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Weekly summary of news 2010 October

In games on October 31, 2010 at 9:17 pm

Fear is a natural response into the unknown. That is why, in the dark, not walked fast because we are afraid of something we stalk, but that we are fearful of not able to recognize the potential danger. This us anguish, but also fills us with courage. Because confront fears is to overcome the unknown. It is the light that illuminates the darkness. Light stabilizer and the modem. Or is that technology helps us to be braver! Do you not believe me?Read the ten most important week news and get rid of fear forever!

(10) Sweet or trick?: BitDefender security company has alerted the Win32.Worm.Prolaco, worm which distributes primarily through e-mails that attach an alleged card Halloween, inject code in your browser that records everything that the user type during your surfing, thus accessing confidential data such as account numbers, Bank or email passwords.According to specialists the virus would be capable of infecting different countries who end up taking an Anglo-Saxon feast as his own. Ah, I do not, confundí: ESO is Halloween!

(9) Lady video: this week, American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga reached 1 billion videos viewed on YouTube.Their music videos, including the songs “Bad Romance”, “Alexander” or “Telephone” have accumulated such figure on the official channel of singer has videos Portal Vevo. It is incredible that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta reached such popularity by so many people watching their videos… for knowing if you have pochola or pichufo!

He rocketed to a friend Lady Gaga was a woman… that he had very good beard.

(8) Computer theft terciarizados: as head of group crime telematics civil guard, Juan Salom, new crimes on the Internet committed often ignorant in new technologies. Security specialist also stated the organized groups that abuse Internet prefer to buy the necessary technology to defraud instead of having computer experts within its ranks to run his misdeeds “hackers”. Thieves to ask: do not want to hire my grandmother, who each time you use your computer is capable of secret files of the FBI without knowing which buttons to enter played?

(7) Dismissing an amigo: Japanese company Sony confirmed that no longer produce the mythical Walkman, 31 years after the launch of the first model of this revolutionary device. Described by Sony as “product of the century”, player is still marketed abroad until you run out of stock.The firm calculates having sold more than 220 million Walkman in the world for three decades.However, users are wondering what to do with all accumulated cassettes. A new pyramid of Cheops Another Chinese wall?A new Buckingham Palace? The vote newborn begins!

So ugly could be a new Cheops pyramid made of cassettes.

(6) The fastest mundo: Chinese engineers claim to have developed the fastest supercomputer in the world. The computer named “Tianhe-1”, found in the national centre of the city of Tianjin, 150 km east of Beijing, supercomputing is able to calculate 2,500 trillion operations per second (2.5 petaflops per second), which would exceed the 1.75 which until now holds first place, the American Cray Jaguar.I have one question to make: I pay it to play the new Medal of honor?

(5) Virtual engineer: El Institute of research of the University of Portsmouth (IIR), England, has presented an artificial system able to detect machinery failures before they occur.Since the University presented the launch as a future revolution for industrial machinery. Now only need them to invent a machine repair these other machines and voilá: Skynet is founded and an army of Terminators takes over the world!

Virtual assembly line to monitor engineer.

(4) Jurisdiction of famous: the CNET web reported that the social network Facebook premiering the end of this week “FanSwarm”, a game that will allow users to choose a team of famous and compete with friends in a League of popularity. The score depends on the number of times that the name of a personality appears mentioned Twitter or blog, so more than the professional activity, the game will measure interest arising from the life of the famous.This means that we now wish without remorse that Lindsay Lohan is it carry a extraterrestrials, Paris Hilton lose his entire Fortune and that Megan Fox quit you a grain in the middle of the face (unless you’re girlfriend with me, clear).

(3) Mark invites: Mashable.com news blog reported that you between April and June of this year, Facebook paid dinners to lobby the authorities of the State of California seeking not to carry out the “Social Networking Prinvacy Act”, a draft law that picks up the need to impose sanctions on social networks stop to view address and the telephone number of persons under 18 years of civilian. But no, guys… you know complicated which is find girlfriend with so much work? Insurance Mark wanted to arrange a romantic dinner with any staff member!

(2) Play at work: at a Conference in Seville to entrepreneurs in information technology and communication, the director of testing of Microsoft Corporation in United States, Ross Smith, has today defended the use of video games in jobs as a way of learning and to make the people who develop repetitive work day more fun.That is why, in the porn industry have incorporated consoles to improve the productividad… what O was in industry development consoles which have permitido…?Guau!This doubt I just give eager to get any of the two jobs!

(1) Early technician: an Egyptian child 11 years called Mahmud Wael has become Microsoft technician through its ability to resolve complex calculations in seconds and move seamlessly through computer networks.Mahmoud has an IQ of 155 points and matriculated at age nine in the prestigious American University in Cairo.The company of Bill Gates used this engagement to improve the skills of its staff of employees: handed out rattles, diapers and bottles engineers because, according to the founder of Microsoft, “neither a baby had launched Windows Vista”.

Microsoft employee at the presentation of Windows Vista.

Do you see?Only a little light enough to recognize the world around us.So tell technology by all its acidic lights that help us to face up to what is hidden in the darkness of our home.Until next week.Adieu!


