Edge: HTML5 animation tool

In games on November 2, 2010 at 2:16 pm

For many the arrival of HTML5, means the death of Flash. But that doesn’t mean that Adobe think staying with idly while snatch you one of its most relevant brands. No, Sir. Now, the answer to speculation came in the form of a prototype called Edge.This new tool will help web developers and designers to create animations for your sites, how it’s created by simpler “choreography” items on the screen.

If you say that Adobe plans to release a new animation tool, surely pensarás we are mad.What needed another, if constantly updated Flash and is probably the most used type software? This new tool is the answer to the very predicted advent of HTML5, whose arrival was always related to the death of the Flash. And to keep any eventuality, Adobe is working on what is known as Edge, a simple to use for web developers and designers animation tool.

The main objective of this application, the likelihood of creating animations and transitions without having to enter multiple lines of code, but that is just the beginning. The demonstration was conducted at the Adobe Max 2010 was quite clear that this is a development tool, but anyway the basic idea is. As explained, is one of the toughest things in HTML5 animations “choreography”, make every thing to do what you want at the right time. And for that are creating Edge, to make objects move and transform the way you want to smooth.

One of the closest to Flash, similarities is the interface. You have the main screen where all the action and a timeline at the bottom that shows all changes occurring to the objects of the time occurs. Right poses a panel with layers, where you can view its properties and change them to taste.But not everything is identical to Flash, as it offers new features, like support for new transformations of CSS from 2D to 3D.It is to say that the base is almost the same, but trying to make it a little more friendly and powerful at the same time.

Finally, would also seem to take some guidelines book Dreamweaver, how to use WebKit engine to preview animations and an option to edit the source code, solely dedicated to advanced users who can understand it and edit it.Although some may take the existence of Edge as a way to accept the death of Flash, nothing more seems a guarantee so that Adobe has a competitive tool on all fronts.And if you make the necessary changes, the bet could leave them quite well.


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