Ferrari Virtual Academy PC

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Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010: F1 Simulator Racing PC Game

Roaring weekend in Monza, the Formula 1 Grand Prix attracts fans and enthusiasts from around the world (if only in the park around the racetrack, the percentage of foreigners is close to 90%) and climatic conditions also seem to contribute to the success event.
It’s so that the Thursday before the test track and saw us invited, along with colleagues from the specialist and, in the space right behind the Ferrari box next to the circuit for the official presentation of Ferrari Virtual Academy, the virtual simulator entirely devoted to driving the beautiful F10.

Just Us And The Clock

Run a F10 has its costs: gasoline, tire wear and the risk of damage to name a few. Add to this, the Regulation of Formula 1 provides that it is possible to test the circuitry only at certain dates and here the chances of a pilot study of a path becomes incredibly limited, or at least it would if it were not for the simulators. It ‘clear that each circuit can deal comfortably in front of a screen door with him a wealth of benefits and that’s also home to Maranello pilots regularly train with virtual simulacra. Why not allow all the (many) fans of the Italian horse to experience a ride in an F10? There is no reason in fact, and therefore the Scuderia Ferrari, using the software as a base for training pilots, Ferrari has developed a Virtual Academy, a title strongly oriented towards the online simulation. When we talk about using the network but we are not referring to the multiplayer experience that most players are accustomed, in the case of the title in question will never meet other cars and the only goal of the match will be to improve the lap times around to be able to fit in the top positions in the world ranking and get that to obtain the intermediate prizes and the coveted trophy reserved for the top five. Each week because the players in the best locations will receive the Ferrari products, while at the end of the great World Cup with the five best riders will be given the opportunity to participate personally in a course at the Academy Driver Ferrari Fiorano circuit, where they train pilots of the red .
From what is written is clear that the experience in question is addressed particularly to the real fans of Formula 1 and especially Ferrari fans, players or fans of Arcadia competition face to face with opponents certainly will not find a product of their interest, but anyone can not wait to face dozens of times for the circuits after filing thousandth its results, will certainly a product of his choice.

A Guide To Challenging – Virtual Ferrari Academy F1 2010 PC Game

I can surely say that Ferrari Virtual Academy for pc (FVA) is more challenging than the other formula 1 game that we reviewed about a month ago with the article F1 2010 PC Game Review and you can even find more information about the game in the news section for Formula 1 Game 2010 but now lets get back to our FVA 2010 for PC.
We have already written and we repeat, the guidance system of Ferrari Virtual Academy is definitely oriented to the simulation. This obviously means that you can not drive by pressing on the accelerator without regard for the brake (and this might have expected him to), but you will need a little ‘practice to become familiar with their management. Stop a fireball shot three hundred km / h is not a trivial matter, and wisely manage the braking system will be a major challenge for the players. For the less experienced you can enable some driver aids, but will aid disabled at the time of the ‘Hot Lap “, the tour will be recorded by the server to compete globally and nationally.
From the point of view of technical realization we found ourselves in front of a well-made product, the machine is well made and also the track is defended with the support of technology Laserscan, a system combining images in three dimensions for a result essentially identical to the other party real from the standpoint of appearance. To note the total absence of a damage system, the developers’ intention is to propose a completely addressed the challenge against the clock, then out of the track will simply say that the current round will have to give up records.
The form is that the distribution of digital delivery via the dedicated website, it is possible to download the game at 15 euros and start shooting at the Fiorano circuit, the only one. The Mugello Nurbunring and will be available for download later at 10 euros. Given the supply of the product price is not so convenient as it might seem at first glance: fifteen Euro for one track are not few, but we must not forget the promised support in terms of premiums by Ferrari, which could entice more avid supporters of the red.

3D video card: Compatible DirectX 9 – GeForce 7800GTX – ATI X1900 or similar
Integrated sound card
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7 – 32 / 64bit / Vista
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Disk space: 1 GB
Internet connection
Video Game Review FERRARI VIRTUAL ACADEMY written by PCGameTrek.Com

Final Remarks
Ferrari Virtual Academy is a middle ground between fan service and a mortgage. The fact that this one machine (and, for now, only one circuit) highlights the special nature of the product targeted exclusively to fans of Formula 1. If your dream is to drive a single seater racing car Ferrari, then the proposal will only be interested in, see their results compared with those of great champions like Massa, Alonso and Fisichella will delight even the strongest supporters of the horse. If you’re looking for a product more accessible, or even less qualified, the board is to look elsewhere.

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