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ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead

In games on November 30, 2010 at 1:35 pm

*Release Date: June 29, 2010

After more than a year after the mass market ArmA 2, here come his first stand-alone expansion: Operation Arrowhead. For those not familiar with the original game is one of the most complete and best war games available today. The way it differs greatly from most FPS on the market because of its high realism, making him a game for only a few. Bohemia Interactive will be managed through the issuance of this new chapter to improve the flaws that plagued its predecessor?

*Developer: Bohemia Interactive
*Distributor: Halifax
*Players: Online Multiplayer
*PC Game Trek Online Magazine For Latest PC Games

War is war everywhere
Three years after the events in the state of the Soviet Chernarus told in ArmA 2 (PC), a new outbreak of fighting is kindled in the desert Takistano and a coalition of forces commanded by the U.S. military is bringing the place to restore peace and to minimize losses among civilians. The Takistan is an imaginary country but closely resembles both in morphology of the landscape for geographic location, the current Afghanistan. Choosing a location dummy developer Bohemia Interactive could forge the plot of his title at will avoid having to rely on real events. This has created a campaign that will cover varied through nine missions, different roles in the armed forces, from simple infantry until you get to pilot a tank or helicopter.
The first task will be assigned will be to make a clean sweep of the rebel forces at an airport and take control. A rocking music will accompany your flight arrival in the hot area, no time to get off the helicopter that the voices of your teammates you will report the enemies approaching, their position and the distance you just throw in the collision. The high simulation title will force you to come closer to your targets carefully, trying to exploit all possible shelters. AI enemies do not always respond appropriately to situations that will be created. The problems encountered during our preview unfortunately were not corrected in the middle of firefights over a long distance throw the enemy to the ground, sometimes in the middle of nowhere immobile for several seconds, thus giving us time to take aim at accurate and safe target shooting again. The problem is known even more about them when there are obvious cases such as shelters or vehicles behind which to hide prefer making the most of the time however the option to lie down or just approach them. In the clashes over medium distances but the AI seems more receptive and able to get in trouble much more easily. Forget then to be able to launch into action shooting lonely because even one bullet, if well placed, it can kill you. Then you will be required to interact proactively with the rest of your team, follow orders and try to attack always in numerical superiority. The latitude given by the children of Bohemia Interactive as regards the completion of objectives is still the highest level. The battlefield of Operation Arrowhead is alive and pulsating life of its own, once a task to complete the streets from which the fighting will hire at your discretion. Often happen that the mercenary on a mission you complete objectives for you if left undisturbed, increasing even more if possible implication arising from the battles. Every action has a direct impact on the development of the plot, some are linked in a veiled way to succeed in tasks to complete while others will be much more pronounced as you will be asked directly as to achieve a target list with many possibilities to choose from.

Many possibilities and infinite space the maps are huge, we talk almost 300 km of territory, divided into three main zones: the desert, featuring wide open spaces and consequently few covers, the mountainous area of Takistan, where ambushes and sniping from the hills will be on the day and the city of Zargabad ideal place for lovers of short skirmishes. The variety of maps and situations make only the first small part of the immense amount of options that comes with Operation Arrowhead. Will be available to us assault rifles like the M16 or FN FAL rifles and precision as the M110, but also Apache helicopters and Bradley tanks to name a few of over 300 articles and resources that we use. To learn how to drive various vehicles and use all the possibilities offered by rich interface like ArmA 2 PC Game: Operation Arrowhead comes to our rescue a substantial tutorial consists of 15 missions that will teach everything needed to enjoy the tranquility of product. Each individual is different equipment just like in reality everyone else here then reappear with the arrogance of the high component simulation title, each weapon has a recharge time, a recoil and a specific rate of fire and he will be the player to learn all the strengths of the various guns. To experience all items have been included how precious Armory, here we choose a vehicle (including even the newest media remote-controlled UAVs) and weapons at our disposal and turn freely for a map. Occasionally there will be required to complete certain objectives which, if successfully completed, we will provide bonus points required to unlock new equipment. Missions usually consist of moving targets in the center or guard against a sudden attack when you are testing a weapon and will most likely be entrusted with escort missions or attack against the urban areas where we board a vehicle. This mode does not miss anything and you can really prove anything in the game including goats and chickens (yes, you read that right). The major innovations introduced in the field of equipment are mainly two: the first is a new method of thermal imaging (called FLIR) for night missions, through which you can distinguish the various means by enemies only left traces of heat, as well as whether the vehicles were moved recently due to possible heat from the engine while the second is the modular backpack that allows a comfortable ordering all the equipment that we carry with us. The new bag will be necessary during longer missions when players have the desire to change often the best weapon to adapt to orders to complete. If you are not satisfied with the campaign, the ability to drive tanks, helicopters, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes and everything else has an engine Operation Arrowhead also offers a powerful editor with which to create your own missions easily and quickly. Most experts’ use the editor will develop new maps very detailed as you can go to change the parameters of each NPC added, so that change voice and even clothing.

