Aliens vs. Predator PC

In games on June 20, 2010 at 1:11 pm

Ever since back in 1990 appeared at the end of the film Predator 2, a trophy of an alien, all the fans of both sci-fi saga ever dreamed of a more violent confrontation between the two space monsters. Rebellion in the early 2000s suggested two FPS titles that brought this confrontation to reality also involving humans, leaving the player the ability to impersonate the race most congenial to him. After almost 10 years, two different movies and video games products of dubious quality, we are talking about a new chapter of Aliens vs. Predator that there is proposed inserting a new survival mode, multiplayer options and the classic single-player campaign divided into three parties.

Marine at attention
Today perhaps she should not get up from bed, we are at our first official duty in the Marines and we are going in a colony just xenomorfi attacked by aliens, say a walk. Just left our base, however, a space alien ship appears from nowhere and explodes, in a hurry to get ready an emergency landing on the planet below and from here on things go from bad to worse. During the trip we hit a box on his head and we will wake up alone, dazed and armed only with a pistol in a field hospital. Here we will be contacted by our caposquadriglia that there will be a meeting point: unfortunately, the situation in the colony is worse than expected, the aliens have sabotaged our defenses and we will get away alone to escape from this hell. Hal Edison in the shoes of the soldier will live this adventure with the constant feeling of being hunted down and our motion detector will only increase anxiety beeps for everything that moves, even for a simple door that opens. The dark and claustrophobic environments that accompany us most of the campaign will be illuminated by our light flares (available in unlimited supply), mounted on the torch all the weapons and explosions of shots. The arsenal at our disposal is included in the classic nautical seen in the movie Aliens: a single-shot pistol with bullets infinite, with the ability to shoot three in quick succession with the minor hit, a machine gun with grenade launcher, a shotgun ; a flamethrower with which we can also sprinkle petrol walls and floors and cause fires controlled for short periods of time, a sniper rifle that will also enable us to see enemies through walls, the smartgun, heavy machine gun with both hands aims Automatic.
We bring with us a maximum of two weapons in addition to the gun, while using the smartgun we leave everything to the ground. The tactical helmet we wear will keep us updated on the objectives to be achieved, the ammunition in our possession and our health that can be recharged at any time provided you have a health kit following. We also have two special moves to disengage from close combat: the first is the shot that will allow us to run for short distances and put between us and alien a few feet before you start shooting, while the second hit with the butt of ‘ weapon that will stagger for a moment our enemy.

The queen is calling us
You are the dog of the Wayland-Yutani corporation, selected from dozens of copies of your own species are the result of more intelligent and therefore marked with the number six and made him part of a secret military project. The imprisonment, however, is not to your liking so when a general blackout will create the perfect opportunity for you to escape from the lab and get revenge on unsuspecting doctors take this chance to fly. Although not as numerous as those of marine and technology such as the Predator, Alien also as you have two equally lethal weapons: your claws and your tail, while the former will be used to attack the fast Tailed will be a slow but devastating attack capable of breaking the enemy knocking him to the parade ground. The gaming experience with the alien is profoundly different from that experienced by humans, therefore pass from feeling hounded at every turn yourself to become silent and deadly hunter who have feared during the early part of the country ‘s total lack of care will force you to play with caution and plan in detail every single attack since launching the fray on the target will inevitably cause your death. The vision of the alien gives you the perception of pheromones enemies even in complete darkness, then break the light sources will bring significant benefits and will also carry out attacks silent able to take out your targets with one shot. If you run one of these attacks on an enemy tank, it will leave a short animation violent killing while if the target of aggression will be an unarmed civilian, you can hold it while the facehugger an embryo implanted in the chest. In both cases, however, become an easy target having your inability to do anything else during this short period of time and you must wait for the right moment to draw the victim or in some dark corner to be unscathed. To attract them you can deliver the hiss characteristic of the alien that will allow you to take the enemy by surprise or cadendogli hitting behind him from the ceiling. As in previous Aliens vs. Predator, here you will by pressing the middle mouse button also use trenches and walls and ceilings as the viewfinder in the center of the screen will tell you on that side of the room you are walking. There will also be given the chance to race at high speed by pressing the appropriate button, good for quick escapes quickly or reduce the distance from your unfortunate prey.

Hunters become
Playing the campaign of the Predator, the gameplay becomes a sort of fusion of the two previous years. Our task will be to become an elite sportsman and so, after a brief tutorial on aiming laser gun on his shoulder and hand to hand combat, we will be sent together with our brothers in den hunting aliens. Unfortunately, humans intruded and we will have to battle both races on a planet unknown to us. Our puissance physical and hyper we put our equipment, however in a position to reach our goal easily, allowing us to approach this adventure in two different ways. With wrist blades and shock resistant than any other species, we throw ourselves into the fray very often and almost always come out winners after a few shots. Only artillery sets must be circumvented to avoid the worst but with the ability to run long jump and move so well on the trees do not represent a problem worthy of note. If you do not want to face all the enemies of breast can approach this campaign with the invisibility and placing mines on the path of energy from marine or shooting leaves due to energy weapons which you possess. These unfortunately have a very limited office and after a few shots you go looking for power generators from which recharge. Like Alien, but you will have the opportunity to distract the humans and make them go even a spot near you playing the voice of another soldier. Your helmet in addition to reporting energy and life remaining will receive information directly from the ship, which parent will guide you during your initiation. This will also let you turn on the heat vision that will reveal the presence of living beings in low light conditions.

