Games Online of the week (28/10/10)

In games on November 3, 2010 at 1:55 am

A few years ago I read a futuristic, prediction of these abound on the Internet, but that I was pleased by their optimism: said that in the next 20 years society was to relax a little, finally realizing the value of leisure and the need to have enough free time to pursue their passions. And that it would take precedence above anything. Any COSA. Yes, even that you now feel so important and that you return a grumpy unbearable. Move you to your age. Don’t lose more time doing what you want! That is life, nothing more.And if you want to play a while, like every Thursday, you’ve come to the right place!

Haunt the House: A Halloween, curiosity more than a game made and right, but serves to lose a little time. In Haunt the House you’re a cheerful fantasmita which, unlike Casper, ama scaring humans. Your mission will then become the scare to 30 humans who take refuge in the haunted mansion. As asustas people, climate bar grows, allowing you to frighten more ugly. A game that is worth the first 5 minutes and then bored by the lack of challenge.I would have loved to Haunt the House would have been much more.UFA.

Haunt the House, one for Halloween

Wizard’s Run: If Gandalf had had only to mount doom, this is the way he should have done.Wizard’s Run is a 1942, but that instead of aircraft uses a magician and instead of nazis here the bad guys are orcs of all kinds. A game which, in addition, you’ll go gaining experience to invest in three schools of magic: fire, ice and spirit, each with a different tree of powers. A short, not very difficult, to spend the time game.

Z, X and C activate different powers.

Madness Retaliation: Madness Retaliation is probably most interesting offer of the week.A game of tactical strategy as a few times I’ve seen.The idea is to control a Squadron which must place in the deepest part of the strength of evil, to extract some toxins capable of destroying the world. If I must compare it, I would say that it is similar to games like Fallout Tactics. Each action requires Action Points (AP), and each character has a number X of AP to perform actions on their turn. Like all Madness games, Retaliaton is violent and bloody by everywhere you look. Recommended!

Fighting super action shifts

Tetravanlanche: one of those games where there are to climb and climb and climb, but with a few laps nut returning it super intense. In Tetravalanche, while longer you keep on top, faster falling blocks. But every X seconds pass below on that line, the rate is reduced again. Thus the difficulty is adjusting to our real skills.Anyway, if you stay behind long evil soil reaches you and you devours with its gets.Fast and furious game.

Tetravanlanche also has fun bonus

Ghost Hacker: are you part of the Z project, a secret experiment in which traded your mind to a computer.You are now an artificial intelligence, and your mission is the defend the security of the network watches. You are a ghost in the machine, you are the last line of Defense. Ghost Hacker is a tower defense, those that have to build weapons of the most diverse, but which has some innovations that set apart it from the rest.In Ghost Hacker towers can move freely, (although it will take a while) which completely changes the strategy to follow and renews a genre that was falling a bit old and tired.

Ghost Hacker is a tower defense different

Glorg: Glorg is one of those games that deserves to be enjoyed, albeit only to appreciate the expertise of developers that was carried out.Because Glorg is only played with a button, the left button of the mouse.With contextual actions and different ways to push that button, this game manages to offer us fights for shifts and exploration, with some RPG thing in the mix.Nothing bad, eh.Ideal for lazy.

And if the menu this week you have not finished meet, you leave other options: Apokalyx, a post-apocalyptic game with an impressive; introBed and Breakfast, Diner Dash type but in a hotel, and The Lucky Tower more than a game, an interactive piece of humor.That you use!


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