Heavy-duty engines
Although the graphics engine used by Bohemia Interactive will be able to present detailed models of vehicles and characters and gives the opportunity both to calculate everything that happens on such large maps, the heaviness that comes out is a nerve. Even on newer machines will have to sacrifice something in terms of aesthetics, for example, have found beneficial to system performance by lowering the maximum distance without losing so excessive visual details of the battlefield. As mentioned before, despite the good words during the development costs of this expansion, the AI still suffers from serious gaps in our response to attacks both in the search for ways to run once you have been given the command, greatly extending the time need to climb on vehicles for example. Some other minor problem we found on the NPC drivers seem to have a body made of plaster with arms and legs still and only the head that rotates to indicate the direction in which the medium is direct. Another problem with the graphics engine of Operation Arrowhead resident in some animations in particular have found horrible management of climbing on ladders. During the climb hands rarely able to accurately grasp the rungs continued unabated despite the character to move upward, but the descent is even more problematic. Falling from a height of several meters almost inevitably cause a broken leg with the consequent loss of movement and ability to compromise the objectives to be achieved. The coupling system in this case was completely investigated more carefully in order to make the approach to the point of descent is more fluid. The huge amount of available commands will not be easy to store much less immediate execution of the same during the direct action on the ground. Will often have to pause the game and quickly trace the customization options of the keys to control precisely the corresponding control action that you want to play. Assuming that ArmA 2 (PC): Operation Arrowhead is a realistic simulation and articles at our disposal are manifold control system it seemed too cumbersome, however, would have been preferable to have the menu overlay as it is for the options dialog, with a complete list of equipment rather than to assign each item a specific key.


If there were enough single-player campaign, the mode Armory, the twelve scenarios of single missions, fifteen levels of tutorials and great editor, to keep you more involved will think the multiplayer. It ‘can be tackled in a cooperative campaign with up to three other players or getting out in lots with a maximum of 64 players. The options when creating the host allow you to choose one of the huge maps where available and set the clash between dozens of missions to choose a preset or reload directly via the editor supplied with the game. You can also set the difficulty of the enemies in order to offer a unique game experience and that is perfectly suited to their needs. The code review that we tested did not allow us to analyze with due care the multiplayer part of the title; as soon as we can be there we will report in detail.

Minimum Requirements
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: Dual Core CPU
256 MB RAM & Pixel Shader 3.0
DirectX 9.0c
Free Space: 9GB

Final Remarks
ArmA 2 PC Game retains balance scepter of war for the best mortgage currently on the market and the new standalone expansion Operation Arrowhead does nothing but strengthen this view. The road taken by Bohemia Interactive is clear to players who love to provide military technology and tactics of a point of reference in the play, and succeed fully. We would make clear that this title is not suitable for everyone; it is difficult, complex and completely different from all the FPS movement, exactly what fans of this genre want. Forget the solitary actions then John Rambo to kill dozens of enemies and hide behind a wall, hoping to magically return to health, this is war and war is not for play.

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RockMelt: The “social” web browser

In games on November 30, 2010 at 8:31 am

The market of web browsers is somehow full. Apart from the so-called “big five”, there are variations based on open source attempt to cover those holes present in browsers more “traditional”, hoping to make an own place and capture a bit of attention. Some alternatives are seeking to join the aspect social, which today is an essential part for the communication of the users, but have failed to make much noise.However, what little we have seen RockMelt so far is very interesting, and if you’re an avid user of networks such as Twitter and Facebook, you should look you hardly you can.

If there is something missing in these days, are web browsers. Each and every one of them have shown a very positive development, and this applies even to the beta of Internet Explorer 9. Still, the pace of development seems to have found some stability. Chrome keeps its updates, Opera continues to advance “builds” and bet Safari slightly to stealth, still not know departure date for IE9 Firefox 4.0 was delayed until next year.Unlikely five largest web browser offers to provide anything new by end of year, so it is not bad idea look to other objectives. As Twitter or Facebook social networking users must rely on extensions to add functionality of these networks to browsers or search options already “armed” style “Flock”. Even so, probably no more resistance thing after the operating system to a change in the web browser.

