Top 10 Best games of 80s

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Top 10: Best PC games of 80’s

We did a tour for the best games on PC for the 80’s, we dive into the circuitry of our PCs to talk about the great games that shook our keyboards. Because a computer is almost like a family member. He lights our mother to check your mails no matter the existence of millions of viruses, also our brother, who spends listening to music like a stereo, why not our father who has no idea how to use the mouse and Finally we take care of us as if our son. For those who feel that loyalty is innate and entertainment center of our home work, PCGameTrek is pleased to present the list of top 10 PC games of the 80’s.

10) Digger PC Game (Windmill Software Inc. – 1983):

A dig for treasure! Some accuse him of being a copy of Bomberman and more of an arcade game called Mr. Do those years, but we can not deny they amused us many hours. Perhaps we think that is inspired by the intrepid Unabomber, but we all know the phrase … It’s all invented! Buried alive, we should tell our hero the right direction in search of the lost jewels underground. Always in vertical or horizontal will be faster than our enemies in this fierce struggle for our survival. It will be time to put at risk our life … For a handful of gold coins!

9) World Cup Carnival PC Game (Artic Software – 1986): The most beautiful sport in the world. A soccer nostalgia overcomes me as I write this lines. Maybe it’s because 2010 is the year of the World Cup, perhaps because my best goals there and became a real stadium, do not know. The important thing is that this carnival of emotions was a dizzying and fun title. With teams made up of seven players (quite similar) gave us a good dose of passion game crowds. Next came a whole series of simulations to be confused with reality if one is unaware (Cristiano Ronaldo Is that really a doll or Winning Eleven? Ah, are the same!). The best team the world cup would rise by an entire country happy. One question … So much for the World Cup?

8 ) Commando PC Game Review (Capcom – 1985): One man against an entire army! Multi-platform game where a vertical scroll not let us send bloodthirsty enemies, Commando was a constant shooting we enjoyed from the first frame to last. A helicopter threw us to the jungle and fought us to our fate. Almost a metaphor for human existence … We are alone against the world! Super Joe was a genuine war hero with a simple machine gun (unlimited ammunition, thankfully) with whom he could point to eight different sides and a small shipment of grenades that could only be thrown forward, but had the ability entire groups of soldiers to kill rivals. Pursue that officer coward who runs away in fear!

7) Fahrenheit 451 (PC Review) (Telarium – 1986): The future arrived (long ago). The marginals are prohibited from reading books. They make you think, give you wings to fly to freedom. Only a low flame burning an authoritarian world does not lose its power. The reason to include Fahrenheit 451 here goes beyond being yet another recognition (another) literary genius Ray Bradbury. The main reason is that this title of adventure, using mechanisms already known and developed before in games like Adventure, was recognized by the creator of this futuristic universe as a possible sequel to his book. With quality and respect, is considered one of the best adaptations. Congratulations.

6) One on one (Electronic Arts – 1983): The genius of basketball. Two great athletes such as Larry Bird and Dr. Julius Ervin deserved a game exclusively for them. A battle with an area of combat was half basketball court. With referee and penalties that forced us to comply with the regulations, our stars would look stunning with double and triple and magical quality. Against another person or against the same machine, One on one was a game in which the challenges were on the agenda. Limited by time or by the amount of the line, someone should be the winner of this competition. Absolutely everyone who played the title we looked forward to the ring explodes into a thousand pieces, for a man to come and sweep the remains of our great dunk. Strip for three … and scores!

5) Friday the 13th PC Game (Domark – 1985): One day you’ll never forget. When performed the list of the best games of movies, Friday the 13th was just outside and this is the opportunity to give him the recognition he deserves. The writer of this note acknowledges that trembled with fear in front of the screen watching his brother opened doors in terror of being a surprise. These sounds awesome, these screens full of blood … Where is he? What is there in this dark place? Who will be left alive in this story? A bunch of innocent and colorful graphics they could freeze your blood with horror. Better let’s stay home when we depart the calendar on Friday the 13th.

4) SimCity PC Game Review (Maxis – 1989): The entire society in our PC’s world strategy game had a before and after since the genius Will Wright offered us this work of art social simulation. The first of a franchise, bringing the genre to a level of excellence then we would like SimCopter profile titles, and jewelry SimFarm The Sims and Spore, SimCity is a key link in the evolutionary chain of PC games. How to manage the resources of entire populations? What trade deals would help the development of urban areas that are under my domain? Do we need more services and supplies? More areas for residential, commercial or industrial? What do my attendees? Strategic planning at its best.

3) Where is Carmen Sandiego? (Broderbund Software – 1983): The mystery woman has aroma. The most sexy and elusive thief of all time challenged us to find somewhere in the world by testing our knowledge of general culture. “Which country’s flag was red, yellow and green? “Where the hell is Reykjavik? Geography and history first, then math and English were the issues that we know to be at the height of the conflict. Gathering clues to obtain a warrant before the time we finished it was our mission. One false step and all our work turned in vain. Then transformed into a villain and cartoon adventures that took her to the literary world. Do not be seduced by it (sure you are stealing something.)

2) Maniac Mansion (Lucasfilm – 1987): The mansion of the mad cute. The company now renamed LucasArts gave us many of the best digital works of all time. Maniac Mansion is one of the three best games of the 80s, no doubt, because it is impossible for a simple point and click like this, generates so much of feelings. Humor, suspense, unique characters (some scary), and different endings to form a graphic adventure father of all others that came later in search of glory. And that’s not even mention his brilliant sequel to Day of the Tentacle, a second part so very, very espcetacular as it was Terminator 2 or Godfather 2 for their first party. Thanks for so many joys and secrets of a story impossible to forget.

1) Prince of Persia PC Game(Brøderbund Software – 1989):

The Sultan who knows how to jump. Using a process called rotoscoping, Mechner Jordan captured the movements of his brother dressed in white. This brought us almost an anatomy lesson in a key title for the platform genre. I know people who do not know what I mean when you named the Prince of Persia. A game whose first title was simply glorious. Traps, cornices, enemies with swords, a whole scene fraught with dangers that challenged us at every step. Its fluid animation became the basis for the motion capture, technical resource that remains today. The first milestone of the 80 who left forever trembling capacitors and chips from our household computers. Now we have the 2010 version of Prince of Persia PC Game.

Many of these titles were released on multiple platforms over the years. Others remained loyal to the PC by its duration or game mechanics. But they all left an indelible mark on our monitors and, above all, in our hearts digital adrenaline junkies. This time I’m asking you directly what do you think of the best PC games of the 80s?

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