Bulletstorm 2011 PC Game

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Playable Impressions: Bulletstorm

Release Date for PC: February 22, 2011

Mutants, titanic creatures, shrapnel and killing. Intense creative shooter murderers.
PC Game Trek Preview: Bulletstorm 2011 PC Game

Without making much noise against all odds, this game is gradually being drawn in the horizon as one of the most promising shooters of recent times. The developers of Gears of War and Painkiller Bulletstorm join forces to offer all fans of the FPS. We have tested it and we tell you what we felt.
It is little short of amazing that a game with the potential to be passing so unnoticed Bulletstorm for press and fans because of the limited hype is giving its distributor, Electronic Arts.

We used the framework of the recent Tokyo Game Show to test the game, and now we bring our impressions from the event Playable Japan that ended just weeks ago. The best conclusion that can extrapolate from what we have seen is that, far from being a game that is happy to offer a graphic section that removes the hiccups, it also provides plenty of playable virtues they may explode, making it the natural heir of Unreal Tournament the current generation of consoles and PCs

Lead downpour
In the first contact that we conducted with Bulletstorm 2011 PC Game already proposed that the game would be Grayson Hunt, a member of Dead Echo, a special operations group whose main stop a genocide that terrorizes the galaxy. But for kids People Can Fly’s argument has no particular importance, what really is important is to offer gaming experience acting crazy, frenetic and powerful.

This is somehow recover the spirit of the shooters of the past, with a section outstanding aesthetic and technological applications that help improve an action that is outside the conventional standards.

The mission of the playable demo takes place in the fate of abandoned building can be seen in the video that accompanies the article, a scenario very artistic look at the style “Destroyed Beauty” that has come to be the watchword in artistic the works of Epic Games with its own graphics engine.

What is truly striking about the game, however, is the feeling that conveys who seeks only to survive in their scenarios as long as possible will have little to do in the universe Bulletstorm. Why do you say? Mainly because it is not just to kill more enemies than the rest, but do so in a more dramatically than others.

New Bulletsorm PC Game summons us to be very creative about how to fight. For example, the feel is that a shot to the head, the biggest incentive in any shooter, is in the People Can Fly game just the beginning. So the more we show style killing our enemies the more points you get, and these points unlock better weapons, which will reap even more subsidies, creating a sort of effect of snake biting its tail which makes a very interesting concept addictive.

For example to unlock The Bouncer, a huge canyon of enormous explosive power, we had to carry out a series of special maneuvers to free up skill points with which to obtain it. The idea is to fully exploit all the potential scenarios and character movements, combining them in the most imaginative and revolutionary potential. Combining a kick with a missile launch rival to return it to its launcher, always fun shot in the back of a rival was decorated with the subtle words “back entrance” on-screen, and countless other shots that add the skill nearly 100 in the demo when the game was already available are just some of their examples.

No Escape
The truth is that they seem sufficient reason for not considering Bulletstorm a mindless shooter, but its leaders still adorn each mission with plenty of secondary objectives. The main thing, of course, is to kill dozens of mutants of the more imaginative than we are possible, but there will be other assignments of different nature on which their leaders have not addressed, but surely introduce a certain element of diversity in the formula.

The levels also are dotted with shops where you can redeem our points above ammunition, upgrades or new weapons. So, with just half a dozen shells for our new acquisition, we must choose very carefully at what purposes devote, since obtaining the maximum number of points must always be our main objective.

Bulletstorm villains are endless hordes of mutants with which we end up regardless.
This gun, in particular, has the unique ability to activate a bullet-time in specific circumstances, allowing us to handle with extreme precision and slow motion one of its giant shells. That is why each bullet Bouncer is pure gold, because with them we can increase our number of points exponentially with, for example, an accurate shot in the face that literally pulverize your opponent’s head.

However, as noted, be imaginative is paramount and we can not just repeat once after another the same maneuver. The game punishes severely recycling, drastically reducing the points received by each type of shot or maneuver to repeat. It is encouraging users to constantly try new actions and activities.

Although the scenarios have a certain resemblance to those of Gears of War series, the truth is that the sets of Bulletstorm 2011 able to find his personality very clearly.
In the campaign, the only way we had the opportunity to test; there is also room for giant bosses. On this occasion we ended up with a rough mutant of considerable size, armed with a gun in one hand and with a sturdy helmet on his head. Different testers seemed content to kick back their projectiles to cause damage, but each of these villains will have its logical weaknesses, and this one we discovered in his head that we kick up finish him.

Bulletstorm not allowed to see everything we would like, but here we will launch new opportunities to test it thoroughly. The game will go on sale on February 22, 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, consolidating one of the first quarters of the years busiest and promising to remember.

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