Gun crazy

In games on November 3, 2010 at 10:15 am

Among all these games action with coverage system, it is interesting when someone offers something different. This is the case of the upcoming game action from Square Enix, Gun crazy. A title which disregards the complexity of controls with a very simple premise and a crude and funny, art based on the art of Kenny Wong.By 2011, Gun crazy aims to be one of the most interesting surprises in the action genre.

The first time that we saw Crazy Gun in action, quickly reminded us to SEGA, The Club game. It is true that game in the third person had much charisma, but maintained a similar bet: a far away from Gears of War, which concentrates the action moving all the time by eliminating clones multiplayer action game enemy after enemy. The Club was a failure in sales both critique, may this Square Enix action game reach the objective?

If there is anything we can ignore when you see Gun Loco is the charism which emit each of their characters. This is based on the art and illustrations by Kenny Wong, an artist from Hong Kong who also designs toys. And all this madness out of the design also is reflected in the premise of the game, with several criminals locked in an abandoned, in a distant point of the solar system prison planet. And while the main campaign continues to several prisoners to escape the planet, only multiplayer invites to spend lead.

We would like to talk about the campaign, but so far have not revealed almost nothing about this aspect.Otherwise, everything that has been is on the multiplayer mode, it seems the main focus of the title.Instead of dividing into classes, there will be 15 different characters to choose, each one with his gun, style, and special ability. And although there is no where cover of gunfire, does not mean that it is a type of game as Team Fortress 2 where you just run and bullets. Gun crazy levels are designed with many obstacles, and to save your weapon you can run faster, jump over objects and glide than others. As detail, to continue the dynamic action, the camera moves for all sides, in a manner similar to Kane & Lynch 2 but with a system of combat that works.

There is a long gun and very crazy.

And speaking of the combat system, Gun Loco has some special touches.For example, while you run at full speed you can press the right trigger to carry out the special character’s ability as e.g. sliding along the ground emptying the gun cartridge.The interesting thing about this option is that while slides in one direction, you maintain control of the look, and any person who receives a shot dies instantly. Yes, die on crazy Gun is very common, but manage to keep the dynamic action at all times.

Without a doubt it is very rare to see a game action in the third person that does not use a system of coverage, but Gun crazy trying to do something different.We are not saying that it is innovative, because it is not, but feels like a fresh idea after so many equal games.With fun and a crude but graceful style, Gun crazy is emerging as one of the surprises early 2011, only on Xbox 360.

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