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Review: Worms Reloaded: 2010 PC Games

Worms, weapons, strategic positions, shifts, madness and destruction: Tradition mortal.
The worms never die. That should at least think the guys from Team 17, which resurrected the classic game of 90 with one of the best Worms we’ve seen over the last few years. Described as “an enhanced version of the console editions” Reloaded gives exactly what he promised: Fun shift in pure form.

Worms Reloaded came with a promise. “We know that PC gamers have been clamoring for a 2D Worms edition for some time. Reloaded is an improved version of the successful editions of consoles that have appeared in recent years, “said Martyn Brown, Team 17 studio executive in a statement that we gathered back in last February. “We have not come to PC for a while because we have been working to distributors who had no great interest compatible. Now again we are independent and have more control. ”

Said and done, with those responsible Reloaded recover the pulse of the great PC games that hatched in the past and give us the best we’ve seen Worms in the next century to the recent Worms 2: Armageddon for Xbox 360. More of the Same? Yes, but equally fun.

The game is completely in our language, with the possibility to choose among alternative language fun for the voices of the worms.

Pieces of worms
The concept Worms, for those who do not know, is simple. This is an action / strategy shift unfolds and in which different teams of four worms each face one another for the sole purpose of eliminating the opponent on destructible 2D scenarios and hilarious weapons to employ. Simple, right? Well, with this concept are rushing game of the Worms franchise for over 15 years spearheads as bright as its first two and the aforementioned parties Worms 2: Armageddon.

The single player mode is there and adds value and life to the title although, of course, pales before the real fun lies in the social game and suffers from an IA with the minimum balance due. The solo experience is the possibility of play fast games, personalized training. Also there is a campaign of 35 chapters which allows you to visit different scenarios, and finally also found in the War Zone to be overcome waves of more and more difficult enemies and summons Matanza we get the most points all surviving we can.

Care should be taken to the explosions in Reloaded, as the fire cause is much more persistent and may even be affected by the air.
The multiplayer, meanwhile, provides for local game or the network. The first takes over the original Worms game is where fun abounds on all sides. Having a friend to our side watching helplessly as their annelids soldiers crush is priceless, but it is also exciting to do over the internet with three other people.

So the game is very continuity in its concept and its management a breeze. The new players have no problem in taking your first steps with him, and the hardcore feel that everything is as familiar as ever. Here, however, it will miss possibly more innovation in terms of weaponry. This point has always been the most important game since its range and provides the greatest opportunities laughter, especially by the fact that all weapons are somewhat capricious in their use, and is to throw a grenade or shoot with a bazooka an enemy can quickly against us with hilarious results.

The editing tools are more detailed than ever at this time. Prepare the terrain and scattered with traps, mines and obstacles will be now easier than ever.
Unfortunately of the 14 new weapons we saw the bulk and at Worms 2: Armageddon, which the repeat will find a virtually identical array. Repeat the most fun classic weapons of the series, and also joined the Totem, ferret or automatic machine gun, all equally hilarious.

If the game in this sense is a disappointment if we already have Worms 2: Armageddon, however it is a good reason to purchase it if we are fans of the Worms series and we’ve enjoyed the last deliveries. This is the level editor works importing images, which automatically cuts the same video game making them our own levels which can then manipulate. An added tremendously original has some fundamental problems and finished in sharing their results, but offers interesting possibilities.

Worms Reloaded Rating
With a price tag certainly low, 12.99 Pounds, Worms Reloaded offer plenty of options playable with the classic strategy seal saga. The fun remains intact, and although the game has less news than we expected it is certain that retains all its undeniable virtues.

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