LOST PC Game Review

In games on October 31, 2010 at 9:33 am

Analysis: Lost: Via Domus

Adventure, suspense, puzzles … The passengers of Flight 815 premiere and videogame character.
Lost, probably the best series of adventures of recent years, and have video game for PC. Sounds interesting, right? Well it is … more or less.
There is in the interactive entertainment industry very common stream becomes almost mandatory step for any movie or series of successful video game world. Among the usual cycle are adaptations that are a success while others, again, failed miserably.

This is more or less, the case of the Lost video game. A title we hoped very curious 3DJuegos for exceptional basic material with which it had, and being behind its development Ubisoft, one of the brightest companies today, and it finally be a game that plays in some respects but disappoints in others.

LOST PC Game Review
The result is unfortunately a slow game, short and too low a difficulty. With exceptional production values and very well finished in artistic terms, but with a very serious problem, given his more than questionable playable.

“Guys … Where Are We?”
It is difficult to think like a show like Lost, endowed with a wealth of plots and subplots really exciting, can be converted into a game as conventional crude in its argument as Lost, the video game.

In the game play a character, amnesiac anonymous, which must accompany your journey to get out alive on the island and, incidentally, to clarify aspects of the dark past that haunts him in the form of personal demons, and to mix with a dark web of investigative journalism and biological weapons.

It is worthy of Ubisoft’s intention to introduce a new character in the formidable array of characters in the series. Sadly your story is, by far the least exciting of many, for example, told us about in the television version.

The hero, a photographer, is somewhat atypical of what was expected and has in the past with some very questionable ethical decisions that provide it with some interest. But hardly exploits this aspect, and the confusing plot wanders aimlessly through a barren storyline that mixes the journalistic rigor and the black arts of the trade with a terrorist conspiracy that did not get to know any details.

The game counts among its successes the development proposing a chapter that is directly linked to the episodic character of the series. Unfortunately the good idea is precisely that, in a sense, because the plot ellipses between each of these blocks are so brutal that it is hard not to feel completely disoriented at the end one and start the next.

Finally the end of the game, and non-revealing anything important, is disguised as an ethical debate among our peers save us or to escape the island. Unfortunately this is just a camouflage, because although this is how we paint the situation, we have no choice but to do good, ending the game with any of the other alternatives.

This finish gives the hero a component of redemption that takes away something of interest to all, and the epilogue that closes the game is really confusing and meaningless.

Beach & Survivors
Lost the pc game, have the same problem that often plague the adaptations of movies or video games, and is to want to play too many genres at once. Via Domus offers up to five completely different playable sides, and sadly do not work too well, either separately or as a set for consolidation into a memorable gaming experience.

Each of the seven chapters of the Lost pc game is virtually identical patterns. First we would talk with the survivors to find out the mission which will focus on the “episode”, then travels to the site in question facing any danger, you get to a quieter location where you solve a puzzle, you live a first-person recollection, in two chapters, there are action scenes.

When dissecting each of these styles of play must begin by opening each episode, conversations. The beach camp is the place usually starts and is where we come in contact with some of the characters of the series in virtual version.

The weak performance of these dialogues and make pointless conversations with the characters speak a little to avoid punishment but, after all, a necessary ordeal. The dialogues are chosen from different questions that we offered to consult with the other NPCs, but the answers are in most cases with vague and useless which makes no sense once we have been talking with the goal of each mission . Visual level implementation method uses flat-reverse shot, but not well implemented and produces normal a few seconds delay in the transitions, very upset by delays hamper the already slow pace of the title if that force us to abuse button intended to “leapfrog” the conversation.

Apart from the talks also have the ability to interact with other characters talking. As you wander through the island is common to find fruit, preserves and various valuables that can be redeemed for other items. The remaining items offered are completely dispensable.

“In previous chapters …”
The only playable section title right can not be seen completely redeemed by the production values but, as we have described above, these are really cares, and Lost, the video game title is a very competent both in visual and in the sound.

We’re not just before a game with graphics that take away the hiccups, but the fact is that in technology meets the release significantly. The characters, both primary and secondary, are the most well-treated in their models, although less so in their animations are somewhat robotic-except for the hero that moves naturally.

The island, the true protagonist of the game, is also remarkably portrayed. Natural environments are very colorful and it works, and the interior, although most notorious accused of poverty of the textures, too convincing.

The Xbox 360 version is slightly higher than the PC in the purely technical since the smoothed saw tooth is more care and treatment is much more defined shadows.

The game, on the other hand, has too many problems to be stable in their rate of frames per second, despite some significant falls recorded at specific times. On the other hand clipping problems abound, and moving the camera violently unpleasant defects are recorded vertical sync.

In the accompanying audio soundtrack to perfection, both in times of stress and in the most calm, and localization into Spanish is good, including most of the voices for dubbing the series in our country.

Valuation of the PC game Lost: Via Domus
Lost is a new example in the list of attempts to transfer movies and video games, this time with reasonable success. The game proves to be a rehash of gender unsatisfactory, and play too many styles at once without going to convince any of them, but the whole is something more substantial than it appears, and has a reasonable ability to stay glued to the screen. Despite its difficulty is very low, the puzzles are repetitive and the game is the short duration of just over 5 hours with no incentive to push play again once completed. A game that is right for the fans of the series and we are still waiting for the LOST 2011 PC Game.

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