I’m Not Alone PC Game

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PC Game Review: I’m Not Alone

* Genre: Survival Horror
* Developer: Pix Rev
* Distributor: The Games Company
* Release Date: June 15, 2010 (TODAY)
By: Online Video Games 2010

It happens rarely that a game is completely made in Italy to be published internationally, in fact, nowadays seldom that a game is simply made in Italy product. For this reason the office is not entertained little hope that I’m Not Alone, video games created by italians Pix Rev, proves a little gem of programming. Unfortunately for pleasant surprises and there were certainly not this game that developers will jump Italians the headlines. What went wrong? An ocean of things, and all very evident from the beginning of the adventure.

Soon run! There is a zombie with … braces?!?
The star of I’m Not Alone Patrick Weber, professional exorcist (and a bit ‘too much like the latest video game incarnation of Edward Carnby), with mystical powers that allow him to get in touch with the underworld. For some obscure reasons the big man with rough beard can switch to an alternate dimension by combining the mystical symbols tattooed on his hands and interact with the hideous monsters that inhabit it. Given its unique talents, Patrick was hired to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a pianist of their length owns the mansion where they lived. After a conversation with the gaunt old woman our hero decides to assess the situation first hand, join the palms, enters the spirit world e. .. is spread punched by a group of zombies with suspenders. Looks impressive.

Do the exorcist with those joint problems was really a bad career choice?
The real game begins after you wake up in the dark mansion. From then on you’ll only turn to the corridors of the house with only a flashlight as a companion. Patrick checks in a rather classical, using mouse and keyboard and a third person view becomes much shorter when using the torch. You’ll notice immediately how the movements of your alter egos are a bit ‘too woody. Patrick can move laterally but can not move diagonally. As long as we limit ourselves to explore what does not seem particularly serious, but when you find yourself facing the dark presence in combat, the limited mobility of the protagonist becomes a major problem.

After a few minutes, in fact, enter into possession of a pair of swords rituals can injure the creatures that haunt the mansion. Patrick is able to sense ghosts and demons attack them and enter their size. Clicking the appropriate button is a toolbar that allows you to make the monsters tangible and therefore vulnerable to your attacks. The need to change size every fight is already unwieldy, but is certainly not the worst part of the gameplay. Indeed, an Olympic athlete like a dummy when compared to the main character. Our exorcist has two attacks available, allows one to recover life points every time, while the second charging a special indicator that adrenaline makes your attacks more effective. On paper the idea is interesting but in reality the system of collisions of the game is atrocious and you’ll often opponents of failing to close or you hit two meters away. Not enough, the fights are extremely boring and you find yourself constantly repeating the same attack over and over again until the demise of your enemy. This is also due to the almost total uselessness of the blow charging adrenaline, you can easily finish the campaign in a single attack abusing healing.
The situation is not improved when the second and final game of the weapon, the crossbow. The crossbow has the same curative properties of swords, but does much more damage allowing you to have many ghosts and demons more quickly. Even with a weapon at a distance and shoot with Patrick moves slowly, and incredible escape from enemies or avoiding them is practically impossible, you just step back endlessly hurling dozens of arrows. The fact that artificial intelligence is limited to run with them with the intention of killing is almost a fortune. During the adventure we will also tackle the boss fight that make the experience more varied, but no less unpleasant.
Certainly, from software house to the first big experience was not expected to answer the action tight and responsive controls of the last Resident Evil, but if the combat system is much lower than the first chapter of this historic series, released in mid- 90, there is something seriously wrong.

Spare medallion and survival horror, a pairing inseparable

The atmosphere I’m Not Alone is one of the few points in favor of the game. The setting is quite distressing and the first hour of play offers some fear. The tedium, however, quickly replaces fear and a few hours after the appearance of zombies and the like become more a nuisance than anything else. In addition to the house, among the areas explored are an ancient temple and some outdoor areas, all very dark and full of puzzles. Some of these puzzles are well made and the overall quality exceeds the “find the object and stick it in the right slot” typical of the genre, but there are phases particularly original and fun that can raise the overall quality of the game.

The model can also be pretty, but if the photographer is low there is little to do.
The S2 engine used by Rev Pix is a game engine more than adequate. Three-dimensional models and textures are of good quality, the camera is stable and is rarely a tantrum and environments are decently detailed.
Far from being good instead directed the animated scenes and animations. The characters move in spurts (especially the main character in combat with bayonets) and some scenes are so ridiculous as to jump from his chair with laughter rather than fear. Another point is bad bugs, multiple and often severe, and crashes.

The music contributes well to the tension but the same patterns are repeated until exhaustion. The verses of the monsters and dubbing themselves are so poor quality that it seems a homage to American B movies. Paradoxically, the spoken word is not even localized in Italian.
The game will keep you busy for less than ten hours, most of which pass between long boots and endless battles. Unless you are masochistic, this is a good thing if the game was longer than some would hardly complete.

Minimum requirements:
– Processor 2 GHz
– 1 gig of RAM:
-Compatible graphics card with OpenGL 2.0, NVIDIA GeForce6 6600/6800, ATI X1600/X1800
– Windows XP / Vista
– 1.5 gigabytes of free disk space
Video Game Review: I’M NOT ALONE

Final Remarks
I’m Not Alone is a bad game. Control system horrendous frame rate dancer, sound horrific and graphic engine just enough. The first work of Pix Rev is not up to expectations, a real shame, because some interesting ideas in the midst of everything there. The fact of not having experience is no excuse, especially considering the many high-quality indie titles on the market. The game costs 30 euros, a little, but too much for what it offers. Unless we just can not help but buy something a survival horror, gender no shortage of alternatives after all.

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