NASA and the colonization of Mars

In games on November 2, 2010 at 5:21 pm

Several months ago that the Moon ceased to be a target for NASA. Now, the next step should be to colonize Mars, with a project called Hundred Years Starship. Recently confirmed that they are beginning studies for a trip only one-way, with four volunteers.The objective would be to reach Mars to 2030, with a spacecraft to travel between worlds and a budget of £ 7 billion.

NASA has confirmed the existence of a project that has just begun and could display their results just in 2030.And it is not for less, because sending astronauts permanently to Mars or any of its moons is not a project to take lightly and need many tests and investigations. According to NASA officials confirmed, currently is being carried out studies aimed at determining the possibilities send astronauts to the red planet to establish human colonies.

Also became known that the so-called project, Hundred Years Starship is being headed by Ames Research Center, one of the most important research centres of NASA, with a high involvement of DARPA. In addition, this will be one of the most expensive, calculating the final value over £ 7 billion, hoping to finish near 2030 projects.And to achieve such figure was obtained money from various sources. On the one hand, received a grant of £ 600,000 Government.But the rest hope to achieve several of the world, including Larry Page, one of the founders of Google billionaires.

Can we establish a colony by 2030? (NASA)

Although the organizers say that 20 years ago he could not speak on the subject so lightly, Hundred Years Starship project’s main objective is to colonise other worlds and expect more join the project. Anyway, the idea is to go step by step, and the next target is to follow studies until you have a prototype allowing travel between worlds, which would take “several years”.Thinking in the future, the trip would take near of nine months, with a team composed of volunteers on board in a tough mission, knowing that they would never return to Earth.This is due to the price would be too high, making it impossible to carry out.Instead, will send them food and other supplies to be self-sufficient.

Other part of these studies would determine models so that the private sector can be encouraged to invest in the project, which will be fully open in 2011, when begin to appear the first details.And even if support this journey of ida could come with their “natural ethical considerations”, argue that the scientific and political importance colonize Mars, “marked the return to the spirit of exploration and risks of the great period of exploration of the Earth, from Columbus to Amundsen.”

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