Lair of the Shadow Broker

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Analysis: ME2: Lair of the Shadow Broker PC Game 2010

Fights, research, decisions, surprises, apotheosis. The most galactic DLC Mass Effect 2 PC Game.
Liar, I was missing. One of the main heroines of Mass Effect back to the second delivery with the new expansion pack for BioWare. Shadow Runner is, without doubt, the best DLC of all who have appeared so far to the galactic saga role. If you are one more than lovers of Commander Shepard does not miss it.

Overlord, Kasumi Stolen Memory and now Shadow Runner … Mass Effect 2 PC Game has been one of the most productive game in terms of downloadable content from the current generation of game consoles, and not by the number of expansions that have occurred but for the high quality of them all.

Now we’re dealing with Shadow Runner, the best downloadable content game BioWare has made to date. We recover the legendary Liar T’Soni the first delivery to lend a hand, and we enjoy two hours of missions which further enlarge his masterful campaign, with a new addition in which the decisions we have taken to Over the first two games are more important than ever.

The reaction of our decisions has always imported much Mass Effect, but we are almost constantly gloomy corridor to receive feedback on decisions we make in the past.

Welcome Back Team
Shadow Runner begins as all expansions of Mass Effect 2 PC Game, but no or few minutes it takes to offer an intelligent punch line and radically change its direction to surprise the player. Perhaps this element of surprise is sensed from a distance, but not for predictable longer effective and becomes truth and common sense with the slow pace that has the first third of the frenetic expansion enjoyed by the other two.

The planet that deals with this DLC is familiar, the planet Illium, but why not be known because it will explore areas that we saw in the single player campaign. It all started with an email to ask help from T’Soni Liar itself in our inbox in Normandy, as always, you will automatically receive the moment you download the expansion. The really good effects from the addition to narrative is that we can not tell anything from it without spoilers that would cause devastating for the reader, so we will keep silence about the script.

As usual the game will bring a number of improvements of weapons in our arsenal include: The one with the shotgun will be especially useful if we like the close-range fighting.
Only comment that this is extremely clever, and expansions of all this is the best story has to sensible difference, resulting in the extra point gameplay that brings gloomy corridor to the rest of downloadable content. Any concerns about a betrayal, but is adorned with an investigation on the first third, and a genuine show of action for the rest of the DLC which translates into a crescendo of increasingly bulky scenes until reaching a closing apotheosis.

As if that were not enough incentives facing gloomy corridor improvements for our character, equipment and crew are far beyond what we’ve seen so far in other add-ons for Mass Effect 2. Liar T’Soni joins our team during the mission, yes, but not the main novelty, but unfortunately and to avoid spoilers because we do not mention their presence is closely related to how the story unfolds and the outcome that it has . Yes we can anticipate, however, are a pleasant surprise, adding huge dip our galactic travel and that will profoundly change some aspects of the original game could be somewhat tedious, for example, mining.

T’Soni Liar is a formidable ally in the battle field. Kasumi is still a step above, but the help of the blue alien will be key to triumph over the mission.
Maybe this third expansion lasts only a couple of hours, a duration equal more than reasonable, yet it is tremendously full of nuances, expands the story in ways that will please fans and appear to build bridges with the third installment. To make matters worse the add-on has a sort of encyclopedia of dossiers and videos that will delight the franchise experts, as many holes to fill what we thought we knew about some races and characters that inhabit the world of franchise.

ME2: Lair of the Shadow Broker – My Rating:
Shadow Runner is by sensible far the best expansion of Mass Effect 2 PC Game to date. Extremely varied, including a great chase boat, a research, several epic battles, and a closure simply unbeatable. The best, however, is its history, dialogue and the great care background of races, cultures and characters that all equipment and BioWare brings here shines anew.

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