Three separate campaigns, several problems in common.
After having given a detailed overview of the singleplayer campaigns, we now consider the problems that afflict it. All three campaigns, despite ricalchino perfectly the atmosphere of the film, suffering from a plot so trite and predictable that you will have seen all of those who know at least a little ‘universe of the Aliens vs. Predator. Gaming experiences of alien marine and lost, compared to the preceding chapters, the attention to detail that had been placed. The first feeling claustrophobic and terror is softened by having bullets for the pistol and flares lighting infinities never leave the player with the fear of finding an alien in a dark corner that hit you by surprise or determination having the shots for fear of finish them at a crucial moment. In the alienation, however, are already an adult. This does not undermine the quality of the campaign itself but leaves with the nostalgic memories of when they could even impersonate a facehugger and then pursue growth as in the Alien vs. Predator 2. The meetings with both the marine predator to occur only as the alien fights end level bosses to defeat as presented in the story and to continue with their own energy bar. This will disappoint those who expected more fighting with them but can actually write a real importance to strong confrontations with hunters universe. What emerges is the very best adventure of the predator that, thanks to new features like the ability to jump on the trees, find new life to evolve than before giving the player several game options. Unfortunately here we have the inverse problem of our marine and energy weapons will consume too much ammunition, which will force us all too often come into close combat or go to the desperate search for energy generation. While exploring the various areas of game we come across precious trophies (ten for each map) that if all crops will reward in-depth features on the plot, as another way to stretch a little ‘campaigns that are still lasting total of about ten hours.

I would have preferred an armor made with the screen of this computer …
The graphics department of Alien vs Predator is lower than more recent productions for the PC. Notwithstanding Sections sfoggino outdoor graphics respectable would have done better with animation, the variety of textures and interaction with the environment. Very little of everything you see when your games will be destroyed, shoot a monitor for example, or give him a bite will just move it, then forget windows are broken or parts of plants that fall, everything you see remain exactly in its place whatever the tirerete against. The moves end of introduction aliens are nice but soon get bored and become a problem since you’ll be a fun under fire while civilians executed. Too bad because the idea of being able to get a facehugger the unfortunate civilians was good and could be developed much better than leaving an end in itself, these also highlight the shortage of human facial models for revealing the player too often used faces. The shift in fan ventilation could be done with greater fluidity, choosing instead to go we can only interact with them by pressing and slows down the game mechanics breaking the speed of travel and movement of alienation. The total inability to kneel with both the marine predator that reduces much of the shelters available in the maps forcing the player to run around columns or tall buildings to avoid being hit in the chest and frankly the choice not to include a key to squat escapes us completely. The IA of alien surprised us in a positive way, they will move from light sources trying to hide and exploit ceilings and walls to attack from behind, the same unfortunately can not be said of their human counterparts as the most Sometimes you will find them dazed looking through the walls waiting for your movement or repeatedly fall into your trap without realizing that their comrades gradually disappear.

Rebellion has included in addition to three different single player campaigns as well as seven different multiplayer modes. In addition to the classic Team Deathmatch, all against all and one where the contestants will be divided by space races are also new ideas – Infestation A player will play an alien warrior and will face several marine As the match will proceed to sea become alien killed themselves until it will remain only a decree ‘the winner of Predator Hunting One predator elites will exterminate all opponents while he will have to organize to survive his assault, carrying out the killings predator will gain valuable time to continue to kill. We play in this survival mode in both singleplayer and cooperative multiplayer version and will consist primarily to resist for as long possible with the marines for an assault alien. More ‘time passes and the waves are more dangerous and many, our only source of salvation in this case will be our companions and equipment scattered in the two maps available. Unlike the typical fps where the aim is king in Alien vs. Predator we will most often engaged in melee combat, unfortunately, here as previously mentioned the animations are slow and articulate and forcing the player to respites sustained during the clashes which will enable those who comes to kill the unfortunate engaged in a duel without much effort. The multiplayer is still fun being able to make sense and the diversification of the three races available so egregious, the balance will be guaranteed the same host that also have the ability to reduce the combat effectiveness of predator or make even the most deadly alien . Playing ranked matches online unlock new skins for your characters and have already planned the menu for new DLC that we bet will not be long in coming.

OS: Windows XP / Vista
Processor: 3.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM (XP) / 2 GB RAM (Vista)
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible 128 MB RAM (NVIDIA 7900 or better, ATI X1800 or better)
Hard Drive: 4.6 GB free space for installation
DirectX ®: DirectX 9.0c

If the vote of a video game was based only on the early stages of game Alien vs Predator would be brought home safely excellence, the first levels with marine faithfully reproduce all the atmosphere of tension that is breathed in the early episodes. Music and sounds respectable sound effects taken directly from the various films are the perfect side dish to aliens who emerge from the air inlet port, stormed the barricades in the colony and cut-scenes from clinging to the chair. Unfortunately it just takes a moment to familiarize yourself with the game you realize that the rescue package to checkpoint (can be disabled only in nightmare mode), flares and infinite bullets for the gun too much damage to a player making security so ‘what must be experience the terror of a frightening shootout that has little or nothing. On the technical side the game has unfortunately not much to say. The much vaunted Dx11 applied to the PC version can not bear the title SEGA to the splendor it deserves, the interaction with the environment is reduced and the bone except for polygonal models, the rest comes to unprecedented levels as we expected. The animations of the killing is with alien predator that with too many slow the frenetic pace of the game making it difficult handling of the fighting during multiplayer sessions.
These can involve the same thanks to some new modes and levels in the cooperative are always very fun focusing on the immediacy, but lacks the depth present in the latest FPS.
Summing up, Alien vs Predator is by no means a poor title, but it brings nothing new in the saga also remained anchored to a trivial and obvious plot for all three races. Fans of the series still managed to enjoy it for what it is but will be disappointed to see that Rebellion occurred in a game without any real development, if not in the graphics, compared to that vaunted Alien vs. Predator 2, which made inroads into the heart players of the past decade.


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