But RockMelt is presented as something different. Isn’t just a web browser with social functions “glued”, but that those features are an integral part thereof, to a point that one of the first things you are requesting is login with the Facebook user.It is based on the Chromium, code so your updates and their level speed should give RockMelt an excellent basis for their release, although its capabilities don’t end there. Its developers have bet very strong about HTML5, and several of the functions of the browser are based on sign language, thus reaching a higher level of compatibility. RockMelt is available for Windows OS X, but at the moment is in closed beta.If you want early access, you will need to visit the official site and login with your Facebook account there.

Time is in closed beta, but be sure to go through the official site. Maybe you get an invitation soon. (Source: Mashable.com)

At a glance, RockMelt may seem a simple variant of Chromium, but the two sidebars speak for themselves, for Facebook left and right for Twitter, bookmarks and other feeds. Neither the “Share” button next to the address bar goes unnoticed.RockMelt identity as “social browser” is more than clear, therefore, you can also determine what kind of users will use it, and who will ignore it completely.RockMelt developers expect a more or less humble start, and speak a million users in the next six months.Twitter and Facebook have many more users than that number, so that everything will go through the attractive initial can transmit the browser. It will not be easy, of course.”Confusion” that continue to generate web browsers is very large, and more good intentions having RockMelt, his appearance helps disorder, instead of improving it.RockMelt depends on himself: soon we will know if you have what you need.

James Bond PC Game

In games on November 29, 2010 at 4:10 am

James Bond 007: Blood Stone. License to play.

James Bond 2011 PC Game News – Online Gaming Magazine

The last occurrence of 007 on the big screen was in Quantum of Solace, in one of the darkest films that starred the most famous spy’s Awards. His next film was planned for 2012, but unfortunately it was canceled by the producer due to lack of budget that faced the crew. So the next time they will have James Bond fans to see their favorite character in videogames will reach their consoles in the near future.

“James Bond 007: Blood Stone 2011 PC” it seems to be one of the best Bond games that have appeared so far. It will be very difficult to overcome the impeccable “GoldenEye 007¨ for Rareware, but the truth is that lately the releases based on the eponymous movie franchise came bordering on mediocrity. Only “Quantum of Solace” offered an amusing enough gameplay to give the approval. With a history that mixed scenes QoS and its prequel – “Casino Royale” – poorly strung together and a difficulty too accessible, many of us left feeling that with a little more love could have got something very promising. Because the fact is that despite its flaws, “Quantum of Solace” had good ideas.

On this occasion, Bizarre Creations has commissioned development. A team that already worked well in “The Club”, distributed by SEGA arcade highly recommended. Also know by “Blur” or “Project Gotham Racing.” The game will feature Daniel Craig in Bond dubbing, which also served to inspire his face. The cast also find the renowned actors like Judi Dench in the role of M or the British singer Joss Stone.

The style of play has been refined to bring it closer to what we’re used to seeing in a film of 007. Ie 80% of action and combat scenes and 20% driving. In moments of action come into play fighting context, a series of finishing moves to kill enemies that are activated depending on the situation. For example, if you’re hanging from a railing and grabbed an enemy, threw him into space. But if we approach it from the front, we will leave a key for KO. It is a dynamic drink a lot of games like Splinter Cell: Conviction, but has seen in many James Bond movies. What would a spy can not delete your enemies silently?

“James Bond: Blood Stone PC Game 2011¨ will go on sale Nov. 2 for PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and PC. As a curiosity, Activision has chosen the same date for publishing the remake of the classic “Goldeneye 007¨ for Nintendo Wii, so that virtually all platforms Bond will enjoy this year.

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Inception 2010 PC Game

In games on November 28, 2010 at 2:43 pm

We need a video game for the movie Inception (2010)

Recently I saw Inception (Origin), the new film by Christopher Nolan and although I have nothing bad to say about the brilliant film if I would criticize that no one has bothered to make a video game based on it.

It has all the ingredients to be an excellent shooter and puzzle, not to mention mystery, intrigue and visual sequences as delusional as great. Even if you do not want to make a direct adaptation of the film universe created by Nolan is ideal for a game based on these concepts but to tell a different story.

Unfortunately, the director has a very bad history with regard to adaptations of their films, as even its huge hit, The Dark Knight, failed to produce a complete game in time for its release.

