany the small hunting the precious substance, bringing it to drain the bodies of particular recombinants and defending it in the process of assimilation. These steps represent an interesting variation to the gameplay and adrenaline, as well as provide a small dose of ADAM, we put in the position of having to prepare the ground surrounding the impending collision by placing traps around the perimeter and by buying up kits and ammunition recovered . Once sucked the substance of two corpses, the sister must be accompanied by the pipes which used to go out, and at this point will be up to us to decide whether to free from the influence of the dangerous substance or drained and put an end, more malevolent, his suffering.
As in the past, the choices we have carried implications about the plot in an indirect manner, leading to various possible conclusions.
Regarding the factors that are almost identical from parent included in the series are primarily environmental, recombinant, Big Daddy, and finally how to progress in the adventure of life and the rooms, along with some arms and some Plasmid among those present.
But above all, Rapture. The city is just as we left it ten years ago, for better or worse, civil war has brought to power Dr. Lamb, but the situation has not changed, the streets are full of crazy recombinant ready to kill and dismember any So come between them and the ADAM. The feeling of loss and anxiety is fully implemented, as happened in the past, the choice of programs was not likely to overturn a cornerstone of the success of the brand while lukewarm tempting to give a little more, with irregular but beautiful undersea walking in an area of the metropolis to another. Is inevitable for the users of the original feeling of being already seen, but the environment remains a major impact.
Regarding the enemies, the recombinant will be the majority of opponents we will face and how our position in the food chain of Big Daddy seems to assume a certain superiority, we will often retract it under the assault of well organized and armed groups, also the advent of Big Sister has done everything except overshadow the Big Daddy. These scenarios will be around ready to support the Little Sisters, but even if we had released or consumed by all defeating their protectors, others appear to make the place walking around like automatons to the scenarios, we are ready to respond to any hostile attitude, not are as agile and can not use sorellona plasmids but had little firepower and armor that can wipe us out if we decide to bother them without proper precautions.
Finally, progress will be marked in the narrative, as in the predecessor, the indications that we will be given by radio from Tenembaum and beyond will also return the love-hate rooms of life, which if used wisely without danger of ruin ‘ gaming experience, providing a continuous respawn to destroy any sense of constant tension.

Suspended In Time ….
The old suit, dusted and polished, defends himself well in times to come, this must have thought programmers against the graphics of the title. The result is nonetheless appreciated, thanks for a great job of optimizing and cleaning can defend themselves very well and compete with many titles today, without reaching the top. The style is not lacking, and the ability to set each parameter until the maximum resolution of 1980×1200 with settings, now fully in standard play for the title that sees so lighten what is likely to be the Achilles heel of Production. Unfortunately, to report the lack of support true widescreen, set this mode when it will be with a “cut” the screen to fit the selected format, either 16:9 or 16:10.
The fund is without sound but, once again, delighted. 60s music, sound effects, dialogues, everything has been carefully edited, able to dive again into the atmosphere of the decaying underwater city, and the wise use of environmental effects and voices of replicators contribute to maintaining high level of tension and anxiety player. Just dubbing deserves an honorable mention, with actors much in the mood and dialogue well written.
Much work has also been done on optimizing the interface and controls, in addition to the traditional keyboard and mouse combination tested so dear to the FPS were used for the selection of plasmids and weapons, respectively, function and numeric keys, the whole works very well and allows for excellent use of the title. This variation of ‘PC version of HUD, however, opened the door to another problem, namely the lack of support for traditional gamepad, which quickly create discontent among users.
Longevity is around today’s production levels, hovering around 10-15 hours to complete the adventure, depending on the time devoted to research and explore every corner of Rapture, is guaranteed a fair amount of replayability date different from the final which will take us to our moral choices.

Runs year 1959, and civil war in Rapture has just broken out, so we are called to fight for Sinclair Solution in order to evolve through the acquisition of ADAM in what is practically a big lab experiment. With this simple but effective incipit is introduced multiplayer title, which beyond any doubt or concern, it shows well made and enjoyable, despite the single-player component is undoubtedly the backbone of BioShock 2, the implementation of sector Multiplayer proves more than a simple addition function.
To challenge the other recombinants in the race to survive, we have several ways:
Survival: Classic deathmatch-all.
Civil War: Team Deathmatch mode.
Capturing the Little Sister: Variation of the classic capture the flag, turn the two teams will alternate between defending his sister and capture to bring to a duct.
Conquest: How to teams where we win and keep possession of the various control points.
Protect The ADAM: in single or teams mode, where we take and protect his sister by a certain time acquiring the ADAM.
Last recombinant: How to survive without teams fall in which he won the last or the majority of recombinant surviving after the game.
Inevitable also the chance to become Big Daddy in the game, simply finding the suit and taking possession, in this mode we will be armed with nail guns and mines to close, as well as having a strength and endurance much higher.
Last but not least, we have introduced a system of character growth that gradually unlock new upgrades, as well as a trophy during the game to achieve certain objectives, which will provide experience bonus.
The only sour note, the multiplayer can not count on the support of the LAN, then it will be impossible to compete in local network with their friends.

