Toy Story 3 PC Game Review

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The cowboy Woody, the young Jessie and the astronaut Buzz Lightyear come alive again to become the most popular toys this summer. 2010 Toy Story 3 (PC) knocks theaters in a few weeks, but if you come on and experience for yourself how it feels to be a toy, you can trust the video game adaptation, ideal for children and for those who still feel that the ” there is a friend in me. ”

Fifteen years have passed since its release, but even today I am sure many remember like it was yesterday the day you bought your ticket to see the fabulous work with which Pixar managed to make them known to the world. ToyStory PC Game marked a before and after in the history of computer animation. Contributed to the success of the subgenus, many films have been made possible by her daring, so I would expect that the toys-for a while already Disney-back not only a continuation, but twice.

Specifically, Toy Story 3 2010 PC will be shown in European cinemas on 23 July, but before that date arrives, all loyal fans of Woody, Buzz, Slinky, Rex and company can get and your game, one faithful to the film, aimed at the younger members of the house and has some outstanding production values.

Despite being an adaptation, the U.S. developer Avalanche Software (who has already worked on other Disney licenses like Hannah Montana, Bolt and Meet the Robinson) took that very seriously, and this would not be the first great video game Toy Story. Travelers’ Tales and succeeded with the first delivery, to those who remember, in the legendary Super Nintendo and Megadrive.

During the story mode missions we can switch between characters at any time. And is that the combined skills of the players as the Buzz, are crucial for success.
Toys return to your console
We do not mean that much less Toy Story 3 PC Game: The game reaches the platform quality levels achieved by that time, but still there are many aspects to note: interesting level design, high power of replay value, options, cooperatives, a visual section very colorful and full fidelity with respect to the underlying film.

To achieve the latter aim and make us live the adventures of these toys to life, the product has a story mode (single) fed on eight levels that invite us to perform a rescue on a train, visiting the home of Andy, enter the Buzz video game, enjoy the nursery Sunnyside, experience the magic of the house of Bonnie … and all within the range where most platforms, but with a highly charged concept of variety. So there are many situations in which we should test our skill with the controller, although there are also puzzles, some mission creep and even phases of driving or flying.

But undoubtedly the most surprising aspect of the title is the ability to control three characters and using them as it suits us. Our cowboy Woody can use your string to go further and Buzz is capable of gliding through the air with their wings, while Jessie has the ability to land accurately on certain parts of the stage.

Okay, maybe that is far from being a GTA, but in the Woody Roundup we have a Western town to explore, overcome missions and, above all, customizing both characters and buildings.

Woody’s Roundup – ToyStory3
In essence, the story mode (with less than five hours of play) supports its playability on the decision of which character to use at any time, and all along a wide adventure, successful and growing difficulty. Do not be fooled by their appearance, as Toy Story 3: The game can get things very difficult.

But what if we say that the play shares the limelight with another important form? Although the story mode is the main attraction of the game, we have a second option that could even be more interesting. Woody talked Rodeo, an alternative based gameplay in a free world to explore, where we put ourselves in the role of Woody, Buzz and Jessie (and the evil Zurg in PS3) to manage our own city of toys. All based in the Old West, with buildings from the era, ranches, mines, etc., which meet one by one, the tasks are entrusted to us, from giving some color to the shop to bring back cows to their pens. All this will give us money, which in turn will use to unlock our horse shot, get a sports car or build a school, among many other options.

There is no better word to define the visual appearance of Toy Story PC Game. Despite the emptiness of some sets, see Woody and Buzz in motion is a true pleasure.
“There is a friend in me”
Woody’s Roundup is a pleasant surprise full of possibilities, and is that even the option to customize it to people or buildings in our village, either by changing the windows, the door design, the color of the facade or incorporating various ‘ll also unlock decorations. In short, a game mode with even more hours of play the story mode itself, especially if we consider that it is possible to invite a second player to enjoy co-op (split screen only.)

With all that, the game has a more than adequate duration. (in total about 10-15 hours), It is something which can be extended if we acquire all the collectibles available, but never making use of alternative markers or online.

But ultimately, what we talk about is that this is a well-rounded title that strikes a colorful and fluid animation. The textures are not the best in the world and the design of scenarios is guilty of simple-minded sometimes, but you have to appreciate the game as a whole to realize that Avalanche Software has fallen short of the circumstances, thanks to a faithful soundtrack the spirit of the license Toy Story, and value added which is always a pitch count correctly translated and dubbed into Castilian.

Toy Story 3 Rating: The Videogame
Toy Story 3 PC release of early Consoleros market with a quality game, faithful to the film and endowed with great possibilities playable. Enjoy a prominent but brief story mode, but contributes substantially to the success of the product the Rodeo Woody, a form full freedom of action, customization and cooperation (supports up to two players at once). In short, an ideal fit for children, if we are not loyal fans of the toys from Pixar.

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