PlayStation Phone: What Phone PlayStation in images?

In games on November 2, 2010 at 12:41 am

Although the existence of a PSP2 rumours were completely ignored by Sony, it seems that Engadget could take a look behind the curtain. According to images that showed and confirmation of people very close to the project, the next laptop not only Sony would be a powerful game console, but also a jointly developed with Sony Ericsson mobile phone.He said the source, PlayStation Phone would use a new version of Android 2 and a 4-inch screen.

While Microsoft so far not been interned at business portable consoles, Nintendo is now developing its fifth iteration of the Nintendo DS, which can be one of the most innovative of recent times. And Sony?He had bad luck with its powerful PSP and its next version disclosed prematurely, PSP Go. Today, many expect that the PSP2 return to the path of the triumph, but according to recent reports, there would be a PSP2, but a phone, developed in conjunction with Sony Ericsson, whose name would be PlayStation Phone.

Of course, nothing of what we say below was officially confirmed by Sony, but all evidence (and logic) invite you to believe that this is real.According to sources, the phone would use a new version of Android 2. Or at least that was the last thing that it was running, which could change depending on new Android 3 near the phone/handheld departure date. Although Google has not been so open about Android as a platform game (compared to Apple), this would indicate that we could see a new face of the operating system.

Hardware which would have this phone is very attractive with a processor 1 GHz, Qualcomm MSM8655, 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB ROM. Furthermore, the touchscreen will support multitácil and measured about four inches.In play, the design seems has everything you need, but possibly due to make certain concessions because it is a phone. For example, while the front has a directional pad and four characteristic, buttons as the original PSP, there is no analog joystick. Instead, the Centre poses a long touch pad with space for up to two fingers. I should work well, might be a good replacement.

As we said, there is not much information, and much of it is not confirmed.But Engadget made with images that you can enjoy at the top and reveal the existence of a new portable console from Sony, which would also serve as a phone.Apparently, this device also offer 3 G connection and the ability to read eBooks.Of course, we know nothing about dates output or prices, but next year we will have all the official information and departure dates.

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