Minimum requirements:
-OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
– Processor: AMD Athlon 64 processor 3800 + 2.4Ghz or faster, Intel Pentium 4 530 3.0Ghz or higher
– Memory: 2GB
– Graphics Card: NVIDIA 7800GT 256MB or higher, ATI Radeon X1900 256MB or higher
– DirectX 9.0c
– Hard Drive: 11GB
– Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Recommended Requirements:
– Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200 + Dual Core 2.60Ghz, Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 Dual Core 2.13GHz
– Memory: 3GB
– Graphics Card: NVIDIA 8800GT 512MB or higher, ATI Radeon HD4830 512MB or higher

Ultimately, the return to Rapture has been very intense and intriguing, the title has lost some magic on the originality of three years ago, as was expected, but its environment remains one of the most charming and well kept landscape of gaming . We are dealing with a masterpiece that pays a dear duty to his predecessor, as it follows the example by offering a limited amount of new ideas, the plot is very well made and exposed to a player, but the charisma of the antagonists in this sequel loses hammer blow, though the figures of the past have not disappeared completely. At a technical level we have not made those great strides that were expected, however this feature is partly hidden by the style and rendering graphics better on PC. The audio industry is Mighty, the gameplay has made great strides and longevity in single equals the average production today, has given further impetus by a multi-sector quality.
We find ourselves before the milestone was its predecessor, but Bioshock 2 is a title of note, worthy of being part of the toy library of every enthusiast.

Aliens vs. Predator PC

In games on June 20, 2010 at 1:11 pm

Ever since back in 1990 appeared at the end of the film Predator 2, a trophy of an alien, all the fans of both sci-fi saga ever dreamed of a more violent confrontation between the two space monsters. Rebellion in the early 2000s suggested two FPS titles that brought this confrontation to reality also involving humans, leaving the player the ability to impersonate the race most congenial to him. After almost 10 years, two different movies and video games products of dubious quality, we are talking about a new chapter of Aliens vs. Predator that there is proposed inserting a new survival mode, multiplayer options and the classic single-player campaign divided into three parties.

Marine at attention
Today perhaps she should not get up from bed, we are at our first official duty in the Marines and we are going in a colony just xenomorfi attacked by aliens, say a walk. Just left our base, however, a space alien ship appears from nowhere and explodes, in a hurry to get ready an emergency landing on the planet below and from here on things go from bad to worse. During the trip we hit a box on his head and we will wake up alone, dazed and armed only with a pistol in a field hospital. Here we will be contacted by our caposquadriglia that there will be a meeting point: unfortunately, the situation in the colony is worse than expected, the aliens have sabotaged our defenses and we will get away alone to escape from this hell. Hal Edison in the shoes of the soldier will live this adventure with the constant feeling of being hunted down and our motion detector will only increase anxiety beeps for everything that moves, even for a simple door that opens. The dark and claustrophobic environments that accompany us most of the campaign will be illuminated by our light flares (available in unlimited supply), mounted on the torch all the weapons and explosions of shots. The arsenal at our disposal is included in the classic nautical seen in the movie Aliens: a single-shot pistol with bullets infinite, with the ability to shoot three in quick succession with the minor hit, a machine gun with grenade launcher, a shotgun ; a flamethrower with which we can also sprinkle petrol walls and floors and cause fires controlled for short periods of time, a sniper rifle that will also enable us to see enemies through walls, the smartgun, heavy machine gun with both hands aims Automatic.
We bring with us a maximum of two weapons in addition to the gun, while using the smartgun we leave everything to the ground. The tactical helmet we wear will keep us updated on the objectives to be achieved, the ammunition in our possession and our health that can be recharged at any time provided you have a health kit following. We also have two special moves to disengage from close combat: the first is the shot that will allow us to run for short distances and put between us and alien a few feet before you start shooting, while the second hit with the butt of ‘ weapon that will stagger for a moment our enemy.

The queen is calling us
You are the dog of the Wayland-Yutani corporation, selected from dozens of copies of your own species are the result of more intelligent and therefore marked with the number six and made him part of a secret military project. The imprisonment, however, is not to your liking so when a general blackout will create the perfect opportunity for you to escape from the lab and get revenge on unsuspecting doctors take this chance to fly. Although not as numerous as those of marine and technology such as the Predator, Alien also as you have two equally lethal weapons: your claws and your tail, while the former will be used to attack the fast Tailed will be a slow but devastating attack capable of breaking the enemy knocking him to the parade ground. The gaming experience with the alien is profoundly different from that experienced by humans, therefore pass from feeling hounded at every turn yourself to become silent and deadly hunter who have feared during the early part of the country ‘s total lack of care will force you to play with caution and plan in detail every single attack since launching the fray on the target will inevitably cause your death. The vision of the alien gives you the perception of pheromones enemies even in complete darkness, then break the light sources will bring significant benefits and will also carry out attacks silent able to take out your targets with one shot. If you run one of these attacks on an enemy tank, it will leave a short animation violent killing while if the target of aggression will be an unarmed civilian, you can hold it while the facehugger an embryo implanted in the chest. In both cases, however, become an easy target having your inability to do anything else during this short period of time and you must wait for the right moment to draw the victim or in some dark corner to be unscathed. To attract them you can deliver the hiss characteristic of the alien that will allow you to take the enemy by surprise or cadendogli hitting behind him from the ceiling. As in previous Aliens vs. Predator, here you will by pressing the middle mouse button also use trenches and walls and ceilings as the viewfinder in the center of the screen will tell you on that side of the room you are walking. There will also be given the chance to race at high speed by pressing the appropriate button, good for quick escapes quickly or reduce the distance from your unfortunate prey.

