Sleep is Death PC Game

In games on November 8, 2010 at 1:18 am

If you are an adventurer at heart, then this is a must have. Tell your own story using your own creative impulse!

Sleep PC Adventure:
(Geisterfahrer) Sleep is Death PC Game Review – PCGameTrek Magazine

Sleep is Death is a unique adventure game unlike games in game consoles or other modes that you might have ever come across since the era of gaming started. It is a 2player game, and can be played online or through a local connection. And the most special feature is that one player is the story teller having complete access to the full set of editing tools, environmental objects, character models and a music generator. The actor in the story is the second player that the first player prepares.
Each player is then given a 30 second turn to move his character anywhere on screen, type in dialogue, and even interact with any other object on screen by typing short commands into an action box. The storyteller is then given a 30 second chance to respond to the moves of the player’s by rearranging the scenery according to the desired actions and mood, or even introducing new characters and objects as well to guide the story further. And the players are even given an option using the pre-made objects in the storyteller menu, should they opt for that rather than customizing their own characters and backgrounds. The new objects selected for a particular story will then be permanently saved for both the storyteller and the player. This way the more times you play, the more tools will be at your disposal.

In the beginning Sleep PC Adventure may seem anti-climatic where there is no constant interaction and visual feedback. The moment-to moment experience in this adventure game is tedious and nerve-wracking where your every move is monitored by the other player. To top it off, it challenges you to respond with your choices in 30 seconds.

But slowly and surely you will find yourself totally engrossed as you alone would be responsible for what the other person would feel! It is a legendary game where everything is directed by human intelligence, and not artificial intelligence. Soon you will find that the adventurer in you have finally found an opportunity to use your creative impulses without having to borrow any cinematic scripting, static text boxes and pen and paper role-playing devices, to deliver stories by one-way decree!

Source: Multiplayer PC Games – PC Games Articles

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