Amnesia the Dark Descent

In games on November 4, 2010 at 11:27 pm

Review: Amnesia the Dark Descent PC Game

A brilliant and frightening horror that will keep us glued to the monitor

* Platform: Windows
* Genre: Action Adventure, Horror
* Developer: Frictional Games
* Distributor: Steam
* Age: 18
* Price: 14.99 Euro
* Release Date: September 8, 2010
* PCGameTrek Review

September and October are months of fire in the videogame world is coming and the shops are full of pimply boys who buy like hell. November and December, then do not talk about, besides the games come a little thing called Kinect and I think the reviewer in question will be given to removing all lost … we must not forget the Digital Delivery constantly churning out excellent titles that might escape is the case Amnesia The Dark Descent 2010, curious home Frictional action adventure that mixes horror and puzzles physicists to an excellent standard.

If anyone is wondering who the Frictional might help to know that the guys in question are those behind the Penumbra series, another first-person action adventure that has been widely talked about for the good management of physics in puzzles. Amnesia is their new work, horror mixed with grief, all mixed together by another wave of puzzles related to the physical and mechanical complexity of some simple to see but not too accessible to the masses. Amnesia is a concentrate of the best horror stories we have read or seen the movies over the years but the quotations from the classics like Poe or Lovecraft, eternal reign in the thoughts of those programs.

The story behind the game is simple but excellent for this and we move into the shoes of Daniel who awakens in a mysterious castle where Brennenburg inside hidden horrors and mysteries, not indifferent. The game is all focused on suspense and enigmas of “environment” that will delight the most daring players. The script hides touch of genius able to immerse the player with narrative twists and surprises worthy of the best horror writer currently in circulation (King? Barker I would also say, given the level of nightmare).

The game interface is reduced to zero except for a menu containing an inventory of the player. But the question always to be kept very much under control will be the sanity of the player: if you look at the abyss, the abyss will look into us. See horror on horror will lead to consequences that the player must keep a close focus … stay too long in the dark, the view and take on the road until we drag the body like a worm: flash of genius on the part of programmers as I remember, you’re never really thought for a title like that. But the nightmare may of course be driven by light and is therefore the task of the player does not fall into the abyss but do everything possible to avoid losing my mind.

Another element of thickness will be clashes with the “creatures” in the castle.
Brilliant and unparalleled that some creatures do not attack us if we will look at the floor – would rather watch the clash mean and believe me when I say that some monsters are really awful. But what really scares in the game is the calm of a few moments that will make us a cold sweat like never before – and maybe play Amnesia in the dark with headphones is one of the most terrible experiences that I’ve done in years partly because the ‘horror silent and creeping horror that is worse than want to be seen at all costs – does not scare the monster in itself, but what is hidden in the dark.

From the last item I can say that the game will end in eight or nine hours of play – too many or too few for the anguish that can put some points on the player. Graphically, we are at levels more than good but nothing very miraculous, given that the graphics palette is almost entirely due to dark tones, and that the sets will be the main internal, I must say that the excellent work done on the lights and the animations in general. Penumbra from Amnesia to the difference in the graphics engine but you can see how. Finally the sound, unfortunately the game is only subtitled in our native language but what is striking are the sounds, Gothic and terrible that we will launch in a nightmarish way to play only at night … and watch behind.

Final vote: 8.9 / 10

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