Star Trek Online PC 2010

In games on June 15, 2010 at 2:39 pm

How many lovers of the famous saga created by Gene Rodenberry dreams to live the adventures of their favorite characters? Regardless of the saga and / or movies many have imagined sitting on easy, do not always tell the truth, captain’s chair and travel to their ship in the depths of the cosmos. Well today, the Cryptic Studios have made possible thanks to their MMORPG called Star Trek Online. Spaziogames us we have tried and thrown into the unknown for you, follow us in this analysis, we will take you into the depths of this MMORPG, exploring new forms of life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no gamer has gone before.

Two, Five, King of Clubs … STO!
We tried to play around ‘with the abbreviation of Star Trek Online and came out a bad joke. Fortunately, then, that we are not comedians, but we begin to talk about the game. It is now thirty years after the events narrated in the film “Nemesis”, the crisis of the empire created a power vacuum Romulan and Klingon on the occasion to expand their empire, this also add in the constant threat of the Borg and you’ll get a ‘idea of what the Fed has to face trouble.
As usual, the first step is the creation of the character, we choose one of the top three classes (science, engineering and tactics) and race among those available. The choice of class will give access to a range of features and specific skills, which are, however, a lot, so we will be able to “evolve” our character as we want as much as possible and adapt to our style of play. Then, once given a name to our virtual alter ego and our ship, we launch ourselves in the tutorial.
We thus find ourselves in the midst of a battle that sees the Fed deal with the Borg always present. Already in these early stages we will see is the best part of Star Trek Online to that, ultimately, the worst. Let’s start off with what we did a little ‘disappointed. During the first part of the mission, we find ourselves in a vessel in order to save the attack of the aforementioned Borg. The control system is a mix between that of a classic MMORPG and an unsuccessful action. Everything is controlled from the keyboard with the classic combination of keys WASD for movement (or arrows), while “ability” can be activated using the number keys. Is clear, nothing earth-shattering, it is mostly of two types of firearms (main and secondary) and attack in melee. The fighting itself has a minimum of tactics, such will be important to try to hit the enemy at the side or behind to make greater damage, but soon you realize that everything is resolved by pressing the button to fire the main guns at waiting to use the secondary to do more damage.

We enter Curvature
As mentioned previously, the title has another section of a different thickness and far more satisfying than when you walk. Often you will find yourself at the controls of your ship and it is here that Star Trek Online to be the best of. The controls are very similar to those used in the walk, you can decide the rolling and pitching, in addition to providing power to the engines or not. But do not let that affect not think you can fly freely in space like a butterfly among the flowers, we are still moving instill something almost as big as the San Siro and the ship will not let us present, especially during the “famous” evasive maneuvers. The fighting between the ships appear to be quite tactical, recalling in some ways, what has been able to see in Starfleet Command, although everything is much more simplified. It will be important to properly maneuver the vessel so as not to leave the hull exposed to enemy fire, possibly by increasing the shield turns to our rival. While we try to hit the enemy ship reminding us that every weapon has its range. During the fight we are to manage the energy of the ship, giving power to various devices in order to have more speed, more power to the engines or weapons, of course, sacrificing the rest.
Unfortunately at this stage has some minor glitches, to be close to a ship while it explodes, can cause the destruction of our own, but hitting objects or asteroids cause no harm either. However, this appears as a “mistake of youth” and we think that will be corrected with some future patch.

Walking around the galaxy
Already tutorial will begin to put on our crew, these PNG will be very important both during the ship that those on foot. The planets will assist us during the conflicts and even if we can not directly decide their actions, artificial intelligence will cause them to act more or less constructive for the clash, although, to be honest, sometimes it seems that these they just shoot all the enemies that happen to shoot without worrying if sometimes we throw a grenade at his feet. On ships, however, are other important qualities and these will affect the management of the vessel and its equipment.
The quests take place in open instances, in other words we will be in addition to the entire server. This is interesting because, especially in combat with the ships, the presence of many vessels makes it very choreographed, but the risk is that he should be running towards our goal to fire a single shot, just to say “I I was there “and have a notification of completion of quests.
During the main story we choose to support the reasons for the Federation or the Klingons and those based on our choice we will relate differently to different situations, in other words we will be more choices if the diplomatic side of the federation and a more “direct” if we choose the Klingons.
As for the missions, they occur quite varied, ranging from the Commons, the quest to rescue or simply browsing. The problem is that we always end up fighting and it distorts a bit ‘the spirit of Star Trek.
Technically we are faced with a title above average, with ship models recreated in great detail to resemble the counterparts seen in various television series. The same applies to the character models which, however, slightly lower the aesthetic quality of the product with the movement to limit awkwardness. In her master is by the sensational, Cryptic Studios appears to have played well with the colors and lights to give fullness to the light sources and mark the contrast with the prevailing darkness. The sound, however, incorporates the effects and music typical of the saga, this forced choice, surely will delight fans of Star Trek, but may leave some ‘indifferent to others in any event, the sector plays its role in sound acceptable manner.

OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 3800 + (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 / AMD Athlon X2 5600 +)
RAM: 1Gb (2Gb recommended)
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 7950 / ATI Radeon X1800 (recommended Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3850)
HD: 10 GB of free space
DirectX version 9.0 or higher

This is a critical moment, or to draw conclusions and give a review of Star Trek Online. It would be much easier if the game was horrible but Star Trek Online is not a bad title, but rather has elements that make it a very interesting product. Sessions on the ship are very well researched and original, among the advantages is also very impressive graphics and a sound that will delight fans. Unfortunately, we can not always play on the ship, and when to get off the ground you will notice the defect that could nip, the fighting at this stage, are too unwieldy and become even more funny because of the bizarre movements of the characters . Last note is the unified chat with Champions Online, this can be handy to talk to other friends regardless if you are not the same game, but it also threatens to create some ‘overcrowding’. Star Trek Online finally manage to snatch a deserved enough, recommended for hardcore fans of the series and those are really convinced of what to buy, for all other advise to wait a bit ‘of time and see how it evolves.


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