Actroid-F: the Robotics nurse (video)

In games on November 2, 2010 at 9:51 am

Kokoro Co. company Ltd has been making robots from long ago. His last series, Actroid, can not walk, but yes simple conversations and mimic facial expressions from your operator.And while always had a very realistic look, Actroid-F reaches a new section that give to talk, debate the unsurpassed natural obstacle, Valle Inquietante or Uncanny Valley reactivating once again.

Actroid line has been in development since many years and only a few months ago the developer company, Kokoro Co. Ltd., announced that it would be starting to sell these robots that looked very real, but could not do things more traditional such as walking. Recently opened their doors and what you saw is one of the best examples to date Valley Inquietante or Uncanny Valley.

As you can see in the video, the Actroid-F is able to maintain a simple conversation and flashing in a horribly real. But that is not all, also can mimic facial operator, but clearly don’t go you so well we would like.In other words, on the one hand detects expressions with incredible fidelity, but is still very far from being authentic and not give us a little thing every time you see it.

The objective of this robot nurse is sit as an observer in hospitals, to measure the reactions of the patients, in what will surely be a Valley Inquietante festival. Actoid-F has been in development for a long time and one of the most recent advances, allowed them to dramatically reduce the cost of production, to eliminate a lot of actuators were not necessary for its operation.But clearly, could do so much with the movements of the robot.

And when we talk about Valley Inquietante or Uncanny Valley, refers precisely to this. This escalofrío runs your back when Actroid-F move head sideways in a very distant manner to a human.This is also a recognition for those who worked on the physical aspect of robotics, nurse because it is one of the more realistic we’ve seen to date.It is a pity that movements not accompany this appearance, because at times managed to confuse us.

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