Personally I cross my fingers that someone at Warner Brothers, which has several video game developers considerable talent at his disposal, decided that it is worth creating an adventure located in dreams where anything is possible and the action has no limits.

Would you like to see Inception The Video Game 2011?

Inception is the new Matrix

Let me tell you more about this great film: The science fiction film written, produced and directed by Britain’s Christopher Nolan, arrived in the cinemas (Europe) on the first week of August.

The Briton was released with the film Memento, a cult film that took a year to find a distributor and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

In 2008 released Batman: The Dark Knight, which grossed over one billion dollars in worldwide box office.

Inception chronicles the adventures of Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) as a thief of secrets from the depths of the subconscious during sleep, when the mind is more vulnerable, but his ability brings him a fugitive international reputation and it costs everything you ever loved.

The movie was filmed in various locations in the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, France, Morocco and Canada, besides being one of the biggest bets of the year, as many critics described as the new Matrix.

So, now I ask you again! Would you like to see Inception PC Game 2011?

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Sinclair X-1: futuristic bike motor

In games on November 28, 2010 at 2:13 pm

We could call him also electric two-wheeled car because concepts are approaching both that there comes a time in which it is difficult to separate them. Whatever the case, an old acquaintance of the computer world presented us a bike that works cycling but assisted -powered batteries and protects you from the weather.In addition, a more relaxed and pleasant, with a margin of safety added thanks to its rigid outer structure driving position lets you are willing to pay what it costs.

Many of those who read our page are so young that it may not recognize the name with which this bike has been named. However, Clive Sinclair represents an unforgettable time in the first steps of the universal computer.The oldest place we can talk first-hand how were those times and how Mr Sinclair (Steve Jobs 1980s) revolutionized the digital era with its mythical first computer in the modern era of personal computing, the ZX80.Then improved, bringing to market another myth called ZX81, and finally reached the Summit on his third attempt, with the acclaimed ZX Spectrum, which became the King of games. Paradoxically, the company went bankrupt because of a failed project called Sinclair C5 electric car, and since then have not lifted head.

What was before, egg or bike?

It seems that they want to recover and start a new journey not roads of the electric vehicle.The new equipment, baptized as Sinclair X-1, mixed concepts and tries to convert an electric bike in a kind of minor two-wheeled car. To have the advantages of others. Prima excessively the economy costs because your small engine batteries barely reaches the 190 w. also have careful too in finishes or in the equipment, but we must not forget that you it’s a simple bicycle, by very futuristic make. This allows adjusting manufacturing costs and to launch a very curious bike content priced (700 €).

You invented this mythical computer is the same that makes the X-1

Weighs about 30 kg, its monocoque chassis supports tubular structure containing the seat and overlooking the protective shell egg shape.It has a horizontal pedalboard with which you can exert the force required to move around, being assisted by the battery when the slopes you get in a bind.The armchair increases comfort with the usual conventional bicycles and plastic casing adds protection against the weather that do not have this type of vehicle. However, by the hollow side can enter the rain and the water you sprinkle others.In this regard have been left midway.Nor carries wiper, therefore, the vision in the middle of a storm unlikely to be strong.Us consolamos thinking that if you fall, rodarás as an egg and you will not do damage.

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner

In games on November 27, 2010 at 8:10 pm

If still you’ve not be tired of augmented reality games, here one perfect for Star Wars fans and users of iPhone. The Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner, exit at the end of the month, uses the Apple phone’s camera to print TIE Fighters on any real scenario giving you the ability to fly them to pieces with your virtual laser cannon.The game developed by Vertigore Games will be available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch generation.

Augmented reality has already proved its potential and is now used for many other things that show a character through a webcam.But that doesn’t mean that we can not enjoy simple games like Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner, developed by Vertigore Games. Exclusive game for iPhone where the objective is to defend your city from the imperial fleet attacks.Of mentiritas is clear.

Conceptually, the title uses Apple phone’s camera to show enemies on any real space is the user, though surely must have a minimum of space. And in the same way as many games for this platform, you can control the Millennium Falcon with a virtual analogue lever located on the bottom of the touch screen laser cannon.

Although the video you can see above just see how destroys TIE Fighters, says that the game will have other popular scripts of Star Wars as the escape from the Death Star and the battle for Hoth, with the option of switching between real-world scenarios provided by the camera phone and funds rendered, designed by the creators of the game series.And if someone is interested, will not have any kind of 3D support.

