Bloxidy Action Puzzle 2011

In games on November 9, 2010 at 7:41 pm

Bloxidy is a very original action puzzle PC game. The rules are easy to get the hang of and controls are very responsive. As the game manual states, you have a paint toy-gun that you move with your mouse, shooting and painting blocks. If you manage to match 3 or more blocks of the same color, either horizontally and/or vertically adjacent, they get eliminated from the drop-area. The paint ammo is changed with each shot fired and you can see which color is coming next by looking at the display on the right side. The blocks can also be pushed with the right mouse button. If the blocks reach the top, you got a limited time to make them drop into the drop-area boundary. There`s a power-up that seems to stop the time and new blocks from falling for 5 seconds and it is very helpful in these moments. The other power-up is removing all the blocks, except some special blocks, from either row or a column, depending on where you`re shooting from.

After playing the pc game for a while I`ve noticed that the colors are being rotated. For example, if you got green, blue and red colored blocks falling on the screen, these colors will be rotated periodically and soon you won`t even have to look at the right side to see which color is coming next. Its a very helpful fact to know while playing.

There are special blocks, each one accompanied with description of its behavior, terms and rules. On later levels several skills come in handy: shooting accuracy, ability to think in advance and the speed. Levels are nicely done, graphics are very colorful and polished, very easy on the eye, graphic effects are nice, music is very cool and it does fit the ambient and really gives a lot to the overall game experience.

The difficulty is rising gradually, game is really fun to play. If you failed to pass a level, the game will ask you if you want to continue from that level, next time you start the game, but the score will start from zero. You can submit the highest score to the Internet.

If you want to see the game sample video or download the game you can visit developer`s site.

The final verdict would be 9 out of 10 for this polished and very original action puzzler, that is a bit addictive, I must admit. The price strikes as a surprise too! It costs only $1, but the author seems to be running an original approach toward game development. You can pay more than one US dollar and if you do, you can contact the author and ask for your name to appear in the next game`s credits. I hope you’ll enjoy the game as much as I do!

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