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PC Game Review: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light 2010

2010 PC Gaming Magazine
Adventure, hidden treasures and varied puzzles. Lara Croft returns in good company.

The world’s most famous archaeologist and one of the most recognizable icons of the industry, Lara Croft, returns to present a fantastic downloadable title. After a month of delay received at PC The Guardian of Light, a formidable downloadable video game that has been the delight of fans of the archaeologist on Xbox 360. In fact, if not for its relatively short duration, could easily pass for a retail title … and big diameter.
The argument serves as an excuse to bring back Lara has to do with a mirror. Or rather the curse that holds the object. The opening title tells us how an evil being, Xolotl, is released after a small accident in which our protagonist is thrown. And since Xolotl intended to end our entire planet, Lara has no choice but to fix the mess.

With this new production, Crystal Dynamics has set a goal to regain the freshness and charm of one of the most popular heroines in our industry, Lara Croft. And no doubt it has served its purpose, as this new Odyssey is an adventure archaeologist very deep and exquisitely designed, keeping alive the spirit of the Tomb Raider veteran … but it also incorporated some new and a good facelift.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light 2010 PC Game

Lara Croft stars in a downloadable title really interesting, very playable and well done.
A total adventure
Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light is, above all, a story in capital letters, calls “the book.” What does this mean exactly? Well, it combines the elements of a balanced gender, such as exploration, platform, solving puzzles, fighting and indiscriminate search of hidden objects. But developers have not been content with that alone, since these elements have also added a hint of RPG very interesting and gives even more depth to your ensemble. Thus, throughout the game we can keep improving our skills through artifacts, permanent power and relics, objects that can be collected if the sets thoroughly investigated, and also if we meet a number of secondary objectives that we are marking.

The rate at which passes each of the levels is great, very well measured. We always have the feeling of having to meet any goal or challenge immediately, either move to a certain point of the stage, overcome a puzzle or kill an army of enemy lurks. There is now “empty” in this adventure, something much appreciated. And that is why you may be doing something short, since it has 14 levels may be exceeded in about 5 or 6 hours … but also very dependent on you please devote time to the exploration of the funds. But in any case, given the amount of secrets and hidden challenges, sure many repeated.

This time Lara can be accompanied by a partner character that can be controlled if we choose to play in cooperative mode.

Did you miss one hand, Lara?
But as I said at the beginning, these classical virtues of the series have made some innovations. The most talked-about is a fun cooperative mode for two players simultaneously. If we choose to test this model, the second player takes control of Totec, a Maya warrior quite powerful. Each of the characters has certain unique attributes, skills that must be combined to overcome a number of puzzles. And do not think that this mode is rather “stuffed” as in many other titles, since it is one of the best assets that introduce the adventure.

Another noticeable change is given by the perspective that follows the action. As you can notice on the screens that accompany this review, Crystal Dynamics used a chopped top-down view that allows us to spot a very large portion of the scenarios. And in our view, and although at times the camera shows levels at which we lose sight of the characters, seems a very successful, especially for items doubles.

The technical end that shows the game has nothing to envy of the retail games. And the sound effect, with dialogue dubbed into our language, is excellent.
Downloadable, but quality

Anyone who downloads this title is quite surprised by the high technical quality that holds the adventure. Despite its origin DLC, developers have spared no efforts in media and give her work a finish worthy of titles, a priori, more “entity.” The development of characters and scenery is striking, emphasizing the variety of environments and enemies and animations of every character in general. Special mention lighting effects, which are able to create the appropriate atmosphere for each of the locations we visited.

But more striking still is the sound effect for the simple reason that Eidos has taken the time to turn our language all the dialogues, which unfortunately is not very common in this type of production. I hope it sets an example. As for the soundtrack, is very much in line across the Tomb Raider series, with generally very environmental issues combine with others moved to the action scenes.

Assessment of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC Game 2010
Lara Croft could not have returned in better shape. The new title marks a before and after in the history of Tomb Raider, and not only became one of the best games downloadable PC time, but one of the most interesting and invigorating adventure of how many have appeared in the console.

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