Hunters become
Playing the campaign of the Predator, the gameplay becomes a sort of fusion of the two previous years. Our task will be to become an elite sportsman and so, after a brief tutorial on aiming laser gun on his shoulder and hand to hand combat, we will be sent together with our brothers in den hunting aliens. Unfortunately, humans intruded and we will have to battle both races on a planet unknown to us. Our puissance physical and hyper we put our equipment, however in a position to reach our goal easily, allowing us to approach this adventure in two different ways. With wrist blades and shock resistant than any other species, we throw ourselves into the fray very often and almost always come out winners after a few shots. Only artillery sets must be circumvented to avoid the worst but with the ability to run long jump and move so well on the trees do not represent a problem worthy of note. If you do not want to face all the enemies of breast can approach this campaign with the invisibility and placing mines on the path of energy from marine or shooting leaves due to energy weapons which you possess. These unfortunately have a very limited office and after a few shots you go looking for power generators from which recharge. Like Alien, but you will have the opportunity to distract the humans and make them go even a spot near you playing the voice of another soldier. Your helmet in addition to reporting energy and life remaining will receive information directly from the ship, which parent will guide you during your initiation. This will also let you turn on the heat vision that will reveal the presence of living beings in low light conditions.

Three separate campaigns, several problems in common.
After having given a detailed overview of the singleplayer campaigns, we now consider the problems that afflict it. All three campaigns, despite ricalchino perfectly the atmosphere of the film, suffering from a plot so trite and predictable that you will have seen all of those who know at least a little ‘universe of the Aliens vs. Predator. Gaming experiences of alien marine and lost, compared to the preceding chapters, the attention to detail that had been placed. The first feeling claustrophobic and terror is softened by having bullets for the pistol and flares lighting infinities never leave the player with the fear of finding an alien in a dark corner that hit you by surprise or determination having the shots for fear of finish them at a crucial moment. In the alienation, however, are already an adult. This does not undermine the quality of the campaign itself but leaves with the nostalgic memories of when they could even impersonate a facehugger and then pursue growth as in the Alien vs. Predator 2. The meetings with both the marine predator to occur only as the alien fights end level bosses to defeat as presented in the story and to continue with their own energy bar. This will disappoint those who expected more fighting with them but can actually write a real importance to strong confrontations with hunters universe. What emerges is the very best adventure of the predator that, thanks to new features like the ability to jump on the trees, find new life to evolve than before giving the player several game options. Unfortunately here we have the inverse problem of our marine and energy weapons will consume too much ammunition, which will force us all too often come into close combat or go to the desperate search for energy generation. While exploring the various areas of game we come across precious trophies (ten for each map) that if all crops will reward in-depth features on the plot, as another way to stretch a little ‘campaigns that are still lasting total of about ten hours.

I would have preferred an armor made with the screen of this computer …
The graphics department of Alien vs Predator is lower than more recent productions for the PC. Notwithstanding Sections sfoggino outdoor graphics respectable would have done better with animation, the variety of textures and interaction with the environment. Very little of everything you see when your games will be destroyed, shoot a monitor for example, or give him a bite will just move it, then forget windows are broken or parts of plants that fall, everything you see remain exactly in its place whatever the tirerete against. The moves end of introduction aliens are nice but soon get bored and become a problem since you’ll be a fun under fire while civilians executed. Too bad because the idea of being able to get a facehugger the unfortunate civilians was good and could be developed much better than leaving an end in itself, these also highlight the shortage of human facial models for revealing the player too often used faces. The shift in fan ventilation could be done with greater fluidity, choosing instead to go we can only interact with them by pressing and slows down the game mechanics breaking the speed of travel and movement of alienation. The total inability to kneel with both the marine predator that reduces much of the shelters available in the maps forcing the player to run around columns or tall buildings to avoid being hit in the chest and frankly the choice not to include a key to squat escapes us completely. The IA of alien surprised us in a positive way, they will move from light sources trying to hide and exploit ceilings and walls to attack from behind, the same unfortunately can not be said of their human counterparts as the most Sometimes you will find them dazed looking through the walls waiting for your movement or repeatedly fall into your trap without realizing that their comrades gradually disappear.

Rebellion has included in addition to three different single player campaigns as well as seven different multiplayer modes. In addition to the classic Team Deathmatch, all against all and one where the contestants will be divided by space races are also new ideas – Infestation A player will play an alien warrior and will face several marine As the match will proceed to sea become alien killed themselves until it will remain only a decree ‘the winner of Predator Hunting One predator elites will exterminate all opponents while he will have to organize to survive his assault, carrying out the killings predator will gain valuable time to continue to kill. We play in this survival mode in both singleplayer and cooperative multiplayer version and will consist primarily to resist for as long possible with the marines for an assault alien. More ‘time passes and the waves are more dangerous and many, our only source of salvation in this case will be our companions and equipment scattered in the two maps available. Unlike the typical fps where the aim is king in Alien vs. Predator we will most often engaged in melee combat, unfortunately, here as previously mentioned the animations are slow and articulate and forcing the player to respites sustained during the clashes which will enable those who comes to kill the unfortunate engaged in a duel without much effort. The multiplayer is still fun being able to make sense and the diversification of the three races available so egregious, the balance will be guaranteed the same host that also have the ability to reduce the combat effectiveness of predator or make even the most deadly alien . Playing ranked matches online unlock new skins for your characters and have already planned the menu for new DLC that we bet will not be long in coming.