Without a doubt is seen as a simple but perfect game for Star Wars fans have free time in an open space.The game distributed by THQ Wireless may be achieved by the end of this month for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch of fourth generation through the App Store.It was never so easy to sit behind of the Millennium Falcon laser cannon.

Top 5 Best Value PC Games

In games on November 27, 2010 at 7:19 pm

By: PC Game Trek Magazine

There are many people reluctant to buy video games. Unfortunately many people are able to spend 250 pounds on a graphics card without blinking and then be unable to pay 20 or 25 pounds for a game that will enjoy months.

The reality is well and above some will argue that they are unaffordable. I acknowledge that I have not bought a game or xbox 360, because 50 pounds seems excessive to me and besides that I’m a PC GAMER!

I refer in particular to PC gamers. And we can use many methods to buy video games online in a fast, direct and, as we shall see, cheaper.

Buy import:

One option is to buy games cheaper imported physical. For example, a heavily visited site is Play.com
But you may have a problem with the language. For example, you buy an import game in the UK but you can have a surprise with a non- English version.

Digital Platforms:

Many have criticized digital downloads of video games, mainly by the purists who prefer to go to GAME on duty and buy the box that blew up or because sometimes the price of the digital version is similar to the physical version.
I understand and I do not deny, but it is questionable whether digital platforms also have their advantages.

The most powerful is surely Steam, Valve, with an impressive catalog that has many more functions than simply paying for the game and put it down instantly. For example, the games are patched alone, you have access to mods, demos, videos, reviews of Metacritic, and voice chat system, a system of groups and friends, achievements, …

Steam has been criticized for their prices at times, but is continually getting offers on plan “this weekend 50% X game”, or “X this pack of games at this price.”

For instance, recently Mass Effect was about 5 pounds for a weekend. It is a game a couple of years, but even so the price is right.
On another occasion pulled left 4 dead at 19 pounds when they had gone a short time and was sold twice.

In summary, Steam has a huge catalog, with many add-ons and interesting offers. No doubt the essential platform for any game is still PC and probably the best gaming platform today.

On the other hand we have EA Download Manager, Electronic Arts, which is nothing more than an interface that lets you download games you’ve purchased from the EA Store.
This is limited to video games from Electronic Arts and is nothing more than a download manager, but also sometimes offered us good prices.

Other platforms have not tried are:

– Direct 2 Drive
– Game Tap
– GoG
– Impulse
– Green House

Acquisition of serial number (or CD keys serials):

Another way of buying cheap is to buy only the serial number of the game.
That is, you download the ISO of the game plan you put your pirate but I bought the serial number on these sites, at least to my knowledge, are totally legal.

In fact, in some cases, these serial numbers be added to Steam or your account Electronic Arts, and then you can download and install these tools.
It is important to read the description of the serial number you go to buy, to see if you serve to Steam, Electronic Arts, or just for a retail version (on CD or ISO) game.

On this page Steam has a list of Retail serial number which is allowed, ie games purchased on Steam not but add the serial number on the application you will appear in your list of games and you can install.
And the serial number can be a physical box or bought from sites selling these keys.

I put a very recent example. In http://www.cdkeyhouse.com I bought the Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age by 15 pounds, when steam is 43. Instantly I was in my mailbox the email with activation key for the Ea Download Manager along with the serial number for the extra content.

So I turned the game on my account from the same Ea Download Manager and the moment I was losing the game to the maximum speed that gives my ADSL.
But I was error adding serial number of extra content, so I went to the website of cdkeyhouse.com and a couple of minutes, I chat and I have indicated that the extra content added from game, not EA account.

Some stores to purchase serial number are these:

Direct Game Keys (I bought this and everything was ok)
CDkeyhouse.com (I bought this and everything was ok)
Cdkey-game.com /

In summary:

In short, there are several options for buying PC games at low prices delegitimizes what the pirates do not spend a penny on them.
Probably bought all the games, especially for hardcore gamers, is something unreal and impossible, but there is no middle. Terms means that Microsoft does not include bans on your system, which is his biggest mistake. But that’s another story.

“Where to buy cheap computer games”, “what are the best shops selling PC games”, “looking for PC games” are frequently asked questions from our readers. We selected the top-selling 5 best value 2010 games for PC now. What I think is PC gaming is the best, thanks to the exclusive partner discounts stores for best prices. Do not miss the latest PC games offers, locate your adventure computer game, simulation, strategy, musical games, sports PC game, shooter, driving and course of action and adventure games.

