The Next Big Thing (PC)

In games on November 7, 2010 at 10:29 am

Charismatic characters, puzzles, humor and horror movies: Pendulum’s new adventure.
The creators of the now legendary saga Runaway back with The Next Big Thing, a sort of nod to the classic Hollywood Monsters 90. Step into the shoes of Dan and Liz Murray Allaire, two new players for the gallery of atypical heroes Pendulum Studios, which must deal with puzzles surprising and disturbing characters. Are you ready? Classic adventure back to your PC. PC Game Reviews Magazine UK
The Next Big Thing began to take shape in the middle of last April (2010), when the Pendulum Studios that was officially his new project. Until then those responsible had been very secretive with it, so much so that only weeks before Latiegui Rafael, one of its executives-only this to PCGameTrek replied when asked about the existence of new projects: “Yes, we are engaged full on another adventure. And I can say we are very happy with the material produced so far. ”

But what is The Next Big Thing? To start everything Pendulum Studios often promised in their productions: That is an adventure game marked by a sense of humor, charismatic characters and amazing situations. While this, of course, topped by a story that, according to the actual Latiegui is “different and yet similar to what is an adventure game, but with a fantastic story, and more mature.”

Cartoon-style characters marking, ingenious puzzles, great sense of humor … Pendulum Studios is back with The Next Big Thing, his new project.

The aforementioned Liz and Dan are the new stars of The Next Big Thing, and from Pendulum Studios is that they have achieved so much charisma as Brian and Gina, the heroes of the series Runaway. “Together (but not scrambled) and Dan Liz and intricate live an incredible adventure full of glamour, mystery, humor, unsettling enemies and many, many mysteries,” point out those responsible.

As each draft Pendulum Studios the main strength of the title lies precisely in the bright line with which the characters are composites. To begin Liz is a world in itself, with sharp dialogue and fantastic with a handful of oddities that will delight fans. Dan, meanwhile, is more stable, it is a sports reporter who is sent by his boss to cover a story of the mundane as punishment for a minor accident with the car of his superior.

The Poet of Pain, the robot with delusions of replicate in Blade Runner … the bestiary of characters from The Next Big Thing promises to be more varied and fun.
Moreover Dan and Liz are in completely different worlds and ideas and hate, but as is customary in these types of stories must join forces to successfully overcome. The title, as we advance, is a kind of revised and expanded version of Hollywood Monsters, and the presence of grotesque but fascinating side is therefore guaranteed.

But what is such penance? We have been sent to cover an awards gala for the best interpreters of the horror film. The scene of the game players hold a secret and publications usually star scandals, the game’s plot revolves around one of them trying to enter the world of politics and conspiracy to hide an important behind. If you’ve played the aforementioned Hollywood Monsters sure all this sounds, is that the argument is starting to be indeed similar to the classic 90’s, although its development is where we find the differences.

The artistic direction of the game is one of its major successes. Crowded rooms filled with objects and secrets will not be missed in the adventure.
The aesthetics of the new title, as is obvious by looking at the pictures, it still has great memories with the series Runaway. Latiegui and company continue to be extremely faithful to the visual style and storyline that has led them to where they are. “Funds colorful, plastic cartoon, charismatic personalities, and that attention to detail that bring our style to that of an animated film,” note from Pendulum Studios.

The Next Big Thing will go on sale in late 2010 for PC and, presumably, also for Mac After several years dedicated to the franchise Runaway, we burn with desire to see how he handles Pendulum Studios with a new IP.

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