Call of Juarez: Gold Edition

In games on November 7, 2010 at 5:46 pm

* Genre: Shooting
* Developer: Techland
* Distributor: FX

*Author : PCGameTrek UK Sarah Fowlan

I wonder how many of you have never heard of “spaghetti westerns”, no, this is a special pasta dish. It was a genre born in the late sixties and saw its consecration maximum around the seventies. Bandits, Indians, outlaws and cowboys solitary compared, on the screens of cinema, the sound of a pistol (or with bows and arrows). Even the screens of our computers have had their fair share of Westerns, albeit minor compared to other periods in history as the Second World War or ancient Rome. Now we are here to really talk about a game that comes out of this line, or Call of Juarez 2010 (PC). As such, this title is not new issue, in fact, a version revised and corrected “the game came out three years ago, modified for enhanced to adapt to today’s technologies, will be success or failure?

A Gun for Billy
This is the story of two men and a treasure, the gold of Juarez. According to an ancient legend, this treasure of the Aztecs was the ransom for their king, Montezuma, who was kidnapped by the Spaniards. The gold is buried near the town of Juarez, the border with Mexico, but there is also a curse on this treasure, all those who have tried have died or gone crazy. Billy Candle, the first of our protagonists, is an impulsive young man who decides to turn the page and it should be rich, so he decided to go in search of the treasure of Juarez. Unfortunately for him it is successful, so he returned to his home with his tail between his legs. But came home he discovers that someone has murdered his mother and his stepfather, the situation falls fast enough when poor Billy is captured at the scene by Reverend Ray McCall, the second protagonist, the latter, of course, thinks that the young Billy is the murderess and then decides to pursue him with the sole intent to kill. Thus begins a story in which we will, from time to time, to play as hunter or prey. The story in itself is not bad, and the fact that live from two different points of view makes it quite interesting. But often there is a feeling that the developers have put special care in the development of events is as if they had made little effort to put together a plot that can justify what will happen on screen.

Two people also means two different ways of approach to the various levels of play. Billy is a slender type and only takes a few hits to knock out, however, has its agility and ability to hide. So when we use this character, we go through the levels without being seen by enemies, as required between the goals of the game, otherwise we will send back a game over the last lifeboat. In other cases we have to muster all the agility of which Billy has to go through the levels, climbing on different platforms or above the ravines with a whip that can also be used as an offensive weapon. In addition to the aforementioned whip, Billy can use the bow, a silent weapon capable of killing enemies with one shot. (PC) Call of Juarez in these situations will behave more like a stealth action with platforming elements rather than as a shooter.
When we use the game Ray, however, will again be a hard and pure shooter. This reverend / gunslinger has a protective armor that makes it shock resistant firearms. Perhaps it is because of the armature, or old age, but Ray is not flexible, so it can jump between different platforms such as the young Billy, but it will not be able to climb. So to overcome the inequalities, we begin to amass funds to form a sort of scale. Ray is a gunman and an acrobat, he is able to use two pistols, one hand and the ability to turn shots slowed down when it is active enough relining weapons and press the fire, Ray quickly extract guns and activate the “Bullet Time” (to quote the clumsy translation of the manual), it is a bullet time where we see the two sights of the guns to converge toward the center of the screen and we’ll have to shoot before the two come together. The other weapon available to Ray is faith, it can challenge a gun in one hand and the Bible in the other, during these stages, pressing the weapon drawn right, and Reverend declaims a few lines that will confuse the enemy.

Once Upon a Time in the West
The presence of duels and pursuits on horseback helps give a bit of variety to the game play. You realize soon enough, unfortunately, the defects that dot 2010 Call of Juarez (PC). During the game play Most of the time we will be traveling the long corridors with few branches. The aim is to reach the other side, killing all with Ray or trying not to be seen by anybody with Billy. In mid-game (about 6-7 hours) you have the feeling that he had already discovered all that the title has to offer in the field of variety. Precisely because of the many actions you can take, you are confronted with a system of checks rather cumbersome and unintuitive. To undermine the gameplay there are also some small imperfections, the characters are easily planted on low obstacles such as rails, steps or a bucket and controls, sometimes inaccurate, do not help much. When you take a subject you feel that the character to keep it in front of her with outstretched arms, so its transport is quite difficult, since these items tend to get stuck on the elements of the scenario, try to leave an example door with a saddle in hand, all without you discover the factor. This flaw makes its appearance in a bully in the sections on horseback, making the ride anything but easy.
There is also multiplayer, but ultimately recreates the classic mode of other games, like Deathmatch in single or skirmish (which is a Team Death match). Then there is the mode robbery in which a team that personifies the thieves has stolen the treasure and bring it safely, while the other men impersonating law that should prevent it, but in the end is very similar to the way of counter hostage strike. The latest is the “gold rush”, perhaps the only original, where players must collect gold scattered to the map, the player who takes more.

A Fistful of Pixels
Hours someone is wondering, why do a review for a game old? The gold edition of Call of Juarez 2010 PC is a revised version of the old game to update to new driver. In reality there should be a patch named “Enhancement Patch” which does everything, but for some strange reason is not compatible with the Italian version of the game. However no more talk, let’s talk about graphics, real strength of the older version of the game. The work performed by Techland was excellent in some respects. A word of praise goes to the environments which manage to perfectly capture the atmosphere of the old west, including deserts, valleys, ranches and villages. Good management also blur effects and lighting. The textures are very sharp and return a remarkable sense of depth. But you notice that everything is based on an engine four years old, the characters, while having a discreet detail, tend to be stiff and movements awkward and a bit ‘repetitive. Environments also show a little ’side when the wind past a scenic element, giving the effect wallpaper. Physics is good, but this tends to have some little defect, if located, for example, a box incorrectly, it will not fall, but will begin to rotate on itself until you reach the idle state.

Even the sound is controversial, to say nothing about the effects of firearms, really good, the music gets along without infamy and without praise, resulting at times a bit ‘anonymous. Good dubbing of the main characters, the voices of two actors are really inspired, especially in the monologues proposed during loading (really long). Unfortunately you lose some ‘quality when you switch to secondary characters, who tend to have almost all the same voice, not to mention that the enemies tend to have encountered a small sample of spoken sentences.

OS Windows XP/Vista/7
Pentium IV 2.4 Ghz (or AMD equivalent)
HDD 3GB free disk space
ATI Radeon X700 256 MB or better / Nvidia 6600 256MB or higher
Video Game Review Call of Juarez: GOLD EDITION

Final Remarks
Of good ideas, this Call of Juarez Pc 2010, it had been proposed many, but not all have been developed successfully. Play two different characters can live the story from two viewpoints, but the complexity of controls, the hotel corridors at many levels, and defects of gameplay tend to ruin a little ‘game experience also because a certain repetitiveness. The strength of Call of Juarez is the graphics, Techland wanted to surprise us with special effects and they did it, aesthetics, quirks aside, is above average. Unfortunately, the sound is not treated as the visual system. Speaking Finally, longevity, the single player is longer than reasonable for a shooter of course, but hardly a player will be induced to play again once finished. Even the multiplayer offers a particularly classical; this will tend to discourage those looking for something “special”. Recommended for fans of westerns, partly because there are few comparable securities, but also to those who are willing to turn a blind eye above the defects. Only these will be able to fully enjoy a game that can entertain no particular claims.

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