OS: Windows XP / Vista
Processor: 3.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM (XP) / 2 GB RAM (Vista)
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible 128 MB RAM (NVIDIA 7900 or better, ATI X1800 or better)
Hard Drive: 4.6 GB free space for installation
DirectX ®: DirectX 9.0c

If the vote of a video game was based only on the early stages of game Alien vs Predator would be brought home safely excellence, the first levels with marine faithfully reproduce all the atmosphere of tension that is breathed in the early episodes. Music and sounds respectable sound effects taken directly from the various films are the perfect side dish to aliens who emerge from the air inlet port, stormed the barricades in the colony and cut-scenes from clinging to the chair. Unfortunately it just takes a moment to familiarize yourself with the game you realize that the rescue package to checkpoint (can be disabled only in nightmare mode), flares and infinite bullets for the gun too much damage to a player making security so ‘what must be experience the terror of a frightening shootout that has little or nothing. On the technical side the game has unfortunately not much to say. The much vaunted Dx11 applied to the PC version can not bear the title SEGA to the splendor it deserves, the interaction with the environment is reduced and the bone except for polygonal models, the rest comes to unprecedented levels as we expected. The animations of the killing is with alien predator that with too many slow the frenetic pace of the game making it difficult handling of the fighting during multiplayer sessions.
These can involve the same thanks to some new modes and levels in the cooperative are always very fun focusing on the immediacy, but lacks the depth present in the latest FPS.
Summing up, Alien vs Predator is by no means a poor title, but it brings nothing new in the saga also remained anchored to a trivial and obvious plot for all three races. Fans of the series still managed to enjoy it for what it is but will be disappointed to see that Rebellion occurred in a game without any real development, if not in the graphics, compared to that vaunted Alien vs. Predator 2, which made inroads into the heart players of the past decade.

Star Trek Online PC 2010

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How many lovers of the famous saga created by Gene Rodenberry dreams to live the adventures of their favorite characters? Regardless of the saga and / or movies many have imagined sitting on easy, do not always tell the truth, captain’s chair and travel to their ship in the depths of the cosmos. Well today, the Cryptic Studios have made possible thanks to their MMORPG called Star Trek Online. Spaziogames us we have tried and thrown into the unknown for you, follow us in this analysis, we will take you into the depths of this MMORPG, exploring new forms of life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no gamer has gone before.

Two, Five, King of Clubs … STO!
We tried to play around ‘with the abbreviation of Star Trek Online and came out a bad joke. Fortunately, then, that we are not comedians, but we begin to talk about the game. It is now thirty years after the events narrated in the film “Nemesis”, the crisis of the empire created a power vacuum Romulan and Klingon on the occasion to expand their empire, this also add in the constant threat of the Borg and you’ll get a ‘idea of what the Fed has to face trouble.
As usual, the first step is the creation of the character, we choose one of the top three classes (science, engineering and tactics) and race among those available. The choice of class will give access to a range of features and specific skills, which are, however, a lot, so we will be able to “evolve” our character as we want as much as possible and adapt to our style of play. Then, once given a name to our virtual alter ego and our ship, we launch ourselves in the tutorial.
We thus find ourselves in the midst of a battle that sees the Fed deal with the Borg always present. Already in these early stages we will see is the best part of Star Trek Online to that, ultimately, the worst. Let’s start off with what we did a little ‘disappointed. During the first part of the mission, we find ourselves in a vessel in order to save the attack of the aforementioned Borg. The control system is a mix between that of a classic MMORPG and an unsuccessful action. Everything is controlled from the keyboard with the classic combination of keys WASD for movement (or arrows), while “ability” can be activated using the number keys. Is clear, nothing earth-shattering, it is mostly of two types of firearms (main and secondary) and attack in melee. The fighting itself has a minimum of tactics, such will be important to try to hit the enemy at the side or behind to make greater damage, but soon you realize that everything is resolved by pressing the button to fire the main guns at waiting to use the secondary to do more damage.

We enter Curvature
As mentioned previously, the title has another section of a different thickness and far more satisfying than when you walk. Often you will find yourself at the controls of your ship and it is here that Star Trek Online to be the best of. The controls are very similar to those used in the walk, you can decide the rolling and pitching, in addition to providing power to the engines or not. But do not let that affect not think you can fly freely in space like a butterfly among the flowers, we are still moving instill something almost as big as the San Siro and the ship will not let us present, especially during the “famous” evasive maneuvers. The fighting between the ships appear to be quite tactical, recalling in some ways, what has been able to see in Starfleet Command, although everything is much more simplified. It will be important to properly maneuver the vessel so as not to leave the hull exposed to enemy fire, possibly by increasing the shield turns to our rival. While we try to hit the enemy ship reminding us that every weapon has its range. During the fight we are to manage the energy of the ship, giving power to various devices in order to have more speed, more power to the engines or weapons, of course, sacrificing the rest.
Unfortunately at this stage has some minor glitches, to be close to a ship while it explodes, can cause the destruction of our own, but hitting objects or asteroids cause no harm either. However, this appears as a “mistake of youth” and we think that will be corrected with some future patch.

Walking around the galaxy
Already tutorial will begin to put on our crew, these PNG will be very important both during the ship that those on foot. The planets will assist us during the conflicts and even if we can not directly decide their actions, artificial intelligence will cause them to act more or less constructive for the clash, although, to be honest, sometimes it seems that these they just shoot all the enemies that happen to shoot without worrying if sometimes we throw a grenade at his feet. On ships, however, are other important qualities and these will affect the management of the vessel and its equipment.
The quests take place in open instances, in other words we will be in addition to the entire server. This is interesting because, especially in combat with the ships, the presence of many vessels makes it very choreographed, but the risk is that he should be running towards our goal to fire a single shot, just to say “I I was there “and have a notification of completion of quests.
During the main story we choose to support the reasons for the Federation or the Klingons and those based on our choice we will relate differently to different situations, in other words we will be more choices if the diplomatic side of the federation and a more “direct” if we choose the Klingons.
As for the missions, they occur quite varied, ranging from the Commons, the quest to rescue or simply browsing. The problem is that we always end up fighting and it distorts a bit ‘the spirit of Star Trek.
Technically we are faced with a title above average, with ship models recreated in great detail to resemble the counterparts seen in various television series. The same applies to the character models which, however, slightly lower the aesthetic quality of the product with the movement to limit awkwardness. In her master is by the sensational, Cryptic Studios appears to have played well with the colors and lights to give fullness to the light sources and mark the contrast with the prevailing darkness. The sound, however, incorporates the effects and music typical of the saga, this forced choice, surely will delight fans of Star Trek, but may leave some ‘indifferent to others in any event, the sector plays its role in sound acceptable manner.

OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 3800 + (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 / AMD Athlon X2 5600 +)
RAM: 1Gb (2Gb recommended)
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 7950 / ATI Radeon X1800 (recommended Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3850)
HD: 10 GB of free space
DirectX version 9.0 or higher

This is a critical moment, or to draw conclusions and give a review of Star Trek Online. It would be much easier if the game was horrible but Star Trek Online is not a bad title, but rather has elements that make it a very interesting product. Sessions on the ship are very well researched and original, among the advantages is also very impressive graphics and a sound that will delight fans. Unfortunately, we can not always play on the ship, and when to get off the ground you will notice the defect that could nip, the fighting at this stage, are too unwieldy and become even more funny because of the bizarre movements of the characters . Last note is the unified chat with Champions Online, this can be handy to talk to other friends regardless if you are not the same game, but it also threatens to create some ‘overcrowding’. Star Trek Online finally manage to snatch a deserved enough, recommended for hardcore fans of the series and those are really convinced of what to buy, for all other advise to wait a bit ‘of time and see how it evolves.

Supreme Commander 2010

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The first Supreme Commander found himself the target of very mixed reviews by the critics. Praised by many because of its classic style reminiscent in some respects Total Annihilation, and labeled by others as an RTS too confusing, almost suitable for just fans of the genre. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in between, but it is starting from these two assumptions that the second chapter has taken shape. Let’s discover together why.

Three Commander in Search of an Author
The full development of Supreme Commander 2 used the valuable collaboration of Square-Enix, famous Japanese software house which certainly do not need introductions. The reason for this synergy is to see the will of Gas Powered Games in setting a narrative plot that engage the player to play regardless of the offer provided by the product, and who, if Square-Enix could do so. Forget, therefore, the faint outline of story you saw in the first chapter. The campaign consists of eighteen missions, spread evenly over three chapters, one for each faction, where the player finds himself in the shoes of three commanders Mech belonging respectively to UFC, and Cybran Illuminati. The plot’s narrative Supreme Commander 2 is not stable at that Square Enix has accustomed us, but the events recounted sufficiently stimulate the player to continue the three year, mainly due to the presence of characters with a background well-characterized and several small strokes stage. The shift is particularly noticeable in the role of the UCC: while the first was an important element of the gameplay, but with a anonymous, now able to provide the player a feeling of familiarity during the game itself, not just through the cut scenes present at the beginning and end of mission.

Like any good way of teaching strategy, resources are the key component to create a massive army and an efficient basis. Unchanged from the previous iteration, mass and energy are still the currency of exchange essential to the construction of buildings and units. The mass is found through the construction of extractors to be placed on platforms placed randomly on the map, the energy is supplied by special equipment that you can build unlimited, unlike the mass plays a very strategic role in the battle: seize more platforms will not insignificant advantage against the opponent. Storage resources and create a strong army quickly is a prerequisite if you want to win the game, as also because of less extensive maps of the past, the player will immediately under pressure after a few minutes of play. This reduction of the maps has substantially decreased the stages of moving armies and thus the average length of matches, but this has proved a double edged sword since the majority of battles now take place near the base, which reduces the various tactical approach to battle. To underline this general dynamic is now possible to create “mini” test drive at an early stage of the game or to throw into the fray even before this unit is complete, however, going to meet possible technical malfunctions. Do not forget the experimental units were bloated, which represent the true heart of play. Their use can, in fact, he declared the outcome of the battle, but this is not the only factor to tilt to one side or the other the balance. Indeed, the only use of experimental units is useless if not accompanied by a diligent and careful selection of technological research. By achieving certain goals or simple passage of time, is credited to some points which can be used to unlock and enhance the various branches of research which is divided into five branches: ground units, air, water, UCC and structures. The development of these enhancements will provide greater percentage of success on the battlefield since the armed ship upgrades significantly improve their effectiveness.

The war for all
As mentioned at the beginning of article, Chris Taylor and his companions wanted to listen to criticisms of the first Supreme Commander to pack a sequel that all agree put newcomers in the market to more diverse audiences. The objective seems to have been centered in full and without too much upset the original spirit of the game. The most marked changes are mainly to be found in greater insight and speed in the gameplay and maps in the presence of less extensive and dispersed. With these two elements, the result led to the emergence of a more strategic “old way”, but can be attractive even to the most naive of strategists. Should always be considered, raising the level of difficulty among the three selected, the rate soared to dizzying challenge, requiring the player’s strategic skills textbook, purists of the genre will find themselves so comfortable, despite the simplifications made in the system game. The same argument is made for the interface has been revamped and made more intuitive and minimalist, so as to be more usable in versioneXbox 360 and for players not accustomed to the kind, thanks to the usual tactical zoom, can handle hundreds of armed very easily.

