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Fallout: New Vegas 2011 PC Game Review – PCGameTrek.Com

Decadent, nuclear, violent, vast … Risk and consequences shots in Sin City.
You wanted more wildernesses? Obsidian successfully moved the formula Fallout 3 to New Vegas Nevada, the spin-off of the saga from Bethesda Softworks for PC. Although the U.S. study is not the spark of the creators of The Elder Scrolls, they manage to form a more significant role and action adventure.
Not everyone was surprised by the fact that Bethesda Softworks commissioned the development of its announced spin-off of Fallout 3 PC Game to a study on the sidelines, much less to go to Obsidian, a respected team with credits on titles like Knights of the Old Republic II, Neverwinter Nights 2 and the recent Alpha Protocol.

The work of this American study can only be described as brilliant, but also somewhat accommodating, and ability to move with the formula created by Bethesda itself to a different environment, but without carrying out all the changes we expected. New Vegas, yes, a number of respects, although it will be only the user who must decide whether they are sufficient to justify your purchase beyond the valuable offer to bring a number of new hours of entertainment.

A Streak of Bad Luck 18-Karat
If Fallout 3 was taking in a delicious calm in their early stages so we could know countless nuances of your character from birth to adolescence in an exciting start time of year, New Vegas, meanwhile, goes directly to the point. In the initial kinematics is presented, perhaps somewhat hastily, all you have to do with our character: a messenger who is responsible for routine transport and, for reasons unknown to us at first, a group of thugs break open a shot in the head.

Why? Everything seems to be related to a mysterious form of platinum we carried, but that is all we know until we begin to develop our adventure. In fact, in our early stages we are only aware that Dr. Mitchell has been commissioned to save our lives, and that under the pretext of the surgical operation to remove the bullet in our head, take the opportunity to make some patches here and there and allow access to the character authoring tool, virtually identical to that of the Fallout PC Game 3.

Since then pass through the same steps as in the Bethesda game, though exposed to something less glamorous. The test-SPECIAL-to spread our points between the skills of Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Skill and Luck takes place this time in a sort of slot machine in the doctor’s office itself, and test personality will also conduct hands of the physician with a few quick questions about our character before sending the Mojave Desert, the new wilderness.

The Strip Las Vegas is a paradise for gamblers of the Fallout universe. Of course, this can not go either, so prepare to spend up sheets for the last penny how long you’re hard-earned.
So within 10 minutes we can be riding the new and desolate plain in Nevada has been converted, a U.S. geographical area that already was deserted, but with the lack of attention after suffering a nuclear conflict has looks even more barren. It must be noted in this regard that while the district of Washington that we walked in Fallout 3 PC Game was literally devastated by nuclear power, which gives way to New Vegas has another artistic prism, and the guys here have searched an area Obsidian equally bitter, but more so for having been neglected by the man who had been crushed by the yoke of the atom.

As regards the purely narrative aspects of the title, the truth is that the game holds up well compared to the rate its predecessor. Obviously the skills of telling stories of Obsidian are far from those of Bethesda Softworks and dilemmas and tribulations of his character notice it being worse treated sensitively, but the new team that does a remarkable job in shaping a very good handful of missions with varied moderately interesting premise. The main thread of the adventure, in fact, is considerably less exciting than Fallout 3, but the side missions themselves are almost all at the same level of attractiveness.

Splitting the Atom – New Fallout 2011 Las Vegas
While aesthetic level there is some change, it is much less than what we saw in Point Lookout or expansions as the discretely Mothership Zeta for own Fallout 3. But where all, downloadable content and games retail, maintain the integrity of creation by Bethesda Softworks in the facet is purely playable. And it’s all but a couple of nuances to be described later, New Vegas has remained extremely faithful to the Fallout 3 introduced. So much so that at times some users think that the title under consideration is an expansion of the original video game completely independent.

The complex balance between races is further muddied by some factions have even more strength in New Las Vegas.
Among the software is made to keep intact the classic elements of the recent reset of the saga as the Pip-Boy designed exactly the same, so as to keep most of the weapons and gameplay dynamics completely irremovable. At this point the line to choose a conservative, as we say, it is within what might be considered natural, but expected a risky decision because ultimately we speak of an independent capacity.

Probably in this field we can only describe as a major development is the presence of Hard Mode, a very interesting point of this New Vegas. This option is enabled or disabled at any time but only get achievements or trophies and a full experience if we keep running from the beginning to the end of the adventure. What do we get her? Fallout primarily an experience that goes far beyond what the three levels of difficulty, which operate outside, we can offer.