Here is the list of our top five:

1) PC James Cameron’s Avatar
Category: Game PC Action / Adventure

Impressive computer game based on James Cameron’s film Avatar. Meet the Na’vi, inhabitants of the wonderful world of Pandora and fight on their side for the survival of tradition and the species or, conversely, fighting on the side of the GDR. Avatar Gaming PC.

2) Splinter Cell: Conviction for PC
Category: Game PC Action / Adventure

Action, justice, betrayal and revenge are the research strengths of the game. Guide to exagente Sam Fisher in the leading research of his life: the death of his daughter and the betrayal of Third Echelon agent. Immerse yourself in one of the best detective stories.

3) The Sims 3 Ambitions PC
Category: Simulation PC Video Game
The Sims 3 and create your new family builds a home

Discover a new life with your Sims stroll with your new friends, visiting a friend, conquest to a friend, take your family to the park, famous or thief, everything is possible with the new Sims game 3. Do not be the last to discover and compratelo.

4) Dragon Age Origins Deluxe Edition
Category: Role-Playing PC Game

Direct download one of the best video game RPG. Download free expansions “Castle of the Guards,” “the Prisoner of Stone” and the Rings of Fire and Memory, Blood of the Dragon armor, the Grimoire of the Wastes and accessories Cold Ones Dragon Age cheap.

5) PC Need For Speed Shift Game
Category: driving computer game

Need For Speed Shift puts emphasis on realism, you will feel a real driving experience, the speed is well simulated and the damage you produce in your car are not only visual … The game Need For Speed PC is made for real drivers.

We have been placed this challenge by Voucher Codes United Kingdom, a money-saving web site with great discounts on PC Games and accessories including discount coupon codes for Dell and Argos price cut codes.

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Superbus: Transport of luxury (concept)

In games on November 26, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Although Google wants the cars of the future to handle alone, a Dutch University students designed a prototype vehicle transportation of luxury, comfort and efficiency in mind.Superbus It could travel to 250 kilometres per hour, with 23 passengers in its interior and all kinds of comfort, from LCD televisions consoles game, system of air conditioning and Internet connection.

A few months ago we talked about statistics that indicate that young people are not interested in buying cars, showing a danger to the factories in the long term. Following the same line of thought, we could try to deduce what kind of vehicle used and Superbus seems the best option. This luxury vehicle is a concept that would forever change public transport.

The Superbus was designed by a group of students of Dutch origin at the Delff and was presented to the IAA trade fair. In design at first glance, the vehicle would seem a cross between the Batmobile and a limousine has six wheels of the body, made from lightweight materials.As expected, would have less place than a bus, only 23 passengers, but would also be equipped with eight gates, which will do much more convenient to enter and exit.

With 15 meters long and without a predefined path, the Superbus would seek to be a very flexible vehicle accommodating your path depending on the points of departure and destination of passengers.And as a good transport luxury inside it saves all kinds of amenities, from individual to work during the trip, until Internet connection, LCD televisions seats, air conditioning system and game consoles.All these comforts while traveling at a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour.

Moreover, it would be an electric vehicle that uses electric motors powered by a lithium polymer battery.How to access this vehicle would be through a mobile recruiting service and would to door customer to target.As you can see in the video above, the Superbus already exists, but is in phase of tests, ensuring security, anti system shock, sensors and radars operating as it should, even so, sounds like a very interesting bet for those who can access the service.

Batman: Arkham City PC

In games on November 26, 2010 at 1:09 am

Batman: Arkham City is “finished” and enters polishing phase
Until its release Rocksteady going including new features.

New Batman: Arkham City PC Game 2011

Although the game’s release is still far in time, the people of Rocksteady seems to have already finished programming Batman: Arkham City, at least the key.

As stated in the last podcast of the Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK, and the title can be played from start to finish by the company itself, and from now until the release date of the game, the team will focus on correct possible bugs, polish certain aspects and adding new gameplay features.

Batman: Arkham City will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in late 2011. You can find more details about the game in our first contact in the journal recently.