Japan Style
The work of Chris Taylor boasts particularly the oriental touch Square Enix’s partners, especially in some polygonal models of experimental units. The color palette very lively, cartoonish style and design of some maps, however, slightly reminiscent of Demigod, the last title team developed Gas Powered Games. As for the graphic details, the difference from the first chapter is known, although it is still a graphically superb product. However, the visual impact resulted from the hundreds of screen units assisted by the multitude of special effects such as explosions, smoke and whatever else makes Supreme Commander 2, like its predecessor, looks great and very spectacular. The circle is a good flow and optimize the graphics engine, which behaves very well even in the game more chaotic, with many units on screen. Do not despair owners of gaming machines obsolete, as the hardware requirements are quite generous, with a good scalability of the graphics engine, you can enjoy Supreme Commander 2 even without having your computer is performing. The fund boasts a sound and apt soundtrack for a great job of sampling for special effects, but is rather mediocre dubbing in English.

The multiplayer is certainly a very important aspect for a game like Supreme Commander 2, which makes the product much replay Fun and increases longevity. During our test, the net-code has been very reliable and trouble of any kind. The three game modes, murder, domination and endless war, all are playable online and in lan up to eight players over twenty different maps.

Minimum requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
Processor: 2.6 GHz
RAM: 1GB RAM (XP) 1.5GB RAM (Vista / Windows 7)
Video: 256 MB VRAM DX9 compatible with Pixel Shader 3.0
DirectX Support: DirectX 9.0
Sound: accelerator card is not required
Hard Drive: 5.4 GB

Recommended configuration:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
Processor: 3.0 GHz AMD Dual Core or higher
Video: ATI Radeon ™ X1800 or equivalent with 256 MB VRAM compatible with Pixel Shader 3.0
DirectX Support: DirectX 9.0
Sound: accelerator card is not required
Hard Drive: 5.4 GB

To Conclude
Supreme Commander 2 is the result of how, through wise choices but not distorting, you may be able to transform a suitable title almost exclusively to the niche of fans of the genre in a game for everyone. With the recent release of a strategically as Napoleon: Total War and the imminent arrival of Starcraft II and Command & Conqyer 4, all fans of strategy games have something fun and are sure that the new offspring to succeed in Crhis Taylor carve out its space, thanks to this new formula dynamic and intuitive.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC

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After three years away from our PC screens, with his back to Battlefield Bad Company with a technical renovated, variations in game structure and the same charisma that determined success during his first appearance.
Will says this in these circumstances to wrest the scepter for the best FPS of the year and while not to disappoint the fans who have been looking forward to this sequel?

A giant leap backward
The beginning of the single player campaign launches us back in time just before the end of World War II, aboard a boat with three other comrades with the primary objective to save a Japanese scientist. From the first moments of the game you realize how DICE has decided to push this film Battlefield to cut even more marked than its predecessors and the atmosphere is exceptional: even if the setting is classic, an assault night to enemy position, the tension starts to rise and explodes when we discovered. After just a few minutes of the game we are already fully immersed in a firefight, the space for pleasantries has jumped beautifully and bullets are already flying everywhere. The first thing you notice is the total absence of the interface, no counters for health or bullets, but the high aims of the enemies and their ability to exploit the trenches maximum force us to focus on tactics, leaving little room for other points. Ended the first mission-flashbacks “we will again in this together with our beloved B-Company: Marlowe, Haggard, Sweets and Sergeant Redford would revert to the protagonists as always loads of humor and humorous banter about the events. Never before at this time the conflict between Russia and the United States is on a prominent member of the CIA and was taken prisoner, the work is not easy let alone clean and who else but our team will be dispatched to resolve this situation?
Compared with the first mission in which there is no trace of HUD from now on we will have a ‘more intuitive interface and rich in information, because in the lower corners of the screen space will find the counter of ammunition and a small tactical map that we will report targets and weapons by collecting scattered around the war zones. Compared to the past is lost medikit infinite need for treatment and consequently the life bar, this chapter of the health status of the player will be assessed according to the patches of blood on the screen will fade gradually if that will avoid entering fighting for an extended period of time. Our team from now on will enmeshed in the most intense battles and spectacular views this year on our monitors. Programmers are given a great deal to do to propose new and adrenaline and situations will change from desert landscapes to lush jungles to finish coming in from the arctic cold climate in which we run from house to house to not freeze to death in short, good ways to diversify the playing levels of the campaign, however, intended to last only six hours, leaving the poor player with a bitter taste and the desire to play again on the very high quality. To lengthen the gaming experience has been included in the maps radio stations to explode to get extra bonus level at the end of that range to replace the gold bars in the first Battlefield and powerful weapons that can be used in the campaign only if discovered their hiding place.

It ‘s time of Destruction!
Anything you’re looking on the battlefield as you know that tradition can be razed. While the singleplayer missions duran avenues for engagement in fighting the enemies are fairly linear plot to allow for development with twists and ambushes worthy of the best war movies, the complete opposite is true of gunfire which give maximum freedom to a player allowing him to attack enemies from all directions. Leveraging on the fact that all buildings are destructible, nothing will stop you equipped with a rocket launcher and blow up a house to take the enemy from behind, always keeping in mind however that although the fact that a concrete wall to collapse in head with a sniper enemy is also true and you must be very careful where you repair if you want to avoid getting buried under the rubble. This differs Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from all the most recent productions that take as their starting point from which systems secure shell fire and invulnerable to enemy fire. The firepower that Bad Company is capable of is devastating, their will be available to more than twenty different types of weapons and any weapon you find or ruberete forces of resistance will be recorded in your database and can be worn with you on the battlefield in the future. During the game you can only carry two different types of weapons as well as grenades and explosives will be given the opportunity to change equipment, supplies scattered through special funds for the war zones, with the one you most suited for the target .
Marlowe and Co., however, should not have it on foot and in fact in almost all missions there will be sections to do on board means of transport. The variety of these is considerable and ranges from the usual jeeps armed with machine guns on the back of the tanks, to jump to sections frenetic combat helicopters on board, only the vessels were excluded from the singleplayer campaign and made as special for matches Online.