We explain, with Hard Mode online have to worry about numerous elements that give a veneer of realism to fantastic experience. For example the risk of dehydration is constantly present in our travels through the arid wilderness, and that is that we drink plenty of fluids constantly, but also carry out other needs like sleeping. Also the analgesic effect will not make us instantly, or Rad-Away treatments to combat radiation. Finally a broken limb or maimed will not heal as easily as in the past, and now we can only mend these ills with a visit to a medical professional.

While an artistic level the game has some courageous decisions in regard to the Strip, otherwise the title is fairly conventional. There are few accessions to the cast of characters, scenes or weapons in New Vegas, and unless some enemies and some additions to the arsenal that does not reveal so as not to spoil the surprise to any user, the fact is that there is not much news to put in their mouth this field. It is something slightly disappointing is that even in some expansion we have seen a variety of new opponents or situations much higher than in the New Vegas.

With respect to visual effects, that’s where the title offers the best returns. The lighting, the effects of dust, lightning or flashes … The redemption of some interesting points purely visual point is precisely in this aspect, which contributes greatly improve the video game scenarios, especially when they develop during the day.

As is customary in the series, walking tours will be normal to get from one point to another of the vast mapping, although New Vegas introduce a monorail that will help us move outside the “quick trip.”
Despite maintaining the usual bugs, understandable in a game of this size, the PC version of New Vegas is the most appropriate visual level. Is sharper and smoother if we have a team that meets the requirements you can see from here, and the only one who does not have a frame rate fluctuates. In this regard it is noteworthy that if this were not enough options to gauge their degree of visual experience is also extremely deep, allowing us to customize what you see on the screen as possible to fit our team.

At the usual resolution changes, treatment saw tooth or anisotropic filtering must be added, as in the game, the ability to set viewing distance of characters, objects, and the cast need grass, objects, shadows, lights, trees, etc., and the quality of the textures. In the test team of drafting high-end Intel i7, GTX 260 and 8GB of Ram, we have obtained a stable rate of around 50 frames per second in summer with all visual options maximized, checking into smaller teams with some tinkering saw tooth and draw distance have also been able to get really good results.

In the aspect of sound little comment other than good news. The release has three radio channels that can tune in and we offer music or news of the day, all as accompaniment optional unless you wish to opt for the elegant score composed by Inon Zur, perhaps a little less inspired than Fallout 3 pc game, but equally effective. The title comes again doubled our language complete with a very high level overall, although the logical recycling voices and moderately severe problems of mismatch between lip movements and words spoken.

Breaking scenario, some new weapons, a handful of enemies unpublished … New Vegas can give the impression of being somewhat short on news, but it brings a huge amount of content.
West of Eden-Conclusions-
The Fallout PC Game series continues to enjoy good health with the launch of New Vegas, a title and content seeking further its own personality with the use of a new stage with the introduction of game play elements that are unpublished.

In this sense the Obsidian game will allow fans eager for more adventures on nuclear again enjoy a good handful of hours put in their mouths, and that Fallout 3 and was itself a game tremendously generous in this field.

The title under consideration is essentially more of the same, with the righteous efforts to innovate in order to justify a new release which goes beyond the usual expansion format, and with the addition of Hard Mode that will delight the hardcore Fallout Game for PC experience. Maybe not as deep in terms of choices as you would expect from an addition of this caliber, but does homework with reasonable effectiveness and prepares the ground for something that Bethesda Softworks will surely continue to deepen in future installments.

The end of New Vegas for PC is inconclusive and closed, aiming to show the consequences of our actions. However the game has already announced DLCs, so that is not disposable to open later as with Fallout 3 2011 PC.
Otherwise the title lasts so disproportionate as expected of a Fallout, and their values remain unchanged playable thanks to an extremely scrupulous respect by those responsible at the time to maintain the values that made its predecessors. “From there? Who look for something new in the Fallout universe will not find in New Vegas major changes beyond some nuances, but anyone who simply try to find in it endless high-quality entertainment will hit the spot with your purchase.

Fallout PC Game Rating: New Vegas
More of the same, yes, but so what? New Vegas continues to deepen in the Fallout universe fruitful now with a new release that will appeal very much to the fans. It is true that news brings very heavy, but it is a title that does homework with sufficient firmness to consider it a great proposal within a particularly formidable for the role.

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