Grandeur, violence, power, technique, ambition and redemption. The Dark Knight in Arkahm City.
After the surprising success of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady the boys preparing their awaited second part. Significant expansion of resources and prospects for a game that tries to be much larger in all respects to its already outstanding first half.
We confess. When they began to show the first footage of Batman: Arkham Asylum felt the same apprehension of hundreds of thousands of fans superhero created by Bob Kane had already been let down so many times before. For good looks to present the game on screens and videos, until I saw the title in motion and beta EIDOS sent us we could not relax and trust in one study, Rocksteady, which until then had only the most well developed Discrete Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

And Arkham Asylum is successfully debuted in July 2009 and scored 8.8 in its versions for PC PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in PCGameTrek, and a 9.2 in its version compatible, something superior in technology . Logically, and with a critical and commercial success of such, needless to say did not take long to reveal that a sequel was in development. This responds to the name of Batman: Arkham City, and promises to significantly extend the claustrophobic confines of the original.

The city is one of the protagonists of the title. “We are trying to create the city’s richest and most detailed ever assembled in a video game.”

The means for this sequel has increased dramatically, and all that their makers can feel comfortable, to expand the gaming experience and “do an Arkham 1.5¨, as stated Sefton Hill, creative director magazine GameInformer game. “We want to make the same jump that we made from nothing to Arkham Asylum. We repeat this step again to Arkham City. We have the same level of ambition.”

The biggest star of Arkham City is precisely the city itself. If the first part of a closed environment was chosen as the Arkham mental hospital to avoid falling into the boredom that might result in a town of that size, for Rocksteady sequel has been released from the corset and your hair completely loose . “What we do in Arkham City is to create a place with the same attention to detail that we use on the island of Arkham and has some history in every corner. We would not be a large empty place, we want something that has a real treasure within. We try to create the largest and richest city that ever assembled in a video game. ”

If Arkham Asylum had many battles in which we were surrounded, now things will get worse, especially the ability of the enemy to take elements of the stage and beat them.
The truth is that it really interesting to see Batman moving in open after the brilliant experience that led to Arkham Asylum in a radically opposite. “As we designed Arkham Asylum our confidence started to grow. After the release of our confidence grew even as a study,” Hill said in a recent interview with Develop portal. “Now we are really excited because, as a developer, I see the team and I feel we’ve reached the summit. We still have places to meet.”

The ambition is multiplied exponentially, and the size of the city and with it the playable area. The city lies before our feet, and it seems we can move through it with very respectable levels of freedom. A time to move again to have the same methods as in the original game, with our wings to plan and achieve our hook height positions as major allies.

To bridge the vast distances that this time is open to us is still unknown whether the firm will have the legendary Batmobile that characterizes his protagonist. In its original charge specified that it was not introduced out of context, but in the second installment seems more than necessary to move through the streets. More clues? The Collectors Edition is attached a miniature incentive maneuver would be somewhat absurd if the meteor was not in the game itself.

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets … Batman has always been characterized by use, and in Arkham City will require not only more, but will also have more complex challenges to overcome them.

Kitten 7 Lives
Thus the Dark Knight returns, but only do so …. For example, Catwoman debuted in excess of Rocksteady to accompany him. In the study constantly insist on the fact that the relationship between Batman and Catwoman is still very early in the universe that have been devised. But one of the main narrative of the game given utmost importance to its connection with a relationship that constantly flirts between romance and rivalry. Batman knows that she has crossed the line several times and has broken the law, “said Hill. “She’s a thief, but he thinks he is someone who can still be saved.”

However, apart from this struggle of emotions and redemption, the only thing that is clear is that Batman does not have too many friends at this time in the city of Arkham, and dangerous than it is right that having your hand Catwoman going to help fight a battle more even with the huge number of enemies and supervillains who must cope.

To begin, we know that Joker returns as revealed in the first announcement of the game. Without wishing to cause unnecessary spoilers can say that it ended somewhat disrupted by the end of the first part by the abuses of venom Venom, and it seems that the trailer itself is recovering from it in the company of Harley Quinn. From time Rocksteady have chosen to explore the matter, but it seems clear that given its dominance in the first video its presence is also important in the sequel.

Moreover Harvey “Two Face” Dent also makes an appearance in Arkham City, with a much closer look at his portrait hysterical Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever unbearable that the recreational solemn held Aaron Eckhart subsequent Dark Knight. How does this translate? Back in high fidelity to the designs of comics, a line depart and extraordinary artistic results in Arkham Asylum.

Instead of seeing the occasional supervillain and through bars or windows, in Arkham City will have a much more direct contact and frequent contact with them.
Enigma is another character who debuted on this occasion, and that the presence of his testimonial challenges of the original should not be considered a full-fledged appearance. Those intellectual duels will be replaced Edward Nigma on this occasion by his pursuit, to be carried out with different interrogation that happen often with the thugs who meet in the streets of the city. “We are adding more depth to the experience of Enigma,” said Hill.

