safego: security for Facebook (BitDefender)

In games on November 2, 2010 at 9:11 pm

With the objective of reducing the dangers of Facebook, many have opted to create working within the social network security systems. And now joins the group safego, created by those who developed the antivirus, BitDefender. It is only necessary to give access to your account to get started to analyze the links that come and go in search of dangers and also analyzes your account by privacy concerns.It is still in beta, but already meets its mission without problems.

Facebook is made up of a system that does not show many weaknesses, but one of the biggest problems is its security.And we do not mean the scandal produced by the privacy policies (that is so in early 2010), but the cyberataques carried out through dangerous links and spam that can unveil much personal information. In order to avoid these problems, BitDefender released an application called safego, whose objective is to avoid these problems.

Safego works almost like a virus. First, give you permission to install into your account and then passed to scan all your profile.Thus, analyses the links contained in your account, wall or private, from the traditional to those who were internodes through sites like http://www.Coldplay.com and tinyurl messages.When you finish, you delivered a detailed about what report found, what all you should ignore and not clicking, and are completely harmless. If you are a careful surely don’t have problems, but are more despistados users who could benefit greatly from safego. 

safego ensures the security of your Facebook account.

This is because not only analyzes links you receive, but also analyzes your account for privacy problems at the moment not can draw them directly, but only detect them. BitDefender security system is still in beta, so you can find certain problems, as the bottom bar that is not updated in some versions of Google Chrome.But beyond these problems will be corrected over time, safego seems one of the best free options to keep your Facebook account secure.

BitDefender antivirus has never been in the top, but safego can be the application that puts it on the map of all, by the popularity of social networking.If you are able to improve the small problems have and work on what you have already created, can become the first choice to maintain security in Facebook.Not to mention is a free tool and you should not pay anything to maintain your account away from problems.Without a doubt is an excellent opportunity.

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