The Sims: Medieval PC 2011

In games on November 4, 2010 at 7:45 am

Wizards, knights, blacksmiths, princesses … The Sims we have a rich medieval kingdom.
How to reinvent the franchise’s most successful video game history?

The Sims is a throwback, in particular of several centuries, and immersed in one of the darkest ages of mankind, the medieval. There is nothing sinister in the Middle Ages and bright colors of The Sims, a place where fun is all that occupies the throne.

New atmosphere, new concept, new era… The Sims change the background and replaced by a stunning contemporary times in which the transferred directly to the medieval era. However this is not the only change is that now we have quests to overcome them and even a system of levels that make progress.

Not that Medieval Sims becomes a role-playing saga, but the spin-off has some RPG elements very clearly defined. Special professions, interesting quests, the mission of advancing an entire kingdom and countless possibilities for one of the most unexpected demos of this title…

The humiliation is the order of the day in the Sims series, Medieval and would not be an exception. Threats with weapons and the release of eggs and tomatoes will be the order of the day.

The Time Machine (Sims 2011 PC)

As the reader will be able to deduct the introduction, Medieval is not a simple transfer of The Sims to a different era, but brings added a handful of playable. The main one is that all previous deliveries freedom is present again, but something corseted by the whole system of quests, adventures and progress to debut on this occasion.

As we saw in the demo shown, PCGameTrek choose an ambition at the start of the map, which replaces the ambitions of The Sims 3 -, and this applies to the entire kingdom. Among the objectives that will add points to finish tasks such as dragons, princesses marry and any type of commission that had to face a young hero of the day.

Our Sims will have a varied number of professions, of course all in medieval times when the game is set.
When you start the game only have a handful of Sims to choose from in our kingdom, and among their professions shall include the mage, knight, blacksmith, etc. …, so how to solve the different tasks depend heavily on the kind of character you’ve chosen, but the range of possibilities will remain the dominant trend in its resolution.

So on the show taught one of the missions had to do with a king in terrible condition. The course options are as wide as we want ourselves, so we can execute the king to end his suffering, or else we can choose a doctor to carry out its orders and daily duties, and then reach the castle to try to find a cure among other alternatives. If we do not follow our Sim daily goals can be fired or even publicly humiliated in the town square, so that choosing one or the other Sims not only has the advantages of their specialties, but also the consideration of the obligations to to fulfill.

The visual style of The Sims will change. The world will remain colorful and sympathetic, but also a realistic point sharper. The idea is the same for the characters.
Once the Quest, with the help of several secondary characters (including a priest), we get points to spend to add buildings to invest in our kingdom. In addition, our Sims will also gain experience points, and its much more effective in their future work, thus completing a sense of character progression much higher than the previous installments offered.
So the idea of Medieval Sims 4 is not so much creates a character and his household, but in a much more general to prosper a kingdom complete with logical benefits. For example adding a church can begin to recruit priests, and with the additions of the secret rooms in our castle we can start producing Sims spies.

Medieval Sims 3 appears on PC and Mac in mid-2011.

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