Victor Zsasz also appeared briefly in Arkham Asylum but, however, will have a major presence in the second half. The serial murderer will be part of a secondary mission of the many that punctuated the experience of the game, and that the title will have a number of such stories that will be joined by key figures within the game, so we have the main story as primordial experience, while abundant parallel orders and optional lenses.

The enemies will again be marked with different colors depending on its characteristics where green glow is that they have ties with Enigma and we can interrogate them to extract information.

Batman: Year Zero
In the first game had a huge presence in the watchword of the character created by Bob Kane, gadgets. On this occasion again to enjoy them much more difficult challenges. “We have crime scenes much more complicated than in the first game,” said Hill. “As you progress it becomes more and more complicated and we have some forensic aspects based puzzles as well.”

However, the fact that the puzzles are more dense and deep, does not mean you will abuse them, in fact the message being transmitted is rather the opposite. “It was a gameplay decision making detective vision so strong … we will try not to repeat that mistake again,” said David Hego Develop the portal in an interview in which he said he had heard that some players had exceeded the entire game in detective mode, and with night vision enabled her to locate the enemy with great distance clearly among other advantages. The demonstration is being shown to the press, in fact, we must figure out where left a sniper bullet, and for this we must use all our accessories and gadgets.
Rocksteady has not delved into them, but there are many new movements and actions with those who destroy the enemies as the ability to plunge from the heights.
Once ascertained the origin of the projectile will pass into action pure and simple, which shines again Arkham City. Once again we light attack, strong and with intent to knock out opponents with our gas, plus all the usual litany of gadgets. To make matters worse Rocksteady prepares a number of developments in the fight, and in fact introduced a new form of struggle that has winged superhero that allows you to hit at full speed regardless of their enemies that they are covered or not. Obviously this type of maneuver may be used only rarely, but its leaders still have not detailed.

It should be noted, finally, recently has been rumored that the game could have some kind of multiplayer experience. The news was leaked by a member of the study course on the official forums of fan site, thus their accuracy is far from proven. However, and although not specified whether it would be a cooperative or competitive mode, the mere possibility of enjoying with a friend on the streets of the city in the roles of Batman and Catwoman is too juicy to at least not considered.

Batman: Arkham City, unfortunately, there is still something remote. Its launch is planned for late 2011, Rocksteady time devoted to perfecting the formula of his memorable original game to achieve the fantastic promises more and better than the sequel.

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Puzzler World PC Game

In games on November 25, 2010 at 8:48 pm

Puzzler World 2010 PC Game Review

Are you the type of person that buys a puzzle magazine from the newsagents when you go on your summer vacation? I am…its like having turkey at Christmas its tradition; I just can’t help my self. I get to the airport, visit the newsagent, buy my puzzle magazine and I know that this puzzle magazine will last me for the whole holiday.

Puzzle magazine favourites – Puzzler – who, incidentally are the world’s biggest puzzle content supplier have now gone one step better and released a new game called “Puzzler World” on PC, iPhone and iPad.

Puzzler World PC Game offers two modes of play, Challenge Mode and Quickplay. Challenge Mode offers a staggering 560 progressively more difficult puzzles set across eight types of puzzle e.g. Crosswords, Wordsearch and Sudoku. Completing, a puzzle unlocks a variety of bonus puzzles such as Hangman, Chain Letters and Equate to name but a few.

Once a puzzle has been completed the player is given the opportunity to open 1 of 3 presents. Each present contains a different amount of ‘Hint Tokens’ so choosing the correct present has beneficial gains to the player as they are awarded more hint tokens to aid them along the way. Hint tokens come in very useful on the more difficult puzzles as they can be traded in for, clues to help solve any stubborn problems a player may encounter.

Quickplay as you would imagine allows the player to instantly jump into any main puzzle type supported by the game. Puzzles located inside Quickplay are much easier when compared to Challenge Mode but I suppose this is the whole point.

Puzzler World is an incredibly addictive game especially if you like traditional puzzles like I do. Highlight of the game has to be the Japanese Link-A-Pix puzzles that will be a new challenge for many picture puzzle fans. The graphics are bright and colourful and lend themselves well to the game making it instantly likeable to the young and old. At over 500 hours to complete the game Puzzler World is certainly worth it.

Final verdict 8 out of 10

Free Game Download!
Company Web Address = http://www.ideaspad.co.uk/

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