Elemental: War of Magic

In games on November 4, 2010 at 12:00 am

War of magic is a brilliant game with all its intricacies where each player becomes the ultimate human channeler to save the lost world. It is one of the best military games for PC and you will love it.

War of Magic is an extraordinary PC strategy game. It is a fantasy 4X strategy game with a massive single player campaign, a mode that creates gigantic maps randomly and even has a multiplayer mode. Though it may not vibe well with all, a player looking for a real challenge in a military-set strategic game should seriously consider trying this one. It is unlike any you would have ever come across.

War of magic 2010 PC is a long and deep story with a beautiful strategic battle that is intricate and very vast. The game is all set in a world that was once filled with magic, and the inhabitants built their civilization with it. And the immortal Titans, which were a race by itself, gets attracted to the world due to the creation of a reality-warping Forge of the Overlord. This is none other than an artifact which has power to create magical items. The Titans found a way to imprison the world’s magic in elemental shards, but later on when human channelers arise to challenge them, the battles lead to destruction of both the Forge and the land itself.

It is a highly tactical game where each player leads a faction of humans or the fallen and corrupted ones created by the Titans. The player becomes a channeler for the faction it leads. The game is set in a still-devastated world that the channeler can renew it with magic. Each faction strives for ultimate dominance, and the human kingdoms sometimes join together to fight against the fallen empires.

Players belong to a faction, and each can choose characteristics or create their own from the pre-built sovereigns. Each character is individually named and the characters are given a choice to form armies to fight extremely dangerous opponents. The players can also negotiate with each other and trade goods, money and enter into treaties and alliances. However, the negotiation will depend on the relative military strength, race, trade, character traits and so forth.

In other words, Elemental:War of Magic PC strategy game (2010) is a brilliant game and one of the best military strategy games for PC, and if you are a strategy game lover, you will absolutely love it for everything it is! The Game will be released at the end of this month!

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