City of Heroes 2010 Preview

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City of Heroes: Going Rogue

Release Date 17th August 2010 (Today!)

When you stop to think about the wide range of persistent worlds, having or monthly payments can not be avoided throwing to look back and remember some of the first titles. Many of them have already disappeared, forgotten by users looking for new options more attractive, and others have been adapted as times have changed and trends. City of Heroes is one of those veterans who tenaciously hold the continuous arrival of competitors, although this is necessary once again to update the game mechanics.

City of Heroes Going Rogue 2010 (PC)

The scarcity of securities with such subject matter, far beyond the products themselves that come to harness the pull of the movies in theaters, City of Heroes made a fresh exciting initiative. The ability to control our own superhero far and wide as a city plagued by evil criminals was a dream comes true for all those who had grown rocked by the exploits of the comic characters, and a successful attempt to renew the subject of MMORPG. The concept continues to attract nearly 200,000 players on a regular basis, thus allowing Paragon City still exists in the virtual world of MMOs.

It had been a little over a year when he produced the first substantial change in content, led by the arrival of the villains in Paragon City. City of Villains is marketed as a standalone expansion that allowed us to realize our dark desires of domination based on malice and cunning, so that came into play super villains. New areas were added so that players could perform duels between heroes and villains, new types of character and a number of places completely different from the original to increase the power of our new character. Although there was a direct influence between characters of different sides, at least I was this new possibility.

With each emerging ends need a solution, although this has been a long time coming. The very essence of the City of Heroes and City of Villains to that in the case of separate titles in the beginning, was completely impossible to create a villain that could change the side of good and vice versa, greatly limiting the possible plots that could be any good follower imagine. Delete this restriction is the main objective of the newly expanded City of Heroes: Going Rogue, and will involve a substantial change in the way of play that subscribers of the series held to date, making the most of the content developed for the main options game offers.

The first question that everyone will pass by the head has a quick answer: No, no need to buy both versions. Since 2008 he decided to join both contained in a single package, as even the same monthly fee allowed us to be a character of each type. In fact provides for the release of this product in conjunction with the above, a complete edition that may contain unique elements to celebrate the publication of this new alternative. Yes, those who remain with the standard version can not use the new contents that have been prepared for City of Heroes: Going Rogue, and will have to follow one particular side of the scale.

The passage from one side to another is fairly simple. A system of morality that will rate our decisions and included within the path of good or evil, so that assessment will be the trend indicates that we are following. If we are within the limits set to belong to one extreme or another, the way of play will not change much, except for the possibility that at any moment we can take action to change this scale opposite. To this are added two new possibilities of alignment, ‘Rogue’ and ‘Vigilante’, which serve to supplement the shades of gray between Heroes and Villains.

A hero can become ‘Vigilante’ as you complete anti-heroic actions or undesirable for someone in his position, and eventually follow that path to become an out-and-out villain. This adds the ability to travel to the ‘Rogue Islands’, default of the villains, in order to carry out assignments that exist in that area. By contrast, a villain can become ‘Rogue’ If you start to realize, God forbid, good deeds … and go changing its associated moral. It will open the possibility of traveling to ‘Paragon City’ and explore the benefits of helping others and use its power responsibly for the good of the community.

Also included is a new area for all kinds of characters, known as the alternate universe Praetoria. There they will find new challenges for those who already have little to do in the traditional locations, with the possibility of participating in a series of events taking place in that place. Praetoria is a universe in constant tension, where the emperor faced loyalist and rebel to rule Cole praetoriano. If we create a new character we can do as praetoriano, and immediately join the fierce battle for control of the alternate universe … to end up as heroes, villains or any new options in between.

Praetoria consists of four distinct areas: Nova Praetoria, Imperial City, Neutrópolis and subways. It is a universe governed by characters with super powers, and Nova Praetoria is the center of social and commercial activity. It is also where fighting was fiercest rebel, to the point where the police have had to fence off parts of the city to better fight against the rebels. The Subways are the refuge of the Resistance, a place not without its dangers and challenges. In addition, an extensive spy network promoted by the Emperor Cole to detect and neutralize the rebel attempts to overthrow his government. There are strange creatures that inhabit this area.

In addition, it includes four new sets of powers, among which we find options as varied as competence in two simultaneous firearms or demonology. The first one is based on the power of using a pistol in each hand, and focuses on the effects of this switch weapons to inflict other damages or penalties to the enemy. The second will allow us to claim up to 7 types of demonic creatures to help us defeat our opponents. Still know the characteristics of other packages that are included with the release of the expansion, but should become the main option for a character archetype of existing or new addition.

In a less playable, City of Heroes: Going Rogue include new options to dress our characters in an appropriate manner, and especially to take advantage of the new area and catch up with the latest fashion in Praetoria. Some improvements are added on a technical level, which will be especially evident in the new maps, in the sense of increasing the quality of textures and effects. The latest improvements are aimed at system ‘Mission Architect’, for which players can create their own challenges and go completing the quantity of the same form, leading to much of the content of this MMORPG is the responsibility of users of the title.

2010 City of Heroes Going Rogue (PC)

No longer is almost time before it is released this expansion, which is that City of Heroes: Going Rogue is scheduled to start during the month of August. The complete edition of City of Heroes will cost around 40 €, whereas if you only want the expansion will have to pay about 30 €. The first will include a free month subscription and a collection of objects, which may also be purchased separately the price of 6 €. Of course, it seems that NCSoft wants to give a little life to City of Heroes MMORPG before more, including a similar theme, are in place firmly on the market. The real fight begins …

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