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Fishing Simulator 2010 PC Game Review – PC Gaming Magazine

If you always wanted to fish but fear will not let him bait, this game brings you a simulator with which you can simulate the operation of a fishing rod from the comfortable position of your couch. You do not need up early or have vast knowledge on the subject, so do not say anything more. Are you ready to catch the biggest fish?

For those fishing enthusiasts, or bad season, or simple indolence not dare to take the car and head for the nearest swamp, Fishing Simulator 2010 (FS2010) has a solution. Renowned arcade game developed a decade ago AM1 cane repeated PC launches in order to trace a game play got a more than respectable acceptance Dreamcast. It was not easy at that time and now, too.

That will be our main motivation in which is often a race against the clock. Sport fishing is a quiet, slow and requires concentration, but the Fishing Simulator 2010 PC Game is far from this conception. Simulation have something, a few touches of strategy (such as selecting the right bait for the situation) but the real source of amusement consisting in moving the joystick out of the water to try as many fish as possible. With words that seem simple, but in practice the task is not so simple.

Although there are many parameters to take into account, the title fails to something fundamental: to offer a tutorial. This is one of the few game modes that are missing (along with the multiplayer and online), as in everything else the truth is that amply meets Fishing Simulator 2010 PC Game: Arcade Mode, Tournament Mode, Mode Conservation Training Mode … and a host of additional items that we will see the fish we caught, baits we have in our toolbox and until now our place in the ranking list.

Any day is good for fishing

Enjoy fantastic fisheries environments 2010 on your PC. This simulator for recreational sport you love is a game of incentive for all enthusiasts of fishing as a sport, and those who always wanted to be.

As in reality, the game will be like one day to another, so there is possibility to see sunny skies, cloudy and even rainy both at dawn and at dusk. In total, there are about a dozen sites, all of which can be visited through that is emerging as the primary mode of play: Arcade Mode.

The ultimate goal is to get to the set weight limit, something that we will catch as much fish as we can within the time period they give us. As I overtook, this trend is very common throughout the game: there is more to see the Tournament Mode to notice. Because, besides being raised as the longest form of the whole work, we can even save game to keep the points made in this kind of tournament where the most important is done with the utmost of fish within the agreed time.

The larger the fish, the harder it is to catch it.
In fact, good choices for the game, but their interests clash directly with Nature and Mode Training Mode which hardly add anything to the game play, because while one all it does is remove the music to fishing, the other is simply put in a place to fish freely and without guides. Undoubtedly, Fishing Simulator 2010 PC Game needed a personal trainer and maybe a multiplayer option, since it meets the technical section, and that in spite of the frequent load times and a visual aspect that has not improved much in the for Dreamcast.

Fishing Simulator 2010 PC Game

Maybe he has failed to innovate and stay on the surface of a game concept that brings us the feeling that they could have done more. In any case, despite all, is arguably the best fishing game on PC that currently exists. We hope Fishing Simulator 2011 PC Game will be even better.

This game brings the art of fishing to PC with a very arcade format presents many possibilities in the form of bait, scenes and the species caught.

60 beautiful locations: spectacular scenes, lagoons and canals in over 41 countries around the planet not only gets you closer to natural world, but also encourages you to a broad range of new waters to the practice. A great selection in their quest for big catch!

For the first time countries such as Norway, Canada, Spain, USA, Australia and Japan are included. You can succeed prizes and purchase original and improved equipment such as floats, fishing rods, lures and more.

* 60 locations in 40 countries around the world
* Weather Forecasting
* Fish radar
* Fishing at different depths
* Day mode and night mode
* Store and update the system for your computer
Min. System requirements for Fishing Simulation 2010 PC Version
Windows Vista and XP
DirectX 9c
1.4 GHz
512 MB of RAM

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