Sand in the eyes
The part that most impressed us this Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is definitely the technique, the battles are a perfect example of how the tension can be given in a video game without necessarily having to use endless sections in the dark. The dust that is raised by the explosions or from snow storms we face reduces visibility and fear of falling into an ambush is always there making us jump in the case before us like an enemy unexpectedly. The environments have an incredible variety as mentioned at the beginning of the review and the landscape is reproduced with care: background you can see photo-realistic scenery around you while the battle ignites all that envelops the player in the history accomplice also a gripping storyline certainly, although unoriginal and a good characterization of the team that takes up literally being of every single member in the past. Polygonal models are of the same bill so egregious’ as those of the media assault of enemy soldiers who will perform different animations depending on the point of impact of projectiles.
The music that makes surround sound is appropriate and the department has excelled both in the explosion that background noise. During the shooting in open areas you can even hear the echo of their shots in the distance. A meticulous work also covers the dubbing in Italian, which incorporates the same voice actors of the first chapter devoted to reviving Marlowe’s companions and a pleasant dejavu.

The single player campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is just the tip of the iceberg, though it ends too quickly because you have a whole new game and a lot more durable to discover in the online mode. Set aside so our four protagonists you can join the fight in person, menus rapid disappearance in the selection of matches will be visible already in the main screen and give you the opportunity to try out four different game types with a maximum to 32 players. Conquest mode two opposing teams must capture a flag in the center of the map and maintain station to achieve the necessary points to win the game. There will then be the classic Team Deathmatch where you must kill fifty members of the team to get the win, taking care to defend a single armored vehicle in the center of the map, safe source of easy steps, and the Race mode, which we We extensively discussed in our preview. The latter type of game is very similar to this in the first chapter of Bad Company, except that here instead of gold, there will be precious to defend communication stations. You can take any of these modes choosing among four different classes each with strengths and well-defined roles, you can choose to be a sniper to kill enemies with shots from distance, gunfire for an attack in the heat of battle, an engineer equipped with rocket launchers and possibility to adjust the military or medical support class for excellence with heavy machine gun and the ability to revive fallen comrades. The decision on which class to play before you play will affect the progress of the severity of that fact for every kill or objective completed will earn experience points that allow you to pass grade and unlock better weapons and equipment. There is instead a global level that your ability to play and a specific level for each type of soldier, and if you continue to play with the assailant, for example, unlock bonus just for this class while the others remain stationary. For each there are seven more than a dozen unlockable weapons accessories such as grenades or land mines and endorsements for weapons that will allow you to add scopes or silencers more powerful. During your game you will be able to collect kits of equipment from corpses opponents style without changing thus inevitably wait for the respawn. There are also special weapons that are tied only to your level of play like the shotguns or light machine guns that can be selected as standard equipment regardless of class monitor. All these things together in addition to six maps per mode and DLC already planned for the future provide to online Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to prevail in the field of FPS and go to undermine the absolute leading position held until Modern Warfare today, thanks to support for dedicated servers, absent the last great chapter in the series competitor.

Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows XP
Processor: Core 2 Duo@2.0GHz
Memory: 2GB
Video Card: Graphics card with 256 MB (GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900)
DirectX ®: DirectX 9, 10 and 11 supported
Hard Drive: 15 GB

Recommended Requirements
OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad processor or higher
Memory: 2GB
Video Card: Graphics card with 512 MB (GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon 4870)
Supported Controllers: Logitech G15 and G19 LCDs multiplayer

DICE gives us a second time the adventures of B-Company in this sparkling and exciting new chapter better in every respect than its predecessor. The target is centered in the middle, the gameplay is frantic and full of twists, the graphics engine renovated and pumped up makes the battles immersive sound also helped by a fund management and artificial intelligence respectable.
Compared to the past are gone all serious defects: the boring medikit infinite respawn single campaign that did turn up our noses at more than one player has been replaced by an automatic regeneration of wounds that can keep you focused on actions War and the fixed checkpoint classic FPS.
The difficulty well balanced allowing the player having to undertake more excited to get out of situations but not stress forcing him to repeat it ad nauseum to be able to cope. Despite the short campaign, the multiplayer is the part that will keep you busy for most of the time you spend in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and that will give you a good longevity of the same: excellent from all points of view have online play varied and well thought-leveling system that can make you move continuously to unlock bonus benefited from useful once you get off the field.
A new benchmark for the FPS genre that saw its vote undermined only by a single-player campaign with only six hours leave a little ‘bitter taste in the mouth once completed but we can say almost perfect in all other points of view.

Assassin’s Creed II PC Game Analysis

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Assassin’s Creed was one of those titles that, despite questionable gameplay choices, has created around himself a great number of admirers, also thanks to that style a bit ‘cool that has characterized the entire production and, above all, charisma of his character, Altair. After the announcement of sequels, many gamers have begun to show an almost maniacal level of expectation and unconditional. About two years since the release of the first chapter and four months of the second console, we are here to do Spaziogames of PC users know if all this waiting is worth it.

The Italian murderess
The story of Assassin’s Creed II to resume where they were interrupted in the first chapter, then, assuming again the role of Desmond good. This time, however, his alter ego is higher, but a new all-Italian ancestor: Ezio Auditor. The character in question is presented first as a boy all a bit ‘arrogant, in whose veins runs the blood of the noble Florentine family Auditore. A carefree and happy life to its lush Ezio Renaissance Florence, but his peace is soon interrupted by a plot concocted against De Medici ruling family, which also involves the family Auditore. After some events, we will not reveal, the protagonist sees his dying father and two brothers. Ezio, moved by anger and revenge, wants to take the law into its own and, wearing the clothes of the assassin discovered in an old trunk of his father John, who was actually a murderess, moves in search of all the conspirators to make literally square clean. A strong plot, which includes an orderly and never boring plot twists, intrigue deep and rich characters, also thanks to important meetings such as those with Leonardo da Vinci and Lorenzo de Medici, the gaming experience that transmits historical aftertaste makes it even more fascinating adventure Ezio.

Murderess 2.0
The game mechanics so much criticism of the first chapter have been revised in its entirety and can carry the player in a flurry of actions always different and very fluid, which avoids the unpleasant sensation of “doing the same thing.” Starting from the fighting immediately notice a greater variety of movements, new moves, counter moves and the ability to disarm the enemy or dodge. According to the guards that Ezio encounters along its path, you can decide what strategy to attack, thus changing the approach of attack from time to time. The enemy, as in the first chapter, an attack at a time, but this is considered, rather than a defect, just a stylistic choice not to create too much chaos adopted during the fighting and thus enhance the evolution of Ezio and the stealth feature of game, thus avoiding too much experience to simulate that action would be beneficial to the spirit of the title. The weaponry available is very varied and, in addition to weapons murderess Leonardo provides Ezio during the course of the adventure, such as blades hidden, there are many other instruments of death and armor that increase the maximum level of living. These plates will then be repaired from time to time, otherwise, the gain made by them will be less vital. In order to obtain these weapons is, of course, need money you can get robbed or completing the various missions. There is also an alternative way to further increase revenues: it is an economic system based on income housing Ezio, Villa Moteriggioni, which will produce fixed income investing in the village through the restructuring that will raise the rent. This villa can offer other interesting features, as well as to act as a catalyst for money, for example, you can decorate with different works of art like paintings purchased in some shops. During the raids Ezio is possible, since we are still talking about a murderess, evade the guards mingling among the crowd, passing on the roofs or using the aid of mercenaries courtesans or distract the guards, leaving the way free. Although this feature than previously, has been more thoroughly giving the possibility to choose different strategies depending on the situation of the game and making himself very multifaceted and fun. It’s really admirable the efforts made by Ubisoft to make the gameplay more varied and the secret recipe that led to this result is mainly composed of two components: free roaming RPG. Some small element borrowed from these two genres, perhaps conceptually different from what was originally the nature of Assassin’s Creed, it was really helpful in mitigating the obvious limitations inherent in the gameplay of this brand.

Assassin’s Style
The graphic style is one of the hallmarks of this brand, and in this second chapter is further highlighted by, above all, a colossal amount of graphic detail and higher than the first iteration, and a painstaking and faithful representation of our favorite Italian cities , a symbol of cultural and artistic wealth in this game shines through in a striking and plausible. There are, however, a few drops of style, such as polygonal models approximate the marginal characters, and other small technical uncertainties that could have been better treated since the blazon of the title. Regarding the fluidity, the game runs very well without any problems even on non-performing too, reaching a good compromise between performance and graphics quality. A comparison with the console versions, we can confirm that this version has a cleaner and more defined graphical detail, and the problem of the effect pop-up was slightly content, as was to be expected. Even the audio industry stands at a high level, with a dubbed Italian un’effettistica well played and very well sampled.

The shadow of Starforce
The PC version of Assassin’s Creed II brings (along with the title naval Silent Hunter 5) a new system for anti piracy. It is a DRM that requires the player must access the server Ubi.com, and stay connected to the network to play, much like Steam. Ubisoft has done even more: the progress is not saved on your hard drive, but there are in the database server at Ubisoft. The problem arises when, if for any reason, the servers were to jump (as has already happened among others): this will make it practically impossible to play the game in question. Not questioning the good faith of Ubisoft that, indeed, is to be admired for his strength of will to put a spanner in piracy, it is inevitable to admit that this DRM is invasive. Now gamers honest, after waiting so long to get our hands on Assassin’s Creed II, found themselves having to deal with a protection that puts into question even the first right of every video game play.

Minimum Requirements:
– OS: Windows XP (32-64 bits), Windows Vista (32-64 bits) Windows 7 (32-64 bits)
– Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.4GHZ RAM: 1.5 GB Windows XP / 2 GB Windows Vista – Windows 7
– Video card: 256 MB, DirectX 9.0 compliant card with Shader Model 3.0 or higher
– Sound Card: DirectX 9.0-compliant sound card DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0
– HDD Space: 8GB
– Supported Devices: keyboard, mouse, controller

Recommended System Requirements:
– CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 + or higher
– Video card: GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 4700 or higher
– Audio: 5.1
– Peripherals: keyboard, mouse, controller (Xbox 360 controller recommended)
– Video card: ATI Radeon X1950, HD series or NVIDIA GeForce 2000/3000/4000/5000 Series 7/8/9/100/200

The bitter murderess of the first chapter is now a dim memory and now the brand of Assassin’s Creed has reached its full maturation gaming. This is achieved through a well diversified gameplay, which borrowed elements and free-roaming RPG, amalgamating with the right amount in a beautiful blend. Also, do not forget a deep texture with well defined characters and settings that launch the player in the splendid Renaissance Italy, among other well-preserved. Certainly a title that can not miss in any game room PC gamer. But we decided to lower the rating a few points compared to the console version because of problems related to the protection system (forcing the player to a permanent internet connection), and for almost four months late that have brought no real news except the presence of two DLC but that seem more a sop.